By Jill Cohen Walker, J.D.

March 28, 2005


I’ve read some devastating articles and news reports that point to the truth about the 15-year imprisonment and slow execution of Terri Schindler-Schiavo, and each one has left me either numb or furious that those who could have saved her life failed to do so. Instead, I heard rhetoric about her alleged medical condition, the quality of her life being too sad to let her live, and her alleged long-ago statement about wishing to die under such circumstances.

This morning I read an e-mail about Masonic rituals and their relation to Terri’s execution by starvation and dehydration, the method most used by Fascists, Nazis and Communists who all scream for justice when a criminal or animal is treated that way. If it’s true, then a heinous new agenda is emerging that is dangerous for all Americans . . . for all peoples of the world. Bear with me, it’s still new and I’m trying to stay focused so I don’t lose what I believe the Good Lord has showed me.

Fifteen years ago, Terri Schindler-Schiavo became incapacitated and disabled. We’ve been told she was bulimic or had some type of eating disorder which led to potassium depletion a heart attack and loss of oxygen to her brain.

Okay, let’s assume that’s true . . . or let’s not. Instead, let’s believe one of Terri’s closest friends who, under oath, stated that Michael and Terri had had a major blowup the night before and a divorce was inevitable. The friend suggested Terri stay with her for the night and Terri didn’t accept the invitation because she believed she was safe. (Had she listened to her friend, would she still be alive and well today?). Possibly, the two argued more the next day and Terri “suddenly collapsed.”

Now, if Terri did have an eating disorder, an argument of great magnitude might have produced a fainting spell or even a collapse, but what if she didn’t have an eating disorder? And how many of us suddenly collapse during an argument, especially when we’re young and healthy?

Then again, argue long and hard enough and any of us could, I suppose, cause harm to another; and if Terri did have an eating disorder, Michael knew just which buttons to push. Michael had to think fast, didn’t he? Terri was rushed (do we know the time frame?) to the hospital and a story about eating disorders was established. Score one for Michael. He was almost out of the woods . . . except for the one witness to the event who he had to keep silent. Yes, I know there’ve been several articles on that issue. But wait . . . just wait . . .

For seven years Michael kept his wife in a virtual prison with no therapy. He forbid her food by mouth and allowed only a feeding tube when he knew his wife could swallow. He didn’t allow visitors, ignored doctors’ orders, scored big in a medical malpractice lawsuit and used almost none of the money for her benefit. He was even kind enough to ask the nurses, “Is she dead yet. Is the bitch dead?” Okay, so now what?

We still have to look at those seven years and what they mean. And we must ask why Michael didn’t tell the doctors up front that Terri wouldn’t want to live this way? The answer is simple. Timing. First, he had to make sure he won his malpractice suit. He had to prove that she could be rehabilitated. The sicker she looked and the more rehab she needed, the more money he could pocket.

Terri could have been rehabilitated. She could have had speech therapy and regained the ability to communicate (something Michael didn’t want). She could have gotten better. Isn’t that what Michael told the jury during the malpractice case? Didn’t he say he needed the money for his wife’s rehabilitation? Did he commit perjury? Round two went to Michael along with a lot of money.

Once he had the money, Terri was of no use to him. How could he suddenly bring up the issue of Terri’s alleged statement? Given the court record of the malpractice case, where would he find a doctor or judge who would sentence Terri to death at that time. After all, even Michael said that Terri could have been rehabilitated.

No, Michael kept Terri alive long enough to collect and spend her money. Then, to get rid of her, he had to make sure she got worse . . . or appeared to be a tragic victim of those nasty “right to life” laws. He also had to find a diabolical attorney, round up enough experts, and shop for the right judge to build a case against her “right to life.” Michael (with some crafty assistance) made sure it would play out this way. He ensured that his wife would rot away in a double prison he created for her . . . an almost solitary confinement to which only he held the keys and the money. He guaranteed that she would receive the bare minimum of life-sustaining treatment so the picture he was painting would be complete. Only then, would Michael have an appropriate case that would convince the courts to rule against his wife’s continued existence. The only thing missing was the respirator . . . because she could breathe on her own . . . and she could still swallow.

Mind you, while all this was playing out behind the scenes, Michael was busy using Terri’s rehab money for his own enjoyment and/or to pay lawyers. Where did he go and with whom? How many trips did he take? The truth is that Michael was busy dating other women, notwithstanding his vow that included “in sickness and in health.” But then again, Michael may have been the reason for the “sickness.” Gosh, we can’t go there, can we? Judge Greer, the 11th Circuit Court, the appeals court and the Supreme Court judges might frown. After all, Michael is only a serial adulterer and, based on Florida laws regarding common-law marriage, a bigamist.

Well, don’t trouble yourselves with the minutiae of this case. The courts didn’t, so why should you? Not once did they say that Michael had abandoned the marriage. Not once did they say he had a conflict of interest with regard to guardianship. Never was there a single question about Michael’s motives or his alleged commitment to his “wife.” Why, Saint Michael was the very picture of the caring and concerned husband . . . someone the Feminists should be proud of when they pull out their “Men of the Year” albums.

Michael and his attorneys played the game well. They set it up so smoothly, that fraud on the court has new meaning. Michael played the game twice and won both times. The second time, the only issue the court looked at was whether Terri would have wanted to live this way. They said she didn’t because Michael said she didn’t.

Well, here’s my interpretation of all the abominable exercises in judicial gymnastics. Most or all of the politicians and judges involved are Masons of one degree or another. Do your own research on that issue or wait until I have time to do it for you. In the meantime, I can state with all certainty that Michael was right. Terri wouldn’t have wanted to live that way. She wouldn’t have wanted to tolerate the rules, depravations, and degradation that Michael imposed on her any more than the victims of the Holocaust would have chosen their living conditions and the degradations they suffered at the hands of Nazi tyrants. She wouldn’t have wanted to be ignored, isolated, and stuffed into a bag labeled “discard-able by Michael Schiavo” that paragon of dedicated and loyal husbands.

No, Terri wouldn’t have wanted to sit around a hospice all days with her hands folded over and twisted because Michael wouldn’t even allow a nurse to put a washcloth in her hands to exercise those fingers. That’s therapy of bare minimum proportions . . . part of what Michael sued for . . . but Terri couldn’t even have that little bit of help. She wasn’t allowed to eat through her mouth . . . not even a drop of orange juice or Jell-O because that was also therapy and she would look healthier than Michael wanted her to look.

I’ve said that Michael was Terri’s jailor and executioner, but he was more. Like his Nazi predecessors, Michael enjoyed the torment he inflicted on Terri. He was the big man with the hidden swastika who had all the power . . . not just over Terri, who he clearly despised, but over her whole family. And he had a legal and medical team, judges and politicians, and the media on his side . . . and he had a nation too ignorant, lazy, or self-centered to give a damn. He had powerful people abetting him in his quest and politicians chomping at the bit to desensitize the American people about euthanasia the way they did about abortion. In the end, Michael was a pawn for evil.

We have come to a new place in American history . . . one many of us won’t forget. Remember, though, that God judges nations while they’re still on earth and many an empire has been destroyed over the centuries. The Babylonian Empire, with its occult practices was wiped out by the Persia-Mede Empire. They, along with their anti-God laws etched in stone, became a blip on the history time-line when the Greeks ran them out of business. The Greeks were the proud authors of ecumenism and tolerance, and were destroyed by the Roman Empire—one that incorporated all of the above, along with additional sexual immorality and an avid fascination with sports and paganism.

Quite honestly, those evildoers have been hedging their bets for a long time and if we don’t speak out, they’re going to get a huge payoff (albeit temporary because God is just). How many are in danger now? How many Michael Schiavos, lawyers, and doctors are part of the new and improved “Drop Dead Club” when it comes to the disabled and the elderly? How many of them have turned their backs on God to the point that they believe dying is “beautiful” and beheadings are the gladiatorial games of the future, if you get my drift? How many didn’t lose a wink of sleep (I mean really lose a wink of sleep) over the legal nightmare that befell Terri Schindler-Schiavo? I can probably count those with sincere hearts on one hand and that’s because my fingers, thank God, still work.

© 2005 - Jill Cohen Walker - All Rights Reserved

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