By: Dorothy Anne Seese

My greatest fear for the beloved America in which I was born is not from Islamic terrorists, as brutal as they are in their fierce hatred. (The media's labeling of them as "fundamentalists" is quite ironic, because fundamentalism is adhering to the core of one's belief system, which would be an indictment of the Islam of the Qur'an as advocating terrorism.)

America will never be destroyed from without, whether a few planes are taken down or not. The recent airport fiascos are a testimony to our hysteria rather than to the common sense alternative of arming the pilot and first officer with guns, and the flight attendants with stun guns. While all the airport boondoggles are wasting time and enormous amounts of money, the Islamic radicals could be out purchasing surface-to-air missiles to bring down any flight they wish to target, as some believe TWA Flight 800 was brought down.

My greatest fear for America is that our traditional American value systems are being destroyed by the people who have been elected to represent the American people, and who have betrayed their oaths of office ... and the immensely wealthy foundations funded by American capital that are now funding the advance of the New World Order to destroy everything we have ever considered "American." Some of these foundations bear very familiar names: the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Carnegie Foundation, to name but three of many.

The supporters of the global governance agenda are everywhere, in and out of Washington, D.C. Over the past 35 years, this is what they have accomplished:

* They've rewritten American history to portray this great nation, to which so many wish to come legally or illegally, to make us out the villains of the world ... all the while ignoring the butchery of Christians in China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Africa.

* They've attacked the nuclear family by promoting the "femi-nazi" agenda of the male-less home, glamorized unwed mothers, and spit on family values as we all understood them four decades ago. Marriage has been construed to be any union, male/male, female/female or male/female ... after all, those old traditional ways came from that antiquated Bible that someone brought over on the Mayflower.

* A new "generic spirituality" has arisen to prominence based on religious compromise, new age beliefs, pantheism, attacks on Christ and the Christian faith, and support for evolutionary theories that new science is making more difficult to consider as even vaguely viable. Nevertheless, it is taught as fact in our schools.

* The cloners are playing little tin gods, trying to create new forms of life so they may assert that they are indeed the miniscule supreme beings of this dot of earth in the vast universe.

* The Ten Commandments were taken out of schools and all public buildings after the 1963 Supreme Court ruling in favor of Madelyn Murray O'Hair, even though the Commandments are contained in the Jewish Torah, which Christians call the Pentateuch or first five books of Moses. However, as long as it's only Christians and Jews who might be offended, then the Global Governance crowd doesn't need to educate itself or make distinctions. The object is to kick God out of the schools, the public buildings, and the nation.

* The federal government, by its customary method of doling out or withholding funds, has managed to take over education from kindergarten through high school. What used to be called eduction has now been replaced by the groupthink of tolerance and diversity, all in the name of "unity." As for higher education, the leftists have been infiltrating and capturing the universities for decades.

* Revisionists have rewritten our American history, reparationists and "black activists" with totally selfish political motives have all but eliminated the Confederate flag and are beginning to attack the American flag with the same commitment to destroying "the republic for which it stands." A republic of free Americans is not compatible with their agenda.

* What is left is the land, the water, the air, and personal freedom. All four are heavily controlled by government, backed by laws pushed through by lobbyists for the global environmental groups. The chicken defenders, owl protectors, tree huggers, fish fanatics and bug lovers are not as "whacko" as they seem. They are simply working in concert with their comrades-at-arms to create as many different war fronts as possible against traditional American freedoms, values and liberties. It's a full agenda, and it's a full-scale war.

To illustrate the level of concern of any of these groups for the safety of the American public, let's go back a year when the big flap, media-wise, was the leftist accusation that President Bush was not doing anything to remove all that dangerous arsenic from our water supply. Then came the incident where one of China's pilots clipped an American reconnaissance plane, which was closely followed by the Chandra Levy disappearance, which scandal itself disappeared on 9-11, and here we are, none the worse for all that dangerous arsenic from which the liberal leftists were trying to protect our nation. Our "welfare" is nothing more than their agenda at work in some area where they can grab media attention and create public concerns or fears.

Now it's the economy. According to the liberal leftist agenda, increasing taxes and redistributing wealth will save the nation's ailing economy. How? People need work. In order to gain employment, companies have to need employees. Creation of wealth comes by business investing in the development of products or services that in turn create a public demand for them. Jobs produce spendable income, and spendable income gets spent somewhere.

To illustrate. In 1985, there were many large mainframe computers around, and some word processors in offices, but largely, the IBM selectric typewriter was still in use. As far as a computer at home? Hardly anyone less than a scientist or engineer would have seen any use for one. Along came IBM with the personal computer, the "information highway" or internet became a reality, and then Microsoft gave the world Windows. That sparked a tremendous economic boom (for which the libs tried to take credit). Now e-business, which wasn't a term a dozen years ago, has become part of our language and our national economy. Did people sit around with cash wondering how to get someone to make a computer for them? No. The computer was produced and the demand developed as the advantages became obvious.

This writer wasn't around when the automobile was invented, but it is doubtful that horse owners were tired of their nags and demanded that someone invent the automobile. No, the other way around; inventors made it available and the people created the demand.

Yet the attack against the American economy is always there, feeding the notion that business is an evil capitalistic system. The leftist mantra insists that people need Uncle Sam to give them more money, benefits and with them, controls on personal freedom and privacy. We as a people do not seem to learn that "government is the problem."

Since 1965, the size of the federal government has nearly exploded. When any government becomes that large and unwieldy, the people cannot keep up with all that is going on and thus, have to trust "the government" and "the media" to tell them what is happening. I'd just as soon have asked Stalin what really went on in the stalags.

So we have unwieldy and unruly government at tremendous taxpayer expense, interminable government programs, government controlled land, water and now privacy invasion via new technology, and where are we headed? Are we going toward greater possibilities for the individual? Or are we headed toward absolute leftist socialism with government control in every aspect of our lives? How free are you now compared to 20 or 30 years ago?

We also have a government no one can track while it tracks us. What else could this be, other than a government that is leading us into the world schema of the NWO ... global governance.

While the leftists attack "fundamental" Christians and exalt every type of immorality, destroying our foundational truths, documents and liberties, the masses watch while America falls into the decadence of socialism and most of them do not even know what they are watching. They mentally file it under "things change" and if they have a job, go to work.

To further dilute the power of the voices of conservatism that use alternative media, we also have a wild immigration system allowing all manner of folks from anywhere and everywhere to come into our nation and blend with the rest of the public.

All these, and more that could be named, will write "Ichabod" over traditional America unless the conservatives can get their voices heard across the nation. Do we want to be part of the global village? Or do we want to be Americans?

Election 2002 will tell us a lot about what direction we're going as a nation.

It's no secret that I detest the New World Order.

But, neither is it any secret that global governance is necessary for the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

The worst of times has to come before the best of times. That doesn't mean we have to sit idly by and say nothing. We are to condemn evil, it is our job, one from which there is no retirement, only the reward of the redeemed.

Dorothy Anne Seese is a freelance political writer for Patch Work papers and a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

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