EXPOSED! CFR Bankers Plan for Financial Crash

A few months ago the American Department of Defence released to the World Media the five security-camera (CCTV) frames that capture the attack on the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia that occurred on September 11, 2001.

These frames were broadcast across the Internet News agencies where I was able to pick them up and enlarge them, after which I joined them together in a single animation file which can be found on my website at: - approx 160kb.

My attention was initially brought to these frames as I was searching for evidence in support of my position in an argument with Dick Eastman, an American who regularly posts his analysis, forwardings and links to uk.politics.crime and other newsgroups. We were arguing over the French web page, "Spot the Boeing": Eastman was expounding his theory of an internally planted bomb and, to show him his error I went to the BBC and did a search for 'Pentagon' and found the CCTV images. That's when I made my first animation from the frames. Shortly before, American investigator, 'Agent Fescado,' provided on the website,, his own analysis of the CCTV stills based on evidence that included his own enlargement of the first frame in the sequence with added overlays of different aircraft, using the position and size of the tail fin of the actual attack craft shown in the first frame as the reference for determining scale and position of the overlay.

What he found was that the profile of the plane captured in the frame when compared to the fitted overlay of a Boeing 757, where the tail fin of the overlay is fitted to exactly cover the visible fin of the attack aircraft in the video, was far shorter than a Boeing 757 (a rather obvious observation which nevertheless I later proved with mathematical rigor on my web site).

What Fescado also found was a tail-fin fitted overlay of an F-16 made for a very reasonable fit, as also do other small military aircraft such as S-3B Viking (a craft which has been suggested by one of Agent Fescado's sources as the true Pentagon-attack culprit.).

Exactly which small military aircraft was responsible for the attack, is a question that must not distract from the now-established finding that the Boeing 757 of Flight 77 was not the aircraft that the CCTV visually captured, an aircraft which in my estimation is less than half the length of the 757).

Afterward, I found the Internet source for the MSNBC Flash animation of the CCTV images and extracted the Flash file out of their page, allowing me to use the inbuilt zoom function in Flash which includes a pixel interpolation function so I could quickly extract smoothed pictures. I've explained how to trace my steps in all this for you who want to 'do it yourself' at: I then used a shareware version of Jasc Animation Shop to string this together in an 'animated GIF' which so many have now seen thanks to Dick Eastman.

When comparing proportions in the first frame, the height of the Pentagon's wall, 70 feet, with the 155 feet length of the Boeing 757, it becomes blatantly obvious that actual attack plane is far too short. This finding led me to look at the size of the hole that the plane made.

When the plane crashed into the Pentagon, it first of all made merely a hole and, only later, after fire crews had arrived on the scene, did the outer wall of Pentagon above this hole collapse.

Fortunately, someone who was on the nearby freeway and passing the Pentagon during the first moments of the attack had his camera with him and managed to get some really good shots of this hole (see my homepage:

Its size is surprising. I approximate it to be between two and three meters across. Not only was the hole too small for a Boeing 757 to have made, there was also an obvious lack of plane wreckage. The wings were nowhere to be seen. There was no luggage, seats, or other debris that one expects from this type of crash.

Later, I saw the damage report on the extent of the internal damage. That too was inconsistent with a mid-sized airliner crash. But that is just the beginning. In the first CCTV image a white smoke trail is visible to the right following the plane. However, the problem with this is that jet contrails only happen at high altitudes when the water vapor from a jet's exhaust freezes into a trail of visible ice crystals.

So the only explanation of this white smoke is that it is the rocket-engine emission from a small missile.

This conclusion is supported by evidence in the second image, where the initial fireball appears vividly as the flash explosion consistent with a small missile warhead. On two counts of visual evidence, therefore, we see that a missile was launched at the Pentagon by the attacking plane.

So in conclusion, instead of knife-armed terrorists with limited flight experience hijacking a modern passenger plane and flying it into the Pentagon at ground level, we are forced to conclude that a military jet with auto pilot capabilities flew into to Pentagon, firing a missile just ahead of impact.

Also remarkable is the choice of the point impact, a point only metres away from the only fire hydrant on that side of the building. This was the hydrant for the heliport, with underground tanks, in case of helicopter crashes. (Again see my homepage). Whoever planned the attack likely was thinking of damage limitation.

So, now knowing that the attack craft was not a Boeing, it is abundantly clear to me that the US Government has lied to us about Sept 11th. I can only conclude that they did the deed themselves as a propaganda operation to 'justify' to the American people (and their allies) their sought-for war against the Taliban and their 'War on Terrorism.' Also, from other people's investigations it has become clear that this was all done for oil and opium and geopolitical gain, and NOT to liberate the women of that country from restricted Islamic lifestyles (a worthy enough cause, but certainly not a decisive motive for this particular war.)

My own line of 911 research has been has been restricted to the Pentagon attack. However, I have added many links and articles to my web site referencing investigations parallel to my own, including, especially, questions raised by the World Trade Center attack. There are many questions that the US Government should be answering about that.

Among the most notable I can recall are these:

"Why was there a big increase in insider trading just before the attack?", "Why were CEO's from the WTC invited to a charity dinner at around 8am on the morning of Sept 11 at an air base?" and "Why did the twin tower collapse the way they did (like a controlled demolition, falling straight down and not toppling over)"?

Dick Eastman, at my request, has provided me with his own summary points:


1] Getting the pipeline the Taliban had rejected;

2] Control of the mineral wealth of Afghanistan;

3] Generating a popular and sufficient reason to attack Saddam Hussein (whom both father and son Bush have long wanted to see dead);

4] Continued sustainability of the infamous "ring" of Afghan opium becoming Chinese heroin becoming laundered revenue proceeds becoming investment capital building new Chinese industry forcing the relocation of industry away from U.S. territory;

5] Big money for the FBI, CIA, military industrial complex;

6] Destruction of WTC-housed evidence in the biggest-ever illegal oil swap case;

7] Destruction of WTC-housed evidence in the biggest-ever gold price fixing case (illegal selling of Federal Reserve gold to elites at way below obtainable market prices);

8] Getting the FBI off white collar and bank crime (i.e. introducing total anarchy to the sphere in which the U.S. investment bankers, currency traders, derivatives makers etc. operate);

9] Having the CIA ("Capitalism's Invisible Army" as R. Buckminster Fuller called it) take over the FBI (the more legitimate and traditionally constitutional of Federal investigation and intelligence agencies) and in so doing purging the FBI of leadership sympathetic with anti-

globalist, populist, nationalist, constitutionalist, or pro-sovereignty thinking -- in fact it is the druglords taking over the constabulary; and last,

10] Accomplishing pre-emptive war set-up to look like retaliatory self-defence, i.e., picking fights, against all "potential" terrorists by setting-up the those suspected of being capable of resorting to terror, actually conducting terror themselves so they can pin the blame on those they want to decimate, those who stand in the way of their economic and geopolitical dominance.


EgyptAir flight 10.31.99 -- clear case of remote-control take-over; data captured on blackbox voice recorder and on instrument recorder make it unmistakable that the plane was taken over against the will of pilot and co-pilot (a voice -- English, not Arabic, actually is heard in the voice recorder saying "control it" at the moment the controls begin to misbehave -- the efforts to refute this have only landed the government in deeper in a coverup

--EgyptAir and the Egyptian government accept this view and not the obviously cooked findings of the U.S. review board.) New York flight in Queens -- breaks up in air -- after rudder begins moving first right and left -- breaking off the tail fin -- another whitewash by U.S. aviation officials as well.

Miami Flight -- rudder goes wild on its own, then stops.

This was a "test" of the remote-control systems.

Ron Brown's crash in Croatia -- same deal, and then, to make sure Ron Brown got a bullet in the head by the first "rescuers on the scene.

The Plane that hit the South tower. Note the Japanese video showing another aircraft streak by at the moment of impact -- presumably a guidance aircraft or a missile to do the job in case the plane missed its intended target.

(very little data on this besides the video itself, so we tend to leave it alone, but it is definitely part of the big picture.


This is the "smoking gun" that could finish the crime syndicate responsible for 911 -- unfortunately the crime syndicate knows this very well and the American people have hardly begun to get the word.

1. DoD video -- the Bosankoe evidence.

2. Small hole -- the French evidence and the photo from the freeway.

3. Witness accounts -- those who saw a horizontal approach claim the plane was too small to be a Boeing 757 -- many military men who did not see said they heard a jet fighter, some heard a missile.

4. Air traffic controllers claim plane behaved like a military jet.


1. Intelligence -- FBI prevented from investigating (after merger with the CIA they won't even try, btw)

2. Air interceptions -- could have, but didn't -- ordered not to -- many, many sources on this; many officials (Cheney, Rumsfeld) caught in falsehoods V. PHONEY BIN LADEN VIDEO (Dick says: I have lots of analysis of this that are on no site that I know of -- I had forgotten this until now)

VI. EVIDENCE OF PRIOR PLANNING and attempts to enlist other nations in war against Afghanistan pre-911 (Powell in India, most especially; but many others)

And the lesser stuff:

<> Bush's behavior on the day and subsequently.

Rice's statements before 911. <> Wolfowitz's lightening appraisal and conclusion that war on Afghanistan is necessary. <> Economic links of Bush, Cheney etc.

to profiteering from exactly this war. <> The short-sells and where they lead.


My home, including enlargements of the CCTV frames and other analysis: My archive of articles and related news article links: Links to other investigations into the US Governments complicity on September

11th and various other related links:


IF there is to be a global effort against terrorism, it must be based on clear and proven foundations, and executed with the pure aim of making the world a safer place for all to live. The present 'War On Terror', recently begun by the Bush Administration of the USA, is founded on the completely unproven assertion that the outrageous attacks of Sept 11, 2001, were planned by people foreign to the United States, and who lived outside the USA. On the contrary, since Sept. 2001, hundreds of substantial pieces of data have been assembled by numerous investigators worldwide which clearly indicate that the atrocities of September

2001, were completely organised and carried out by people WITHIN the highest echelons of the Bush Administration and by powerful associates of the Bush Administration. If YOU are concerned for the future of the world, please FORWARD to as many people as possible. It is imperative that the true facts of Sept 11th, 2001, are now brought to public attention, for the safety of the whole world.

There is no war on terrorism. It is the great game speeded up, and now more dangerous than ever...

"Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war..."

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Las Vegas Terror Threat Update An Interview with the Man Who Heard the Call by J.J. & Nancy Johnson -- FBI News Release, June 21, 2002:

1. The FBI said that the story was not credible but did not provide any reasons for this conclusion - as if somehow in the last two weeks the FBI itself has acquired the credibility to pass judgment. They have missed tips before.

2. The FBI mentioned a polygraph, but never stated that Mr. Hamdan had failed it. In typical government newspeak, they implied a connection and hoped their 8th grade reading level subjects would make that assumption.

3. Mr. Hamdan claimed that the FBI did not return his phone calls. This happened to us in 1996, in the aftermath of the pipe-bombing at the Olympics.

4. Mr. Hamdan was demonized by the local media. Due to our past experience, that was a clear red flag.

In short, we've seen this movie before.

When the test was over, the examiner told him that on only one question was there 5% uncertainty, meaning only 5% chance of a lie. Hamdan was told that they were going to stop the investigation concerning his claim but would 'be alert.'

(This seems to follow the typical PATTERN the FIB follows whenever a credible witness TELLS THE TRUTH!! There were heads up BEFORE 9-11. This LOOKS like it COULD be another!! HEADS UP ON JULY 4, 2002 PEOPLE!! )

FBI Calling Off Vegas Threat Probe After Man Fails Polygraph

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Spying eyes --Coming at you sometime this summer will be Operation TIPS - a phalanx of one million well-trained civilian tipsters on the lookout for "suspicious terrorist activity."

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