Con't from Black Pope 2

Now, one of the most obvious connections between the Archbishop of New York and the mob is Frank Sinatra. Frank Sinatra was a good bosom friend with Gambino. Gambino was murdered with a vaccination, with a flu shot. They wanted him out of the way, so they murdered him with a flu shot. Frank Sinatra was also a Knight of Malta, who is subject, then, to the Archbishop of New York. So, you have the Archbishop controlling the Knights of Malta. Frank Sinatra is one of them, and Frank Sinatra is a good friend of a mafia don.

Martin: Let's talk about Princess Diana. Do you think the Jesuits were behind her take-out?

Phelps: Absolutely, because the Jesuits control the British Secret Service.

Martin: Let's talk about Princess Diana. Why was she a threat to the Jesuits?

Phelps: She was a threat in that if she had married a Moslem, Dodi Fayed, that would have overturned the Throne of England, because she still had rights through her children. Because her sons would one day occupy the British throne, and if she is alive with a Moslem Prince as a husband, we have a problem in England. Because everybody knows that the Queen Mother, really, has a lot of control over the King. And there would have been an Islamic, Arab influence on the Queen, who would influence her son, who would be King, who is now Prince.

Martin: So you think that the powers that be, within the Jesuit Order, knew that she was pregnant with Dodi's child?

Phelps: I believe so; and that's why they got rid of her—absolutely. And they sent a message to all the other British nobility by saying: "If you do this, we're going to do the same thing to you." Furthermore, they buried her in the cemetery, on the Windsor property, where only dogs are buried. She's buried with dogs.

Martin: What kind of symbolism is that?

Phelps: Because she was a "Moslem dog" in their eyes.

Martin: In the recent June, 2001 issue of The SPECTRUM, we shared an article from Sherman Skolnick in which he not only mentions the Jesuits, but he talks about the incredible financial influence, and power, and control in California and elsewhere by the Japanese Mafia, called the Yakuza. Is there any relationship between the Yakuza and the Jesuits?

Phelps: Absolutely. The Jesuits control the Yakuza. To understand this, we have to go back in the history of Japan. Japan had, wonderfully and righteously, expelled the Jesuits from their Empire around 1619, give or take a few years. The Jesuits were forbidden to ever enter Japan!

The Japanese, then, kicked-out the Portuguese; they kicked-out the Spanish. The only ones who could ever trade with Japan were the Dutch, the Protestant Dutch. Well, when the Jesuits were beginning to get control of our country, they got control of Polk. And Polk was responsible for the sending of Commodore Perry to Japan.

Martin: What year?

Phelps: 1853-1854. He then opens up Japan to international trade. So now "foreigners" can enter into Japan. Foreigners then began an agitation and a revolution in Japan. The reigning Emperor of Japan, who was a young man about 35, wanted to get rid of the Jesuits and these foreign powers, so he was assassinated.

According to Ryu Ohta, my friend in Japan, the Japanese had been taught that he was killed by Sassoon House—the Jews. But the Emperor was really killed by the Jesuits, because the son of this Emperor later went on to rule Japan from 1873 to 1912, and this Emperor was the grandfather to Hirohito.

This Emperor was a young boy at the time he came to power. He ruled for all those years. The Jesuits during that time dis-established the Buddhists as a state religion, and made tremendous inroads in power in Japan, controlling the Dynasty, because they were going to use Japan to foment a war with the United States for the purpose of eliminating as much Buddhism as they could from the Far East, and weakening the American Protestants, and many other purposes, such as killing off Protestant missionaries in the Far East—whereas the Japanese Army never persecuted the Catholic missionaries. And this is according to the Jesuits' own magazine America, written and published in 1943 or 1944.

This is where the Jesuits got their power over the Emperor, and thus the Yakuza. So now, the Jesuits have that power, they maintain that power. They maintained power over Hirohito. And thus, they have power over the Yakuza today, in Japan and California.

Martin: There was a book written many years ago called Tai Pan. Now, would a Tai Pan, symbolically, be the equivalent of the Black Pope?

Phelps: Sure. It's a Secret Society. It's a Japanese Secret Society that really rules.

Martin: Theoretically they would rule independently.

Phelps: They rule together with the Monarch.

Martin: Which would be the real Black Pope?

Phelps: The Black Pope. Remember, the Black Pope is in control of the Monarch of Japan.

Martin: We need to explain to our readers that the Jesuit Order is NOT a religious order, it is a MILITARY ORDER.

Phelps: It is a military order. When they dawn religious garb to get into a country to talk about Christ and God and so forth, they really want to capture the power and wealth of every country, to submit every country to the temporal, Earthly, political power of the Pope.

Martin: I don't want to get too far off-subject here, but would you say "As with the Jews, so with the Yakuza"?

Phelps: Correct. As with the Masonic Jewish Zionists, so with the Masonic Yakuza. They're all Masonic. Masonry unites all religions into one.

Martin: And behind the scenes the Jesuits are pulling the strings?

Phelps: Pulling the strings because they wrote all of the Masonic rites.

Martin: For our Masonic scholars out there, on what do you base that?

Phelps: We know that, according to several citations I reference in the book VATICAN ASSASSINS, the Jesuits wrote the first 25 degrees of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry, from the College of Clermont, which was changed to the College of Louis LeGrand, in Paris, France.

Martin: What year?

Phelps: 1754. That is a fact. The Jesuits wrote those rites.

Martin: Do you have any names behind that?

Phelps: Oh, I believe Chevalier Ramsey was, Chevalier de Bonneville was one. Remember the Bonneville automobile, and Pontiac? Those were Jesuits. And we have Adam Weishaupt, who was a Jesuit, who was a Mason. And it was the Rothschild Luciferians. So we have many dovetails of the Jesuits being Freemasons.

And we know, according to our hero Alberto Rivera, that Pedro Arrupe was a Mason, and Pedro Arrupe was a Jesuit General. Pedro Arrupe was a Mason AND in the Communist Party of Spain when he was a Jesuit General.

So, we also know that the Jesuits were involved in the writing of the last 8 degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, with Fredrick the Great in Prussia, while Fredrick protected the Jesuits and gave them the ability to live in his country, while they were being suppressed by the Pope.

Martin: Let's circle back around to the Yakuza. According to Skolnick, the Yakuza own many, many businesses in this country, many, many banks are owned and controlled in California and elsewhere by the Yakuza. Now, are you saying that's just a front?

Phelps: They're just a front, like any other Mafia, like the Italian Mafia, which is the foremost Mafia in organized crime.

Martin: Which J. Edgar Hoover said "Didn't exist."!

Phelps: Which he said didn't exist. It's all baloney. It is just a front. They hold the property, they hold the money for the Vatican.

Martin: So the Yakuza would be the 3rd trusted party that we talked about?

Phelps: That's right, they're the 3rd trusted party. And I tend to also believe that there is some kind of hand involved in the murder of Bruce Lee with this. Bruce Lee was not going along with the Catholic Church.

Martin: And he was giving away secrets.

Phelps: He was giving away martial arts secrets, and so on, and he was not going along with the Vatican. Remember, he had a rift with Hollywood, and most of his films were made in Hong Kong.

Martin: And his son was also killed not long ago.

Phelps: His son was then killed on a movie-making set also. So his son knew something. And evidently, just like Jackie Kennedy, Linda Lee doesn't open her mouth. So there are two murders here that the Secret Societies are involved in.

Martin: You don't talk too much about Bobby Kennedy. Has your research uncovered any names behind Bobby Kennedy's assassination?

Phelps: Well, we know that Officer Thane Eugene Cesar really pulled the trigger, shot him in the back of the head with a twenty-two. And Officer Cesar was an employee for Lockheed Corporation. The Jesuits, according to Avro Manhattan, control Lockheed.

So, just as Lee Iacocca dispatches his security chief to drive the bullet-ridden limousine of Kennedy from Washington to Cincinnati to get repaired, even so, some Knight of Malta in charge of Lockheed Corporation, I don't know who it was, dispatches Officer Cesar to be a guard of Robert F. Kennedy—who then, in turn, shoots and kills him. And Sirhan was a scapegoat, just like Oswald was a scapegoat.

Martin: What do you have to say about Earl Warren?

Phelps: Earl Warren was in the hands of the Jesuits when he was the governor of California. Earl Warren was one of the sinister individuals behind that evil and terrible Japanese concentration camp system. That was his brainchild. He was behind the anti-Jap agitation in World War II.

The Japanese are decent, law-abiding, peaceful people, for the most part. They had all their farms taken from them. They were in control of all of the produce, and they had it all stolen from them by Roman Catholic, Knight of Malta-controlled corporations—just as was done to the American Indian. They went into their burial grounds and stole all their gold, and used their missions to send it back to Rome.

So, Earl Warren was a part of this. He was a good boy, so they named him and put him on the Supreme Court. He was the Chief Justice.

He was a 33rd-degree Freemason involved in the Kennedy assassination, forced amalgamation, forced race-mixing with the Supreme Court decision in 1966, forced integration with the Brown vs. The Board Of Education in 1954.

Martin: I'm going to ask you now a very important question, one that will be on the minds of many people: Why should our readers not feel that you are merely substituting the word JESUITS for JEWS in terms of fomenting hatred and animosity toward Jesuit people? Why is that not so?

Phelps: Well, first of all, there's a tremendous difference between the Jesuit Order and the Jewish race.

We don't know exactly who the Jewish race is. I sure don't know. I think only God knows who it is. But it's a civilization of people who are engaged in commerce and trade, and they have cultures, they have communities.

Jesuits are an army. They're soldiers. They're under oath. When you become professed of the 4th Degree, they give you The Secret Instructions.

According to another gentleman, he says there's a degree beyond the 4th Degree, where it's absolute Luciferianism. This is according to Jim Arrabito, who died mysteriously in a plane crash in Alaska on September 2, 1990. Jim Arrabito was one of the chief guys in the Seventh Day Adventists, and he was a master of Jesuit history. You can get his videos, Secrets Of The Jesuits, from L.L.M. Productions.

But anyway, the difference between the Jews and the Jesuits is strictly—one is a people, and one is an Order determined to subvert all nations to the jurisdiction of the Pope.

And, in light of the documents that I provide with the book version of VATICAN ASSASSINS—I have over 4,000 pages on CD-ROM, with four distinct different histories showing the history of the Order—that's exactly what they were doing then, and that's exactly what they're doing now.

Martin: So what's different about what you're saying? Rather than just being another wild conspiracy theory, it's your position that you've really proven that this is a fact, and not fantasy?

Phelps: Other men have proven the fact. I just reiterate what they've said.

If you read The Black Pope, by Cusack, she says the very same thing. She was a nun, a converted nun to Christ in 1896.

Martin: And why is she so important?

Phelps: Because she was a nun intimately involved with priests, and especially Jesuits, prior to her conversion to Christ. She would know; she was on the inside.

Martin: Why is that book so important?

Phelps: Because it has been suppressed and stolen out of every library in the world! There is only one in existence that I know of, that's publicly accessible, and that is in the British Museum.

It's also accessible on the CD-ROM included with the book VATICAN ASSASSINS, for those of your readers who would like it. But, other than that, it's a suppressed document. Griesinger, Thompson, Cusack, Nicolini—those are the four major histories of the Jesuit Order, and all four are on the CD-ROM [along with a number of other rare and otherwise "missing" research documents].

Martin: So you're saying that the time-lines that you put forth, and the conclusions that you draw, are really based on historical experts over the last two centuries? This is not just your position?

Phelps: Absolutely. I'm standing on the shoulders of giants, as a little cricket. These people are brilliant and Godly. Nicolini, an Italian Roman Catholic, converted to Christ, involved in the Italian Revolution of 1848, had to flee for his life, was in exile in England, and there he wrote his great History Of The Jesuits, warning England that if the Jesuits sought to destroy England under Elizabeth, they would surely do the same thing under Victoria.

Martin: And they have.

Phelps: And they have. We have the great Theodor Griesinger, who was the great German who wrote The Jesuits as a history told by the German people—823 pages of meticulous documentation of all their doings in all the countries. And he was the one, I learned, who said the Jesuits could very well be planning a second Thirty-Years War, another Thirty-Years War. And he wrote that, the second edition was in 1873.

[Editor's note: And remember that the second bloody and diabolical "Thirty-Years War" did indeed happen, between 1914 and 1945, as Eric mentioned earlier in this interview in conjunction with financing it through the setting up of the Federal Reserve Bank fraud.]

So, these learned people have made quite clear and quite evident the purpose and power of the Jesuit Order.

We haven't had anybody in the 20th Century write an extensive history of what they've accomplished from 1900-2000. I would hope that somebody who knows these histories, who knows grammar and spelling and is able to write nice prose (unlike myself) would be able to do this, and write a real modern history of this. Ridpath came close to it, but he ended his work in the mid-1850s, with his Ridpath's Universal History [Of The World]. We have not had a significant historian do this modern work for us.

Martin: And why is that?

Phelps: Because these Jesuits have all these colleges and universities bought and paid for! And these universities won't get grants if they start to expose the Jesuit Order.

Now, with all these "hate crime" laws, anything truthfully said about the Jesuit Order will generate attempts to contort it into some kind of a hate crime, which is NOT what we're doing. We are merely telling the truth.

Martin: What is your solution to the Jesuit problem in America? What would you like to see, ultimately, happen in this country?

Phelps: In this country, what I would like to see happen is exactly what happened in England in the 16th Century, when several Jesuits left the Order. They were intelligent, powerful Jesuits, involved in the conspiracy to overthrow England.

They told the powers-that-be about what they were supposed to do, and as a result, the government of England expelled the Jesuits from their dominions, because they were regarded as traitors and conspirators in the overthrow of legitimate government—of self-rule, of nationalism; a country should be ruled by its own people.

The solution here would be the expulsion of the Jesuit Order, that they would be outlawed and banned.

There would be period of grace where certain Jesuits could come forward, tell what they know. But why would the Jesuits want to do that when this government is controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations, which is controlled by the Jesuits? The government is controlled by the Jesuits through the mob and high-level Freemasonry.

Martin: Proposing the expulsion of the Jesuits, the difference between that and racial persecution, such as with the Jews, yours is based on treason, which is a lawful conclusion based on your research concerning what their true aims and objectives are—namely, the overthrow of this government.

Phelps: The usurping of this government, the controlling of this government for their own purposes. And then using this government, with a coalition of other governments they control, for the annihilation of the "heretic" and "liberal" population of this country, pursuant to the Council of Trent, that every Pope swears upon his coronation to uphold.

Martin: Thank you so much for taking this time to clarify these many points about the Jesuit Order. Our readers will really appreciate this as you offer much food for both thought AND action!

Note: The following is extracted from the July 10, 2001 issue of The SPECTRUM newspaper. Permission is hereby granted to anyone to quote The SPECTRUM in whole or in part, so long as full credit of this source is given, including contacting address and phone number. The SPECTRUM, P.O. Box 1567, Tehachapi, CA 93581; phone: 1-877-280-2866 toll-free; and see our website. 

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