One year since the International Court of Justice Ruling

MER - MiddleEast.Org - Washington - 9 July:    On 9 July last year the International Court of Justice issued its opinion on the sui generis "Wall" Israel is constructing in the West Bank.  As usual, the corrupt and co-opted 'Palestinian Authority' has been totally unable and unwilling to capitalize on this unprecedented international legal ruling.   Of course that is a big part of the price it has to pay for being armed and financed and kept in power by the U.S. and Israel.  As usual as well, the amazingly weak and cowered Arab States, so badly misorganized into a pathetically impotent Arab League, have been unable and unwilling to take the actions that could have resulted from the ICJ ruling.  Of course that is a big part of the price the 'Arab world' has to pay for being reduced to 'Client Regimes' and thuggish authorities.  

     Meanwhile the Israelis have continued racing ahead not only with 'The Wall' but also with their grand design to further build and consolidate the great majority of settlements they plan to keep and expand, while feinting 'withdrawal' from the small few they have always planned to give up as far too costly, isolated, and 'dispensable'. 

      It is all a receipe for much further conflict, bloodshed, and turmoil in the years ahead; just as it is this Jews Vs Arabs conflict in the 'Holy Land' which in the past has so poisoned the region and indeed now the world.
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