Dr. States Terri Struck On Head AFTER Her Initial Trauma
Doctor states that Terri was hit on the head between day 2 and 6 after collapse FEB/March 1990; Suffered intracranial hemorrhage while in hospital.
(This suggests someone visited her in the hospital and struck her while she lay in bed. -ed)
"In another emerging revelation, another neurologist who examined the timeline of Terri's brain scans found that for the first three days of her initial hospitalization in 1990, her brain scans were normal. Then suddenly, on the sixth day, her brain scan showed evidence of a massive injury. He concludes that Terri was hit on the head and suffered intracranial hemorrhage while in the hospital. The physician maintains that she did not suffer her brain damage outside the hospital but while she was hospitalized.
According to the physician, if the reports produced are accurate (normal CT brain on Feb. 27, injury on Feb. 25, 1990) then she did not suffer an event of massive ischemia on Feb. 25, 1990, the date of her alleged 'collapse' The physician says that there is no radiologist or neurologist or neurosurgeon in the world that would dispute this as it is impossible. The CT on Feb. 27, 1990, would have been grossly abnormal."
The entire article including Terri's NORMAL original brain scan is at:

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