To free the churches, we first must know what has brought the churches into bondage.

If we're wise, we'll search the Scripture to answer that question. The King James version of the Bible says, "For the love of money is the root of all evil..." (1 Timothy 6:10.).

It is always startling to see those places in the Bible where God places the entire credibility of the special revelation called Holy Scripture behind one unambiguous and unqualified statement of material fact. Is the root of ALL evil the love of money? If those words can be proven false, then the entire edifice of the credibility of Holy Scripture falls. Recognizing the ambiguity in the original Greek text, the diverse nature of evil, and the difficulty of tracing all evil back to the "love of money" root, modern translations like the NIV interpret the same verse to say, "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil." Regardless of what God actually was trying to tell us about the root of evil, Scripture makes one thing undeniably clear: if we want to understand why evil is rampant in this generation we should start by taking a long, hard look at the money trail.

Over forty percent of the population in this nation attends a Protestant church at least occasionally; another ten percent attends a Roman Catholic church. Yet this same population demographic has overseen a near total dismantlement of the influence of the law of God in this nation within this generation.

Do you know why the vast numbers of Christian congregations in the USA do virtually nothing to impede the rampant progress of evil in this nation?

The answer is simple: A huge body of evidence exists proving they were bribed into becoming government churches, and that bribery bought the silence of Christians in the face of the evil at hand.

What Makes A Government Church?

Government churches are obligated by a legally binding contract to do, not what God says do in Holy Scripture, but what the churches have contracted with the federal and state governments to do in order to obtain the financial benefits offered by the state and federal governments.

Regardless of how much they claim to be a Bible-believing, Born Again, Holy Ghost filled church, any Internal Revenue Service 501(c)(3) incorporated church in the USA has signed a contract that prevents that church from obeying God in one or another world-changing and life-changing way. In other words, those churches are impotent to resist Satan in this generation because, no matter what they want to believe, the facts make it clear those churches have been seduced by the promise of financial benefits to avoid doing the very things that can actually effectively resist Satan's plans in this world today.

The Terms of the Contract

IRS 501 (c)(3) status comes with a contract that prevents the government church from taking a stand for any particular legislation or any particular political candidate in any election in the United States of America. The precise wording from the IRS regulation follows:

IRS Regulation 501 (c)

"(3). The organization will not, as a substantial part of its activities, attempt to influence legislation (unless it elects to come under the provisions allowing certain lobbying expenditures) or participate to any extent (emphasis mine) in a political campaign for or against any candidate for public office...

"Political activity. If any of the activities (whether or not substantial) of your organization consist of participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office, your organization will not qualify for tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3). Such participation or intervention includes the publishing or distributing of statements.

"Whether your organization is participating or intervening, directly or indirectly, in any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office depends upon all of the facts and circumstances of each case. Certain voter education activities or public forums conducted in a non-partisan manner may not be prohibited political activity under section 501(c)(3), while other so-called voter education activities may be prohibited.

"If your organization is uncertain as to the effect of its voter education activities, you should request a letter ruling from the Internal Revenue Service. Send the request to:

Exempt Organizations Division
Internal Revenue Service
Assistant Commissioner (EP/EO)
Attention: OP:E:EO:P:2
P.O. Box 120, Ben Franklin Station Washington, DC 20044"

Actually hear the words in the government regulation above and you will find that every congregation of Christians in this nation that has allowed their church to be incorporated has signed a contract saying that God does not want the pastor to teach, nor the congregation to vote, as a Body, for any specific candidate, or any specific legislation in this nation. (Of course most Christians will not allow themselves to hear what has been done because the contract with the government is a direct violation of 1 Cor 1:10 KJV: "Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.")

Instead of teaching Christians to speak with one voice as God's Word through the Apostle Paul clearly commands, pastors and teachers in effect teach precisely the opposite. Their actions taken when they entered into an evil contract with the government prove they think God wants everybody to do what is right in their own eyes rather than find out the Mind of Christ on the matter at hand and implement the Will of God as a group. The terms of the contract signed by a government church are clear: if the leadership of the government church--the pastor or the teacher--is unclear about how far they can go in what they can teach, they are required to write the federal government address quoted above and get prior approval for their message or they risk losing their place at the government feeding trough.

Is there anyone who can deny the actual world-changing consequences of the churches of this nation making an ungodly pact like that?

Over ninety percent of the churches in the USA have made that ungodly pact!

So what's the point?

That single material fact explains exactly why the Christians in this generation have been absolutely powerless to stop the greatest overthrow of the influence of the law of God in this world in the history of the Christian church. We were powerless because we sold our liberty to resist for a place at the government feeding trough. Snort, snort.

You scoff?

Review 1 Cor. 1:10 quoted above. Anyone who looks closely at how hard the Apostle Paul was trying to get the church at Corinth to speak as one voice, anyone who sees how hard he was working to get that local church to be able to view reality with the single-minded point of view of the Mind of Christ, then looks at the direct contradiction the pastors and teachers and parishioners of this nation create when they sign a contract with the government like the one above to remain silent on matters of foundational political importance, will see the horrible travesty done to the work of the Apostles in this nation in this generation. Furthermore, if they've got access to the Spirit of Truth at all, they will see the actual root cause from which the desecration of God's creation and the legalized slaughter of His children in this generation has grown.

God's People Made A Pact With The Devil

While I've got you reading these words I'm going to do everything I can to ensure you see my point. I said as clearly as words can say that the contract with the government that has turned the vast majority of Christian congregations in this nation into government churches is the root cause of why the Law of God and the work of the Living God is blasphemed and mocked in the generation at hand.

Why would such a contract have such a devastating effect? The Lord Jesus Christ made it perfectly clear that His people have a choice to make: they can either serve Him or they can serve Mammon. (Mat 6:24 NIV) "No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money."

In other words, if Jesus Christ was correct (and I stake my eternal welfare on His Witness), we won't be able to serve Jesus over here in the churches and Mammon over there in the voting booth and the government legislative affairs. It's either all or nothing with the Lord Jesus Christ and Mammon.

Let me summarize by saying that only a blind self-serving pretend Christian would deny that this generation has been seduced by government financial benefits to let Mammon come in the door of virtually every congregation of Christians in this nation. The moment that happened the Holy Spirit began to pack up to leave those churches.

Don't be surprised if virtually every Christian you know is quick to deny the accusations I make here. Don't be surprised because the Holy Spirit is not with those people. As soon as the churches of this generation let Mammon come in the door, the Holy Spirit of God was grieved and quenched in those seduced churches. They can flail their hands in the air, and grunt and snort about the name of Jesus, but the Spirit of Truth will not abide with them. Such people will say anything but the truth when confronted with their own unconfessed sin of selling, like Esau, their obligations to God to the federal government of the United States of America for the modern equivalent of a bowl of porridge.

Is Jesus Christ Double-Minded?

All you have to do to see the validity of my accusation that the churches have entered into a contract with the devil is examine the consequences of their government contract. The terms of the contract entered into by the churches prove that those government incorporated churches, all of whom claim to be the living presence of the Body of Christ on this planet, are saying in no uncertain terms that the Body of Christ does not have a precise and single-focused opinion about who is supposed to lead the government of the USA, or what legislation should be passed into law in this nation.

Think about the logical meaning of such a position! If the Body of Christ does not take a single and clearly defined position on the important matters in this world today, does it not logically follow that the Mind of Christ does not take a position on these matters? In Christ Jesus, a Body in opposition to the Mind is unthinkable. If the churches teach by their actions that the Body is not to vote for a particular candidate, it must be seen to be because the Mind of Christ has led it there.

The point is clear and unavoidable: The government of the USA has seduced the church corporations of this nation into taking a position that logically leads to the conclusion that the Mind of Christ is noncommittal on questions of government leadership in this nation.

Not since pre-Civil War theologians taught that God was noncommittal on the question of legalized slavery have the teachers of God's Word made such a terrible, and potentially fatal, error. And the error is growing. Silence on questions of political candidacy and government legislation is being taught by example if not by word from literally every one of the government churches, churches that comprise over ninety percent of all the churches in this nation. The unanimity of the government churches is complete. On this point, the Southern Baptists and the homosexuals have found agreement. While the Anabaptists--like the Amish--have always been forthright to exegete Scripture to teach that God, in the person of Jesus Christ, has absolutely nothing to do with government at this time, it is only in this generation that a watered down and self-serving version of the Anabaptist message has been mouthed from thousands of pulpits as ostensibly different as Southern Baptists and the anti-Trinitarian and homosexual-led Unitarians.

What can explain this merging of messages about God's plan for government in such seemingly opposite churches?

The effects of government incorporation is the single fact common to all those churches that explains this most uncommon Christian behavior.

The Love of Money Is The Key To Understanding This Generation of Christians

Prior to his election for his first term, Bill Clinton looked to his father Satan and received from Satan the strategy Satan has always used to enslave a fleshly and carnal people. "It's the economy, stupid!" Bill Clinton told his followers.

And who were his followers?

The money trail leads directly to the door of virtually every church house in the United States of America. When the churches of the USA allowed themselves to be duped into becoming government corporations to save money , the Body of Christ was bribed by the federal government of the USA into accepting the unacceptable, tolerating the intolerable.

Still not convinced?

A corporation is defined as a "legal fiction". Think about that. When the local churches of this nation decided to register with the government as corporations, the local church told the federal government it was correct to think of the local church as a legal fiction. A legal fiction.

The churches are, if they are anything at all in the Lord, the Body of Christ. Is the risen Body of Jesus Christ a fiction--legal or otherwise?

If you can actually get your mind around the idea of the Body of Jesus Christ being held up as a legal fiction by the so-called "Christian" churches of this nation and keep tears out of your eyes at the thought, you really need to ask yourself whether you know anything at all about the carpenter from Nazareth who once hung on a roman cross for the sins of the world.

If you belong to a church that is a registered corporation in theUnited States of America, your membership in that church states clearly that not only do you allow your government to believe the Church is a legal fiction, you give the whole world permission to perceive the Body of Jesus Christ in the same fictional terms.

Is it any wonder that thousands of christian congregations in this nation are in a state of grave danger, disgraced in a condition of unconfessed mortal sin?

Do you understand that our only reasonable response is to come out from among them to move them to abandon their incorporation contract that has turned them into government churches?

Government Bribes All Christians.

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