by Michael A. Hoffman II
Copyright 2005
I am world-weary today. The words "stale and unprofitable" come to mind.
I know I am supposed to compose a column warning against acceptance of the image of the new pope, Joseph Ratzinger, concocted in the
cryptosphere. Yet I find myself filled only with contempt for those who
are fooled repeatedly and with ease. In the past several months the
planetary poltergeist has painted the turncoat Ronald Reagan as one of
the finest champions of the West in the history of our civilization.
John Paul II garnered similar encomiums. George W. Bush is not in their
league (not yet, anyway), but he too is sold to the goyim as a staunch
Christian who stands tall against the enemies of the West, blah blah

In each case one wants to scream, "Turn off the TV! Res ipsa loquitur!"
But no such luck. Ratzinger, the sidekick of John Paul II, one of the
most spectacular rabbinic servants to ever occupy the papacy, suddenly
has developed "a troubling Nazi background" and "Jewish groups are

This is just too ridiculous. Earlier this month John Paul was praised as
the greatest friend Judaics ever had in the Vatican--and they extended
this laurel knowing that the pope's chief theological "enforcer" and
confidant had a "troubling Nazi background"?

Does anyone know what leverage is, or how one goes about obtaining it in
ever greater degrees? Has anyone ever played poker, or sought advantage through intimidation and deceit?

The Judaics are seeking greater leverage and advantage by putting the
new Pope on the defensive from the first day of his papacy. In this way,
Benedict XVI must concede even more to them than he did as cardinal; in
fact, given the zeitgeist, he may not have to be very cryptic about his
rabbinic role and may grovel and betray to an even more obsequious and
public degree than did his predecessor, which is to say that the papacy
and the rabbinate are becoming indistinguishable.

Ratzinger, we are told, is a "hardliner" on "homosexuals and abortion."
Hey, kiddies, that is George W. Bush's image too; that is also the image
of Orthodox rabbis, even though the Talmud sanctions sodomy with little
boys ("under the age of nine"), and early abortion. But as the Gipper
was accustomed to say, "Image prevails over reality."

Since Jesus' confrontation with the Pharisees is at the core of the
Gospel, the first question that should be asked is, where does Pope
Benedict stand on Judaism? When one studies the documentary record a
smile comes to the lips at the chutzpah, for Ratzinger is a salivating
Judaizer who has flushed the Gospel teaching, but now, through the magic
of the media, he is transformed into a suspect Nazi! What a gorgeous
pointillist masterpiece of alchemy, on par with indicted war criminal
Ariel Sharon's transformation into an intrepid Middle East peace

How does one argue against a reality based on consensus rather than
fact? In response, one experiences a Menckenesque sense of "To hell with
'em. Let 'em believe whatever they will." But my obligation is to
inform, on the supposition that one out of ten have eyes to see. Here
then is a peek at the file on Joseph Ratzinger:

Quote: "Jewish messianic expectation is not in vain. It can become for
us Christians a powerful stimulant to keep alive the eschatological
dimension of our faith.Like them, we too live in expectation. The
difference is that for us the One who is to come will have the traits of
the Jesus who has already come and is already present and active among us." 

Source: "The Jewish People And Their Sacred Scriptures in the Christian
Bible," Pontifical Biblical Commission. (Ratzinger wrote the preface and
signed off on this). 2001, Vatican Translation. 

Note: Ratzinger's commission states that the Messiah, the "One who is to
come" will not be Jesus, but rather will have "the traits" of Jesus. If
I have your traits, I am not you.This is a denial that the Messiah who
will come will actually be Jesus. The rabbinic rejection of the true
Messiah and their wait for a false one becomes for Christians "a
powerful stimulant to keep alive...our faith." These are weasel words;
Orwellian doublespeak uttered to curry favor with powerful modern

Quote: "After Auschwitz the mission of reconciliation and acceptance
permits no deferral. Even if we know that Auschwitz is the gruesome
expression of an ideology that not only wanted to destroy Judaism but
also hated and sought to eradicate from Christianity its Jewish
heritage, the question remains: What could be the reason for so much
historical hostility between those who actually must belong together
because of their faith in the one God and commitment to his will?" 

Source: "Many Religions--One Covenant: Israel, the Church and the
World," by Joseph Ratzinger (San Francisco, Ignatius Press, 1999, p.

Note: Judaism is the religion of the Pharisees who killed Jesus Christ
(I Thess. 2:14-16). It is not the religion of the Old Testament. To the
Torah-true principles of Jesus Christ, the Pharisees countered with the
Talmud-True lies of men. Christianity's "heritage" is in the Old
Testament, which Judaism nullifies. To conflate the evil of a
concentration camp with the good of overcoming Judaism, is a diabolical

Quote: "Thus the question remains: Can Christian faith, retaining its
inner power and dignity, not only tolerate Judaism but accept it in its
historic mission?"

Source: Ibid., p. 24.

Note: The historic mission of Judaism is to destroy Christians and the
Christian faith (cf. for example, Moses Maimonides, "Letter to Yemen").
As Adam Clarke observed concerning the New Testament account:
"Thessalonica is the place where Judaic opposition finally revealed how
obdurate, unscrupulous and obtrusive it could be. There was no reason
whatever behind that wandering committee of self-appointed opponents
going into every town where Paul preached and stirring up hatred and
persecution against the Church. Having failed in their persecutions both
in Judea and upon the mission field, at Thessalonica they enlisted the
Gentiles, their magistrates and leaders, and turned them against Paul
and the Gospel."

What in Judaism has changed since the first century A.D.? Is it now less
obdurate and unscrupulous? If Christians are to "tolerate Judaism" and
"accept...its mission" why did Christ bother to incarnate on earth and
preach to the leaders of the Jews, condemning them for betraying
Israel's divine mission? (Matthew 23:15). How dare Ratzinger preach any
other gospel? (Galatians 1:8).

In the parable of the treacherous tenants (Matthew 21:33-46), the
response of the landowner to the murder of his servants and son is to
put these evil ones to a miserable death and to lease the vineyard to
other tenants who will give him the produce at harvest time. The leaders
of the Jews were the treacherous tenants who murdered God's son and the servants of God. The nation of Israel ("vineyard") was taken from them and given to the gentiles ("other tenants") with the expectation that
the Christian gentiles would convert the world ( "produce a harvest").
What harvest is Ratzinger producing when he urges toleration and
acceptance of the treacherous tenants? Missionary zeal for the souls of
contemporary, self-described "Jews" has been canceled by Ratzinger,
along with Christ's ideological and spiritual contest with Judaism,
which has been ruled obsolete, "after Auschwitz."

Apparently, "after Calvary" is insufficient to any longer motivate the
Church Militant, which is called to be militant mainly with regard to
Islam. In a front page article in yesterday's edition of the Wall Street
Journal, the Zionist paper suggests the need for a new Catholic crusade
against Muslims. In celebrating the defeat of Muslims in Spain, the
Journal omitted all mention of the fact that in 1492, "when Christian
armies drove the last Muslim rulers out of ...Granada" they also drove
out all those who practiced Judaism. But the 21st century "Crusade" is
kashrut (kosher), "Judeo-Christian" and intended to have a selective
target. Crusading itself is wrong with regard to Judaism and right with
regard to Islam. The double-mind that can embrace that tortured
construct has nothing in common with He who said, "I would you were hot
or cold" (Revelation 3:16).

If John Paul II betrayed Christ to the rabbis by forbidding opposition
to Judaism--such a betrayal being the function of Judas--then Ratzinger,
architect of the thinking behind the scenes, stands in the role of the
Sanhedrin who sent Judas.We seem to have gone from Pope Judas to Pope Caiaphas, or in more homely American terms, Pope Benedict Arnold.

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