Satan is Playing for Keeps

By Henry Makow Ph.D.
January 01, 2005 


I once accompanied an eight-year-old boy to a museum.

In front of a display of armor and swords, he asked me if they fought for fun or "for keeps."

"For keeps," I told him.

Humanity is in the clutch of a malevolent occult power that is also "playing for keeps."

We need to step back to see that a Lucifer-loving (Masonic) financial elite based in the City of London is responsible for most wars and revolutions. These wars are designed to weaken humanity in preparation for "world government" i.e. dictatorship. See my "The Jewish Conspiracy is British Imperialism" Most of our poltical and cultural leaders are chosen by their willingess to advance this plot wittingly or unwittingly.

We are not equipped to recognize a plot that spans many generations and demands not just the physical conquest of humanity but its moral degradation as well. Wars are designed to undermine our natural sources of cohesion and power: religion, race, nation and family. They enslave us to debt and create boondoggles for the elite. They brutalize us and provide human sacrifices to Lucifer.

The First World War destroyed the Russian, German, Austrian and Ottoman empires and prepared for the establishment of Israel, the future seat of Masonic world government. See my "Countdown to World War Three" It also killed and maimed 37 million men.

The current Iraq war is designed to weaken and discredit the United States while increasing the stature of the United Nations and the EU, both fronts for the London cabal.

Foreign Affairs, the journal of the Council on Foreign Relations, the cabal's US controller, often presages the direction of world events. The current issue has an article that concedes that the Iraq war is unwinnable.

"Summary: By losing the trust of the Iraqi people, the Bush administration has already lost the war. Moderate Iraqis can still win it, but only if they wean themselves from Washington and get support from elsewhere. To help them, the United States should reduce and ultimately eliminate its military presence, train Iraqis to beat the insurgency on their own, and rally Iran and European allies to the cause." (Emphasis mine)

The idea that Iran is in the CFR camp is disturbing but plausible.


In the case of Iraq, G.W. Bush is the bad cop. He embroiled the US in a gratuitous, obscene and costly war.

He isn't even allowed the fig leaf of finding weapons of mass destruction, which probably were removed to Iran, Syria or Russia prior to the war. A Pentagon official who pierced this charade was recently fired.

The bad cop eliminates guarantees of freedom in the United States while pretending to bring them to Iraq. He removes Sadaam Hussein who may have been an obstacle to the New World Order. More important, Bush serves Satan and the New World Order by wreaking havoc on a genuinely God fearing people, the Sunni Muslims. The US is spreading western filth and social decay.

The Iraqi Resistance is cognizant that Western democracy is a ruse. The media and the leading candidates all serve the same alien interests. The Iraqis even sees the battle in terms of opposing gay marriage, which has become the symbol of the NWO's destruction of the social fabric (marriage and family.)

The "good cop" is the Rothschild-run EU, UK, Canada and UN. Now that the bad cop has done the dirty work, they want to take control. The Rockefeller CFR and the mass media (especially CNN and the networks) represent them in the US.

For now, they don't oppose the war too strenuously and help to hide the casualty figures. They overlook the fact that the bad cop stole the US election again. But they are sniping from the sidelines, creating the illusion of free speech. (Michael Moore, take a bow.) And the sniping will increase as America continues to sink into a quagmire. As I said March 23, 2003, Iraq is designed as another trap, like Vietnam. See my "The Elite Sets the Stage for World War Three"

Bush knows this. He is a puppet following orders. There is no real difference between good cop and bad cop. They are both out to imprison us in a world state run on satanic principles by the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and their cabal.


The give-away that there is a concerted satanic attempt to degrade humanity is the assault on heterosexuals and the family under the pretext of championing women and homosexuals.

As I have said, heterosexuality is the foundation of human nature and development. We learn our life lessons by going through the ritual of courtship, marriage and parenthood. See A2 Homosexuality and C1 "How Heterosexuality Works"

Heterosexuality is fundamentally monogamous because only with monogamy can trust, love and intimacy develop. This is what people crave and need. Children require a stable heterosexual environment to develop into healthy citizens. This is why our Satan-serving politicians undermine the family.

Promiscuity is an aberration, a sign of a dysfunctional marriage or arrested development. Yet our society is obsessed with sex and foolishly equates promiscuity with personal freedom. We are bombarded with sexual enticements on TV and pornography by email.

Our masters have deemed ethnic slurs "racist" and "hateful" and effectively banned them.

Despite their "defence of women's rights," they think obscene offers of "horny housewives, dogs and farm girls, and young sluts getting creamy facials" are not hateful or deeply offensive.

They say, "don't impose your morality on us." I reply, "don't impose your immorality on me." There is no way to get around morality.

Evidently our masters are fostering immorality to encourage the breakdown of society for political reasons. They could ban pornography just as effectively as ethnic slurs. Morality based on conscience has been replaced by the elites's arbitrary political correctness.


The reason we haven't descended into tyranny already is that "they" still need us to fight their opponents who are resisting the oppression they plan for us.

The other reason is that the vast majority of people, including the intelligentsia, are under the illusion that our leaders are benign and creating a Brave New World based on gender equality and diversity. They have received a lot of goodies to encourage this delusion.

But economic wellbeing masks a concerted attack on our spiritual, intellectual and moral foundations. We are constantly deceived and degraded by the mass media (music, TV, video games etc) and by our schools. They want to change the basis of Western civilization from Christian principles of human brotherhood, goodness and truth to greed, violence and sexual debauchery.

Have you noticed how many people use the satanic "horned goat" symbol thinking it means something else? (Laura, left, knows exactly what it means. Bush's salute may also have occult significance.) The elite is creating depressed drugged and depraved people ("demons"). When they have created enough (the "tipping point,") they will spring the trap. All it will take is "a terrorist event" and a declaration of martial law.

It stands to reason therefore that we need to get up off our couch and resist in every way possible. The first way is to avoid becoming depraved or depressed our self. "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything." We must vigorously represent our beliefs in our daily life.

The second is to educate everyone who is receptive to what is really happening in the world. Third, constantly give the media and politicians a piece of your mind. Finally, learn to defend yourself.

Satan is playing "for keeps." It's time we begin to do the same.

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