More hideous crimes have been committed in the name of obedience than have ever been committed in the name of rebellion. - C.P. Snow

We’re talking impeachable crimes, here. We’re talking high crimes and misdemeanors. We’re talking about conspiracy and murder. We’re talking about war crimes and crimes against humanity.  We’re talking about deception and manipulation. We have the proof and we know whodunit.  We even have public confessions but the American news media is so obviously complicit in the crimes and coverups that people don’t even worry about confessing in public any more! And there is nothing at all we can do about it.

We have all the evidence we need to indict the criminals. We even have the smoking gun.  In fact, we have a whole slew of smoking guns. We have mounds of testimony and videos, memos and public statements. We have lines of witnesses and experts, photos and newsreels. We have everything we need to charge those at the helm of our government with some of the most heinous acts in our nation’s history.  And yet, they all will get off scot-free, without facing a single charge against them.

Despite the mounds of damning evidence, no one in any official capacity has dared to point a finger of guilt against George Bush, Dick Cheney, or anyone else in their cadre of criminal collaborators.  The few voices that dared to question the legality of administrative policies during the past four years have been muted or rendered impotent. Those who have outlined a clear case for impeachment have been ignored at best, and ridiculed at worst.

And the vile criminals who comprise the American news media, in their unabashed complicity, have refused to publicize the concerns of those who understand the crimes that have been committed. In their need to please their corporate masters and advertisers,   the media have joined those who jeer at dissenters and call ‘conspiracy theorists.’

In no other time have criminals at the very highest levels of the American government been allowed to get away with such transgressions.  At no other time has evidence of guilt been so blatantly ignored and unreported by the media.  And at no other time in recent history, have the crimes of an American president been so defended, rationalized and justified.


Take your pick.  If you’re not convinced by one, take another. Take one, take more, - but understand that even one of the crimes on which this article will focus is enough to make a strong and damning case against the Bush administration. Examine the crime scenes and wonder why no one has been held accountable. Think about the crimes that have been committed and wonder why no one in government, not a single person, has had to answer for any of them. On the contrary, every person directly involved in these crimes is still in his/her position, or has been promoted or publicly acclaimed for a job well done.

These crimes were far from perfect. They were overtly committed, and they left enough clues behind to delight the most jaded of investigators. The smoking guns were there  for all to see, and yet, and yet, nothing. Actually at some of the crime scenes there were smoking guns strewn all over the place. Of course the American news media failed to take notice because their mission as it stands now is to simply repeat what is told to them by official or corporate sources.

And so, we’ll narrow the list to our Top Three picks of the most dangerous crimes that directly involve the George W. Bush Cartel and their cadre of abettors.  Take your pick.