By Dr. Rima Laibow
The United American Voice Worldwide
July 4, 2005
Today was a bad day at Black Rock here in Rome. The US supported the Vitamin and Mineral Guidelines and betrayed US law and you. But thats not all that happened here in the CODEX ALIMENTARUS Commission meeting today. No, thats not bad enough. Theres a whole lot more. Here is what the United States participated in and helped to happen in just one day (dont let the helpful sounding names fool you):
The dangerously elevated pesticide levels for a variety of poisonous chemicals were ratified. A win for Big Chema!
Hygienic Practices for Meat were ratified. A win for Big Agra
Code of Practice to Minimize and Contain Antimicrobial Resistance was approved. Another win for Big Agra and one for Big Pharma, too!
Veterinary Drug Maximum Residue Limits Draft approved. Wins for Big Pharma, Big Agra, Big Chema!
Maximum Levels for Cadmium in Wheat Grain; Potato; Stem and Root Vegetables; Leafy Vegetables; and, Other Vegetables was approved
Code of Practice for the Prevention and Reduction of Aflatoxin in Tree Nuts was adopted.
I could go on, and on, and on. And today was only the first day. But instead of listing all of the really awful standards which were approved or advanced to higher steps in the 8 step ratification process, let me turn your attention to betrayal.
America has, once again, been betrayed by the people who should have been protecting her most precious resource: her people. The US CODEX Offices US CODEX Policy look to me like they have been sold to the highest bidders: Big Pharma, Big Chema, Big Agra, Big Biotechna and Big Medica. These high minded-wounding standards and codes are nothing short of the triumph of corporate greed at your expense and mine.
Let me ask you to think about America on this sad and sorry "End-of-Independence" Day. Our CODEX Policy is in the process of taking America apart, illness by illness, and selling its sovereignty to the highest bidder. Just before the lunch break, Dr. Ed. Scarbrough spoke to the several hundred delegates and observers in the meeting room and told them that today was our National Holiday. He explained that if he were not working, he would be doing what other Americans do today, spending the time with their families, cooking outdoors and, most of all, playing sports, especially baseball. And then he threw soft base ball around the room that said "Courtesy of the US CODEX Office, US Independence Day, July 4, 2005". Honest! I could not make that up!
My thought was "Dr. Scarbrough, the US CODEX Manager, has just given a present to the CODEX Delegates. What is CODEX giving to us? Poisoned plants and animals from which to feed ourselves and the lack of adequate nutrients with which to protect ourselves from the consequence of the poisoning."
Independence Day. Makes me wonder:
How did America feel on the day it was revealed that FDR knew about the impending attack on Pearl Harbor and allowed it to happen?
How did America feel when information began to leak out that the 9/11 attack was already in the information system and no one did anything to stop it?
And how does America feel today when the United States CODEX Office and our CODEX delegation betrayed us and helped the UN CODEX ALIMENTARIUS Commission declare war on the people of the US (and the rest of the world), too?
Today, the US delegate (only one person speaks for each country at CODEX) enacted the US CODEX policy and the Vitamin and Mineral Standard was adopted. NOT ONE NATION RAISED ITS VOICE AND SAID, "MY COUNTRY OBJECTS!" NOT ONE!
I made it my business to speak with the South African delegation before todays meeting started. I introduced myself and proffered my card. I explained why I was there and I asked what South Africas position was. Their delegate sneered at me, refused to give me his card or take mine and said, "South Africa believes that Risk Assessment is appropriate for nutrients because they are all toxic!" Another betrayal.
So now what do we do? American has fought a lot of wars, all of them seemed impossible at some point, often right at the start. Remember George Washington at Valley Forge? The American Revolution was filled with dark moments and nearly certain defeat. But because men and women of vision and dedication chose to continue their struggle, today we are celebrating July 4. What a fitting day for the CODEX enemy to attack! We have the means, if we have the will, to resist and regain our health freedoms. Join me!
And if you think that our protective laws will be enough, let me suggest to you that the forces behind CODEX are poised to swoop in and steamroller opposition while they change those laws. Thats a definite battle front in the Vitamin Wars.
Before we left for Rome we set the offense we need to win this war in motion (wars are not won on the defensive) with our Citizens Petition and with out letters to Congress urging Congressional oversight. Well, we are clearly now at war: many, many shots have been fired by CODEX across our bow today. Heres our combat plan. Ill tell you and then I will ask you to join me for the sake of the life that each of you treasures, your own, your familys, and any one you love. Now that the initial salvos have been fired in the Vitamin Wars, I am asking you to enlist in the Health and Wellness Army because you love health and life and you love liberty.
If you dont want to be a casualty in the CODEX Vitamin War, join up now! We need you and your friends and family and your friends friends because this is a non-combatant war with unthinkable numbers of casualties if we dont fight it well and win
How do you enlist and what are your duties?
1. Go to the 6 Easy Steps page at www.HealthFreedomUSA.org/action and take each of the action steps and contact Congress with the click of a mouse to tell them we are watching and they need to protect our health freedom and our law. . One of the Six Easy Steps is to make a donation. Wars cost money. We need money for a public relations campaign, for lobbying costs (legal ones, not bribery), we need money to support the legal challenges which we will bring to protect our health freedom.
We dont get our support from Big Pharma. We get it from you. A lot of things are different in this war. In this one, you pay to fight!
2. Shout it from the rooftops! Direct everyone you communicate with to the Natural Solutions Foundation site, www.HealthFreedomUSA.org. Most people havent heard the declaration of war yet. The enemy has been creeping silently forward and now its gained a major legal foothold. Sound the alarm, wake the neighbors!
a. Send out your own emails asking people take action! www.HealthFreedomUSA.org
b. Forward our blasts as widely as you can and ask every recipient to do the same.
c. Tell your favorite radio talk show that you think we should be on his/her show. We do several shows a week in addition to our own internet radio program, FREE U.S./FREE US!
d. Write letters to the editor. You would be amazed how effective they are! People really, really read them!
e. Ask health writers in local and national papers to cover the story.
f. If you see an alternative or holistic health professional, explain how CODEX is threatening their practices. Send them to our website, www.HealthFreedomUSA.org.
g. Visit your local health food store, organic farmers market or co-op, etc., etc. Tell them that their freedom to grow, buy and sell clean, unadulterated food and high potency nutrients is under sustained attack and tell them about CODEX, Give them the Natural Solutions Foundation website,www.HealthFreedomUSA.org.
3. Stay informed.
a. Read the CODEX Update Blog regularly.
b. Listen to our internet radio show, FREE U.S./FREE US! every Wednesday evening at 7-8 PM Eastern on www.FICAA.com. This week, June 6 and next week, June 13, we will be broadcasting live from Rome to bring you the latest details. If that time is not convenient for you, you can find us in the archives at www.FICAA.org.
Help us win the Vitamin Wars!
Yours in health and freedom,
Rima E. Laibow, MD, Medical Director