Gaza closed, as disengagement gets underway

By Jerusalem Newswire Editorial Staff
July 13th, 2005

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Wednesday ordered security forces to bar entry to the Gaza Strip to all Israelis who do not officially reside in the area.

Gaza is to remain a closed military zone until all area Jews have been forcibly evacuated under Sharon's “disengagement” plan.

The timing of the move is seen as an attempt to prevent a planned influx of anti-pullout activists into Gaza next week.

Israeli media noted that the closure is the first physically significant step towards implementation of the withdrawal.

The Council of Jewish Communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza decried the decision as “the first time in history that a Jewish prime minister blockades Jewish communities and declares a part of Israel Jews-free.”

The anti-pullout group National Home announced it will block the nation's highways twice a week until the closure is lifted. Israel Radio reported the group plans to disrupt traffic on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Cutting Edge Analysis:
Israel officially began her Unilateral Withdrawal from the Gaza Strip this week by clamping a military closure on all roads leading into and out of the area. What is the stated goal of this withdrawal? To render the Biblical land now known as the Gaza Strip "Jew-free".
BRIEF: "Gaza closed, as disengagement gets underway", Jerusalem News Wire, July 13, 2005
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Prime Minister Sharon ordered the IDF to militarily close the Gaza Strip to all non-resident Jews to prevent anti-disengagement activists from flooding into the area on Monday, July 18, and thereafter; such an opposition tactic would present the IDF great headaches, for it would present them with tens of thousands of additional people they would have to remove. Better to prevent these activists from ever entering the area than to allow them entry and then have to physically remove them.

The Israeli mass media correctly noted that this action officially begins the Unilateral Withdrawal. Sharon set August 15 (the day after the "9th of Av" day of mourning) as the first day of forced evacuation, but this early action by the IDF certainly does start the withdrawal process early.

However, the next segment of this article presents the stark truth -- a truth which Cutting Edge has been predicting for many years now.

"The Council of Jewish Communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza decried the decision as 'the first time in history that a Jewish prime minister blockades Jewish communities and declares a part of Israel Jews-free'.” (Ibid.; Emphasis added)

Another current news article captures the fact that the ultimate goal of the withdrawal is to completely remove all Jews from this part of the land which God gave to the Tribe of Judah -- as you can clearly see from the map, left.

Another news article also presents the fact that no Jew will be left behind.

NEWS BRIEF: "Disengagement by the Numbers", Israel Insider, July 12, 2005

"After numerous fruitless bids to find a partner for peace with the Palestinians, in August 2005 Israel will carry out its disengagement initiative. Israel will hand over all of Gaza and part of the West Bank to the Palestinians, making it the first country in modern history to give up land acquired in a defensive war. During this summer's planned pullout:

* 100% of the Gaza Strip will be evacuated and handed over to the Palestinians

* 300 square miles of the West Bank will be evacuated.

* 21 Israeli settlements will be uprooted in the Gaza Strip

* 4 Israeli settlements will be uprooted in the West Bank.

* 9,000 is the approximate number of Israelis, including 1,700 Israeli families, currently living in the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank. All of them will be moved out as part of the withdrawal

* 45,000 Israeli soldiers and policemen are expected to participate in the Gaza withdrawal

* 48 graves in the Gush Katif Cemetery, including six graves of area residents murdered by terrorists, will be uprooted (and moved)

After the withdrawal:

* 430,000 West Bank Palestinians will be able to move freely within and between Palestinian controlled areas

* 0 Israelis, dead or alive, will remain in Gaza

"Jew-free" is the end goal of the Oslo Peace Accords, for the reason we set forth in NEWS1422, "The Coming Prophesied Annihilation of the House of Esau - Today's Palestinians". We posted this article in October, 2000, and have received our share of derision since then. However, that volume of disbelief has dramatically declined lately, as news reports are obviously moving in this direction.

Why is Israel completely separating the Jewish population from the Palestinian? To fulfill the annihilating prophecy of Obadiah 15-18, as explained in the above article. Listen to what we foretold in October, 2000, as to how Israel would annihilate the Palestinians as prophesied in this Scripture.

"Obadiah 15-18 foretells the annihilation by fire of an entire nation, the House of Esau, which are the Palestinians ... If God's judgment of 100% annihilation is to be carried out by Israel -- as Obadiah 18 states -- what kind of action would be necessary to carry out such a population genocide, while protecting Jewish citizens?

I believe the Oslo Peace Accord was the specific outworking of the Israeli decision to annihilate the Arabs during the next Arab-Israeli war, a position explained by that editorial in the June, 1990, edition of the Jewish Press. You see, the Oslo Peace Accord is an ingenious trap for the Arab, they are about to fall into it, and be annihilated. "

"Now, ask yourself what one geographical reality would a military commander wish to face if he knew he would soon be called upon to totally annihilate a civilian population, especially when such population is in very close physical proximity to your own citizens? Why, you would want that targeted population to be physically separated from your own population, would you not? In fact, a military commander would want to pull 100% of his own people out of the targeted areas just before he began his annihilating action. From my experience in U.S. Military Intelligence, I can tell you that an analyst would be looking for just this kind of action to occur, thinking that, when minority citizens are pulled out of the targeted cities and towns, this action would be a signal that large-scale attack was imminent ... If this separation includes the forcible evacuation of Jewish citizens living within the Arab enclave, you can know this prophesied annihilation is about to begin."

We penned these words in October, 2000 (NEWS1422), and they are presently coming true, in your Daily News! When you see the annihilation of the entire Palestinian people, you will know that the Rapture is very close. The war on the Palestinians will occur in the context of a Middle East Regional War as Israel fights a combination force comprised of Palestinians, Egyptians, Syrians, and Jordanians (Read NEWS1056 for full details).

And, if the Ark of the Covenant is "discovered" prior to the completion of the forced evacuation, you can positively know the end is very near.

II In a stunning reversal, Sharon's Vice Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, told the Jerusalem Post that the forced evacuation should only take two weeks! For many months now, Sharon officials have stated that the Unilateral Withdrawal could take months, and that the IDF was totally unprepared; now, that story line appears to have a ruse, for Sharon's key assistant has now told the world that the pullout will only take weeks -- not months. Further, the IDF showed its preparedness for the evacuation by expertly shutting off the entire Gaza Strip, preventing many thousands of protestors from flooding the area.

It would appear that Sharon and the Israeli Defense Force are more prepared to execute the withdrawal than the protestors are to block it. Protestors are threatening to block roads and streets all throughout Israel, at least twice a week. Organizers hope to so tie up local police forces that the forced evacuation will be hampered.

NEWS BRIEF: "Vice Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to 'Post': Pullout should only take two weeks", The Jerusalem Post, July 10, 2005

"Though disengagement is 'a major undertaking for Israel' and a 'very painful' one, it will likely take no longer than two weeks to carry out from start to finish, Vice Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said over the weekend. 'I think it will take no more than two weeks. I think that it shouldn't take more than two weeks', he said ... The intention, rather, was to 'focus on the short period starting on the 17th [of August] and carry out [disengagement] as fast as possible'."

This revelation must have shocked anti-disengagement people, because government rhetoric, as dutifully reported by Mass Media, has always told the story that the forced evacuation would take months and would be such a major drain on the IDF and local police that officials had doubts it could all be done. Now, just weeks before the really official evacuations are to begin, Vice Prime Minister Olmert tells the truth: the pullout should be accomplished in two weeks. You can forgive the Jewish settlers if they feel a little bit betrayed. With limited resources and untrained leadership, the foes of evacuation do not stand a chance to stop the vaunted IDF from removing all Jews from the Gaza Strip and selected West Bank settlements.

Since the Security Barrier is as much a key to separating the Jewish population from the Palestinian as the Forced Evacuation, we should not be too surprised to see news concerning this barrier. News was swirling from both sides.

NEWS BRIEF: "Sharon´s Cabinet: Fence to Divide Jerusalem: Will leave Prime Minister Ariel Sharon open to charges that he has gone back on his promise never to divide the capital", Israel National News, July 11, 2005

"The Sharon-led Cabinet Sunday approved dividing Jerusalem physically. The security fence will put 55,000 Jerusalem Arabs outside of the barrier but there will be free passage. The cabinet did not explain why it is allowing the fence to cut through the united capital within Jerusalem's borders .... It also will leave Prime Minister Ariel Sharon open to charges that he has gone back on his promise never to divide the capital."

Once again, that old-time war general, Ariel Sharon, has double crossed his genuinely Conservative supporters. After years of assuring them that he would never, ever allow Jerusalem to be divided, he has now publicized his plans to do just that. After years of repeating the Conservative mantra that Jerusalem was eternally Israel's and was totally off the negotiating table, Sharon abruptly turns 180 degrees as he divides Jerusalem!

Can matters get any worse? Yes, they can, and they are about to. Prophecy tells us that the situation will get so bad that Israel's Archangel, Michael, shall have to "stand up" to defend Israel (Daniel 12:1)

The security barrier in this area is planned to have gates, through which the average Palestinian can daily pass so they can work, go to school and obtain special services not available in their area. Listen:

"... one effect of the cabinet decision will be to leave '55,000 residents, on the West Bank side, while including the largest Jewish West Bank settlement, Ma'aleh Adumim with close to 30,000 people, on the Jerusalem side' ... Arabs are incensed at the decision, which will require more than 3,000 school children to pass through the fence to go back and forth to school. Amir Chesin, a former Arab affairs adviser for the city of Jerusalem, insisted that the plan will not be implemented. 'I don't know if I should laugh or cry. I don't see thousands and thousands going through these checkpoints to go to school', he said."

The Sharon government is placing far greater emphasis on the completion of the security barrier than most people realize. Now that he has turned over responsibility to the IDF and has told the generals they face no budget restrictions, work will proceed very rapidly. We do not know if the completion of the security barrier will be at roughly the same time as the completion of the forced evacuation.

If the two projects are completed at roughly the same time, Israel will be ready to go to war earlier rather than later.

The Palestinians were infuriated by the Cabinet decision to divide Jerusalem with the barrier, even though that decision gave them part of the "eternal city".

NEWS BRIEF: "Palestinian Chairman Abbas sharply raps Israel’s Jerusalem defense barrier decision", DEBKAfile Intelligence, July 10, 2005

"Sunday, July 10, the Israeli government set a September deadline for finishing the long-stalled security fence designed to protect Jerusalem from terrorist attack. The finalized route leaves 55,000 Arab Jerusalem residents with Israeli ID on the other side, including Palestinians living in the Shuafat refugee camp. Twelve crossing points will be cut in the barrier to allow their transit back and forth. The Palestinian Authority chairman warns that the route could bring Palestinian-Israeli relations to an end and will serve neither peace nor Israeli security."

The Palestinians want their state, they want Jerusalem as their capitol, and they want Israel finally destroyed, but key leaders realize the trap into which they are being led, and are trying every device which they can conceive to stop this Oslo Peace Accord in its tracks. Almost daily, Kassam terror rockets and/or mortar shell bombardments strike Israeli targets.

As the next story indicates, suicide bombers are on the attack. However, Israel, the United States, and the Crown of England are really calling the shots, and their Forced Withdrawal plan will not be deterred.

As if to place a dramatic explanation point on the fury of the Palestinians at being thrown behind a huge security barrier, a Palestinian suicide bomber struck at a Jewish civilian target, a shopping center.

NEWS BRIEF: "Palestinian suicide bomber kills 2 in Israel" International Herald Tribune, July 13, 2005

"NETANYA, Israel A Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up Tuesday evening at a busy intersection outside a shopping mall in the Israeli coastal town of Netanya, killing himself and at least two others, and wounding 30 people, according to the Israeli police and rescue workers. Israel said the attack would not derail the planned Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, which is set for next month. But Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's spokesman said Israel was prepared to act against those responsible if the Palestinian Authority did not.

" ''We are not going to stop the disengagement',' Raanan Gissin, a spokesman for Sharon, said in reference to the Gaza pullout. ''But we are going to stop terrorism.'' The attack marked the second suicide bombing since the Israelis and Palestinians declared a truce in February. Overall violence has been down sharply since then, but there are still almost daily shootings and clashes."

How are we so sure the Palestinians know this plan will result in their annihilation, a genocide, an ethnic cleansing of all Palestinians? Nearly three years ago, we posted an article in which a Jewish professor claimed that Sharon's planned separation of populations would result in the "ethnic cleansing" of all Palestinians. We encourage you to take a moment to read this article.

NEWS1625 -- "Jewish Professor Accuses Sharon Government Of Planning 'Ethnic Cleansing' of Arabs In Israel"

Prophetic events are getting close to exploding. Are you spiritually prepared?

Source:  CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- July 16, 2005