(The following article is a chapter from the book Final Warning: A History of the New World Order by David Allen Rivera)

The Skull and Bones organization was founded at Yale University in 1832 by General William Huntington Russell (who later served in the Connecticut State legislature 1846-47) and Alphonso Taft (U.S. Secretary of War in 1876, Attorney General 1886-87, U.S. Minister to Austria 1882-84, U.S. Ambassador to Russia 1884-85, and the father of former president William Howard Taft); and incorporated in 1856 by Russell and Daniel Colt Gilman, under the name, "The Russell Trust Association." Russell had visited Germany that year, where he was exposed to the Illuminati, and possibly initiated. He wanted to establish a similar group in America, where their sons could become members of a secret Order that would give them a favored status.

It became a black lodge of Freemasonry. In 1873, some Yale students broke into their headquarters, a windowless building called "The Tomb" adjacent to the campus, where they discovered their insignia - the skull and bones, along with some real skulls and bones. They wrote in the Yale newspaper, the Iconoclast: "Year-by-year the deadly evil of the Skull and Bones is growing."

The Russell Trust is endowed by $54 million in alumni grants, and it is the alumni who control the group. Antony C. Sutton, a former Economics professor at Stanford University, wrote a four-volume series of books on the group, and revealed the names of 30 influential old-line American families who have contributed to its ranks (some of which can trace their lineage back to the 1600's, when they arrived from England), including Whitney, Lord, Phelps, Wadsworth, Allen, Bundy, Adams, Harriman, Rockefeller, Payne, Davison, and Pratt. Every year, 15 juniors are chosen to be members, and are called "Knights." Upon graduation, they are called the "Patriarchs of the Order."

Since its inception, over 2500 Yale graduates have been initiated. Its members have assimilated themselves into every area of business and government. Members have included: W. Averell Harriman (governor of New York, and advisor to various Democratic presidents), William P. Bundy (editor of the CFR's journal Foreign Affairs), J. Hugh Liedtke (co-founder of Pennzoil Oil Corp.), John Kerry (U.S. Senator from Massachusetts), David Boren (U.S. Senator from Oklahoma), William Sloane Coffin (President of SANE/FREEZE), William F. Buckley (conservative commentator, editor of the National Review magazine), Gifford Pinchot (father of the environmental movement), Potter Stewart (Supreme Court Justice), William H. Taft (27th President), Archibald MacLeish (founder of UNESCO), Henry Luce (head of Time/Life magazines), Alfred Cowles (of Cowles Communications), Richard Ely Danielson (of the Atlantic Monthly magazine), Russell Wheeler Davenport (of Fortune magazine), McGeorge Bundy (national security advisor for President John Kennedy), John Sherman Cooper (U.S. Senator from Kentucky), John H. Chafee (U.S. Senator from Rhode Island), Henry Stimson (Secretary of State of President Herbert Hoover), Robert A. Lovett (Secretary of Defense of President Harry Truman), Winston Lord (President of the Council on Foreign Relations), and George Bush, Sr. (41st President, a Bilderberger, and CFR/Trilateral Commission member until 1980).

Nicknamed "Bonesmen," these establishment elites have become members of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, and have achieved high level positions in the Administrations of various Presidents, the Congress, and the government, in various capacities, From these positions, they can use their influence to work towards their common goal of one-world government.

Both the Skull and Bones, and Phi-Beta-Kappa, are indicative of the way the Illuminati functions. They know that if they can grab, control, and mold young minds, then they will have unwitting pawns to do their bidding, and could be called upon to contribute to their efforts. The early history of the Illuminati was nothing more than a seed that was planted. That is why there was a big emphasis on infiltrating educational institutions with their doctrine. As each class graduated through the educational systems of the world, the more people there were to perpetuate their plans. In time, the Illuminati knew they would have enough of the right people, in the right places, for them to secretly further their goals.


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