THE GATHERING - 2 - Nations of World Gathering Against Israel, Led by Non-Jewish Jews!

By Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East analyst & commentator

On August 4, 2001, I wrote a first article entitled: "The Gathering". It was clear even then and well before, that the nations and people who hated G-d’s message and His messengers were gathering for what would be a final assault on the Jewish people and Jerusalem. Nothing has changed and the plan is advancing steadily as Terrorists become acceptable ‘militants’ and sleeper cells of‘Jihadists’ emerge in America, Europe, Africa, ‘et al’. The following is somewhat of an update on "The Gathering-1".

It was forecast in the Bible (1) that the nations of the world would gather from the North against the Jews of Israel and attack it with a fury and in great numbers. It was also forecast that, while at first this great army would succeed against the small nation of Israel but, when they were at the height of their victory celebrations, a great calamity would destroy the invaders and a colossal fire would sweep across those nations who sent their armies. This is to be not only the last battle between good and evil but a final demonstration to the remnants of the nations who survive the clash of a universal truth that the G-d of Israel is the only G-d and there is none other. The leaders who taught their people to hate G-d’s messengers will be torn from their vaunted high status and destroyed. By hating the Jews they showed their hatred for the One G-d who chose the smallest of peoples to teach His Laws of Torah.

How do we know that "The Gathering" is in motion and well on its way to coalescing into a terrible force planning to destroy the Jewish people and their State?

Several years ago I noticed that the E.U. (European Union) wanted to establish an army of their own - calling it a Rapid Deployment (or Response) Team. I saw it as "The Gathering" of the European Nations (from the North) who had already demonstrated their hatred for the Jews through the centuries, culminating with the murder of 6 Million by the Nazis and now to continue.

They collaborated with Hitler to gather up their Jews to be turned over to the Nazi SS for liquidation. I wrote (2) that this "Gathering" (called a Rapid Deployment or Response Force) would first be used against Israel to unify their troops and give them a ‘raison d’etre’ (reason for being). They would force themselves upon the Jewish nation, claiming that they were "Peace-Keepers" but, their ultimate purpose was to finish killing the Jews who escaped them in Europe.

When the Europeans couldn’t agree on methods and funding, they secretly negotiated with America, mostly through the Arabist U.S. State Department, to use NATO troops and equipment. This was, of course, kept secret as their real purpose but, when it could no longer be hidden, the prepared, made-up reason would be that a European/ NATO Rapid Deployment Force to take care of such problems as insurgencies in Bosnia or massacres on the African Continent. I again wrote that NATO was being enlisted as a military force to go up against Israel in order to create another Arab Muslim State of Palestine - with the hope that a truncated, diminished State of Israel would placate radical Islam and head off a major clash between the West and Islam.

That secret arrangement between the E.U. and NATO has been concluded with the silent agreement of President George Bush since America is the major funder of NATO and supplies most of their armaments. This would be wired to the Bush Administration’s insistence that Israel facilitate the creation of another Arab Muslim State of Palestine, knowing full well Israel would continue facing Terrorist attacks - the same as on going Terror attacks on American troops in Iraq. In other words, No reciprocity for peace gestures; No friendliness - only continuous Terror from positions closer to Israel’s population centers, Ben Gurion airport and military bases.

Read the DEBKA-file (3) release that European NATO members have used what is now called the "Geneva Initiative" to subject the Arab/Israeli conflict to International control which apparently is the underlying reason for secretly drafting this plan that follows the same secret format of the failed Oslo Accords, with the same co-conspirators. The coordination of evil became blatant as the seemingly unconnected elements began to coalesce.

I offer the opinion in "The Beilin-Rabbo-Burg Geneva Initiative" (4), that the entire venture was first started in Europe and, using Yossi Beilin (ShimonPeres’ poodle) to create the fiction that it was his initiative and they (theE.U.) were merely agreeing to the concept that he was supposed to have proposed.This, too, is part of "The Gathering", particularly the use of non-Jewish Jews to collaborate in the de-Judaizing of Israel before it is eliminated entirely.

November 12 Just released! Arafat’s appointee for Prime Minister, Ahmed Qureia (aka Abu Ala), along with Arafat, has called for an "International Conference" to move the "Road Map" forward (read: The Gathering!) Such an InternationalConference would bring the E.U., U.N., Quartet, Russia, Arab League to sit in judgement, challenging Israel’s right to sovereignty.

The _expression "non-Jewish Jews" first came to my attention in a book entitled:"Why the Jews? The reason for anti-Semitism" (4). The book written by DennisPager and Joseph Telushin is a masterpiece of analysis with substantial prooftext. (I strongly recommend you add this book to your library because it explains why the so-called civilized and uncivilized world hate the Jewish people and her State and tries to destroy them/us in every era.

Although I cannot outline the entire book, there is one section where the authors speak of non-Jewish Jews who may be Jews by birth but are not Jewish in any other way and are often the most vicious adversaries of the Jewish people -even to the point of closely allying themselves with the worst enemies of theJews. Many such co-conspirators’ names are listed in this book such as Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky (changed from Bronstein), William Kunstler, Noam Chomsky but most readers of today would add Rabin, Peres, Beilin, Sarid and Tommy Lapid, ‘etal’.

Yossi Beilin is a good example of a non-Jewish Jew. He publically admitted that,if his children asked him why they should remain Jewish, he wouldn’t know what to tell them. He is ready and has offered to give away to Israel’s dedicated enemies most of Israel’s ancient ancestral homeland. Beilin is, of course, a cats-paw for the E.U. to de-Judaize Israel and a front line advocate to re-partitioning Israel on her way to oblivion. He seems to get major funding for his "Institute" from the Europeans - as does Shimon Peres. When such nations as Switzerland, France and Britain could no longer hide their collusion in funding the Beilin/Rabbo Initiative, their confession as co-conspirators and funders was as embarrassing as it was belated.

Observant Jews understand that these non-Jewish Jews seem to be descendants of the ‘Erev Rav’ (the Mixed Multitudes of the Golden Calf episode in the Torah) who attached themselves to the Jewish people when they were led out of Egypt by Moses. The ‘Erev Rav’ rise up in every generation, in concert with the Amalekites to attack the Jewish people. That chapter in the Prager/Telushin book on the non-Jewish Jews and their either imitating anti-Semitism or being recruited by anti-Semitic regimes to eliminate their own people is as revealing as it is shattering.

"The Gathering" is blatantly obvious in the United Nations where centuries of deadly anti-Semitism has taken on the quasi-legal dress of a supposedly legal international body. Here, the centuries of anti-Jewish hatred by Christians is under constant agitation by a pagan culture known as Arabs, Muslims, Islamists or - whatever name or description fits those with their constantly shifting emphasis on Israel as their enemy. Barely a day goes by when either one faction (the Europeans) is not engaged with the other faction (the Arab/Muslims) invoting condemnation of the U.N.’s only Jewish member State, Israel.

Here we see the supposedly erudite nations of the world serving their own selfish interests in lock-step with primitive, backward nations and cultures who all seem to agree that Israel and her One G-d are a threat to them. I suppose any G-d who insisted on 10 basic Commandments included with the 613 instructions from G-d on how to optimize one’s existence on this planet might be hated - along with His messengers. The pagan nations and their priest cults hated G-d’s Laws preventing murder, theft, adultery - mandating ethical living and, therefore, they also hated the small nation chosen to deliver His message.

Imagine, a planet with 6+ Billion people feeling threatened by a minuscule nation with 5 Million people (Jews) and perhaps another 10 Million Jews scattered throughout the nations and viewed collectively as a threat. A chapter in the Pager-Telushin book tells about what the Jews have contributed to the world, in addition to introducing and teaching about the One G-d. The envy and resentment by the Christian and Islamic worlds is palpable when one compares the disproportionate contributions to Humanity by the Jews to a very ungrateful world in the fields of medicine, science, technology, music, education, charity and family values.

"The Gathering" has always been in motion but, now the pace seems to be quickening. The Europeans, the Muslim Arabs, the non-Arab Muslims, the E.U. as a hostile organization of Nations, the U.N. as another hostile organization of all the world’s nations, the non-Jewish Jews, the oil industry - closely attached to the Arab nations, including the highest ranking families in America who have vested oil interests are all part of "The Gathering". We cannot absolve the Church of Rome and its many affiliates like the Red Cross who amply demonstrated their hatred for G-d’s messengers during and before WWII and now into the future in "The Gathering".

The initiators of hatred against G-d and Jews will, no doubt, continue to face a Holy Court and suffer the sentence of permanent residence in Gehenna (otherwise known as Hell). Another indicator of "The Gathering" is the anti-Israel/anti-Jewish rage against Israel on American, Canadian and European campuses as gullible students follow the latest protest movement initiated by Muslim students.

In America the Justice Department has found this a convenient way to profile future Radicals - at least those who will be likely in the future to attack American interests by joining radical organizations. In this age of computerization, the anti-Semitic rage expressed on campus marks them as radicals who will start by attacking the Jews but then move on to bigger targets.

We Jews are a more ancient people than any others on this planet. We were assigned a difficult task for which we have been castigated and murdered, expelled and robbed of all our possessions and our children. We cannot shed the responsibility by becoming non-Jewish Jews. We are not allowed to accept other gods or other religious rituals not specifically stipulated in the Torah. We know and have been told that, in addition, to all other enemies, the most dedicated and vicious will come from within our own people, herein referred to as non-Jewish Jews.

Even as you read this article, please know that the Sharon government in Israel has voted 12 to 11 to release over 400 convicted terrorists now in jail for one kidnaped Israeli hostage and the remains of three murdered Israeli soldiers, kidnaped in Lebanon while U.N. soldiers stood by passively and observed. This weakness of the Sharon government becomes an open invitation for Terrorists to kidnap more Israelis. This too is part of "The Gathering" as Jews are recruited to assist in their own demise.

While we can and do fight our enemies on a daily basis, "The Gathering" is moving forward regardless of how hard we try to slow it down. On Shabbat, the week of October 31st we read the Parasha (portion of the week) Noah (5) where G-d sees the rampant evil on the planet Earth and destroys all flesh, except for Noah, his family and the pairs of animals Noah had collected to start life on Earth over.

Mankind has once again ramped up its capability of evil and the noise of killing has shattered the stillness of an orderly Universe. Thus "The Gathering" has started and Evil will once again face good in a final test. I think we will see it all in our own time.


1. Ezekiel 38:18-39:16 Haftorah portion from Shabbos Chol HaMoed: Armageddon -the War of Gog and Magog.

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