From 'Duty, Honor, Country'...To D.U. Cancer
An Open Letter To Every American Serviceman
By Douglas Westerman
Dear U.S. Soldier:
Did you know that:
* You've helped deposit over 1 million lbs. Of Depleted Uranium (DU) dust in Iraq?
* You're told to stay away from DU as it could cause cancer?
* Numerous families in Iraq have multiple cancer victims?
* Many of these individuals have multiple cancers, a very rare occurrence in Iraq prior to the use of DU weapons?
* Hideous birth defects, once virtually unknown in Iraq are now commonplace?
* 600 children per day were being treated for radiation sickness at one hospital in 2003?
* Many of these kids will get cancer, leukemia, and die within the next 5-10 years?
* Former Army Colonel & expert in nuclear medicine, Dr. Asaf Duracovic says the V.A. told him to lie about the effects of DU?
* Dr. Durakcovic also says we have "committed war crimes by using weapons that kill indiscriminately, which are banned under international law."
* The Uranium Medical Research Centre says we have "poisoned a significant portion of the civilian population" in many areas of Afghanistan?
* In one returning unit, 40%, or eight out of twenty U.S. soldiers have cancer?
* In one 100 clean-up crew, 30 were dead within 10 years, with many others being sick, although the crew leader said, "We were all really healthy before going over."
* An Italian Newspaper reported 109 deaths among its troops from DU, saying this figure "exceeded deaths from all other causes?"
* The civilian population of Iraq is at a much greater risk than the Italian soldiers?
* The children of Iraq are at a greater risk than the adults?
* An international court of justice found your Commander-in-Chief guilty of war crimes?
* This Court's legitimacy had been ratified by every major Western Democracy?
* In one group of returning U.S. Soldiers, 67% fathered children with severe birth defects, even though all had fathered healthy children?
* The U.S. D.O.D. has a small army of spokespeople to convince you and the American Public that the above information is not true?
* You can verify the truth of the above information in a few hours with a good Internet Search Engine?
When a child is born in Iraq, the question is no longer "Is it a boy or a girl?" but rather, "Doctor, is the child normal?"
Douglas Westerman  
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