U.S. Asks Germans to Guard Bases End of Jan-Source

By Markus Krah
[Comments by Pam Schuffert and Larry Lawson follows]

BERLIN (Reuters) - Washington has asked Germany to provide 2,000 troops to guard U.S. bases in the country at the end of January, a government source said on Friday, as speculation mounted of a U.S.-led attack on Iraq early next year.

In Washington, U.S. defense officials declined to discuss numbers, but told Reuters the United States would welcome any offer from Berlin both to provide base security and not to interfere with potential movement of Americans troops in Germany.

A senior German government source told Reuters an informal request had been made for German forces to help guard barracks and other military installations as well as transport routes for U.S. troops. A parliamentary source also confirmed the request.

A Defense Ministry spokesman said only that Germany had agreed to a U.S. request for help guarding bases in case of war but was still examining when and how much support would be needed.

"A decision can be expected at the beginning of the new year," the spokesman said.

The United States has 71,000 troops, mostly army and air force, stationed at various bases around Germany.

Despite German government opposition to a war with Iraq that has strained relations with Washington, Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder assured President Bush (news - web sites) last month that Germany will grant fly-over and transit rights for U.S. forces.

However, any troop movements are likely to attract protests from Germany's large pacifist movement and any war would raise the level of security alert for U.S. installations in Germany.


A war and any German support for it is also likely to provoke tension in the ruling coalition of Schroeder's Social Democrats and Greens partners, some of whom have said U.S. fly-over rights should only be granted if there is a U.N. mandate for an attack on Iraq.

A U.S. defense official in Washington told Reuters Rumsfeld had met with German Defense Minister Peter Struck and that the United States would leave any announcement on German help to that government.

"We would welcome any offer of security help and would hope there would be no interference with any movements," the official said.

The United States has been steadily building forces in the Gulf region, with Bush warning that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein (news - web sites) must comply with a U.N. resolution to stop developing weapons of mass destruction or face possible military attack.

Wednesday, U.S. officials said the military has been told to notify up to 50,000 troops that they may be sent to the Gulf region early next year. The United States currently has about 60,000 troops in the region overseen by U.S. Central Command.

Bush has approved a flexible U.S. military plan for a possible large-scale invasion of Iraq using up to 250,000 troops.

Prime Minister Tony Blair (news - web sites) told British troops in a Christmas message on Friday to prepare for possible war with Iraq but said it was still unclear whether weapons inspectors would find Iraq in breach of a U.N. resolution on disarmament.

The United States has said Iraq is in "material breach" of U.N. resolutions for failing to disclose information about illegal weapons. Britain says it is deeply disappointed with Iraq's arms declaration but has stopped short of saying Iraq is in material breach as yet, a term that could trigger war.

-Pam Schuffert

Since My Reporting Has Proven Accurate Thus Far...:A WARNING

Since my previous reporting has been proven generally accurate thus far (by God's grace and help), I am now beseeching the readers to take seriously everything else I am now warning them is likely to come. AND TO TAKE SERIOUS PRECAUTIONS AND PREVENTATIVE MEASURES.

You KNOW that TIME IS SHORT, when CNN finally announces on nationwide television that GERMAN TROOPS ARE BEING BROUGHT INTO AMERICA AND STATIONED IN MANY DIFFERENT PLACES TO KEEP "LAW AND ORDER" (in the event of a NATIONAL DISASTER which they of course will mastermind for their NWO agenda!)

You can know TIME IS SHORT when our American troops are being rushed out of America on the "Iraq pretense" and more and more foreign troops are being brought in to do the job our American troops might refuse to do to the American people ( as outlined below.)

You need to review all my previous reports on the implications of foreign troops here in this nation, and their purposes.

These foreign troops will perform the dirty work that our American troops would hesitate to perform, such as: operating the guillotines upon the American masses arrested and rounded up under martial law; arresting and hauling off Americans to the prisoner boxcars with shackles, to be taken to the many concentration camps to be killed as NWO resisters; searching for and seizing weapons and arresting and firing upon Americans who are resistant. (German Bundeswehr military troops have boasted that they are here for this task and will NOT HAVE A PROBLEM! My interviews with them here and in Germany confirm this sad reality.)

And even operating many of the FEMA/military deathcamps as well. They will be called upon to seize region after region for the UN/NWO under a state of "national disaster" in such regions.

As one German Bundeswehr Luftwaffe (airforce) officer boasted to Americans in Alamogordo, NM:


This is all in my book, PREMONITIONS OF AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST, 600 pages of hard core research and interviews and traveling worldwide to uncover the truth about MARTIAL LAW and the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST as the UN based NEW WORLD ORDER is to be implemented nationwide.

Although previously my MARTIAL LAW reporting was the subject of much mockery and attempts to discredit my researching, lately my former critics have been quite silent. Everything is unfolding, step by incremental step, just as we researchers and "watchers on the wall" have warned would take place.

God does NOT raise up His "watchmen on the wall" without reason. Nor have I been called upon by God to lay down my very life for this reporting in vain. I hope my readers understand clearly that I will give my very life in the end for this kind of reporting and testimony: proper dictators and dictatorships will never suffer my kind of research and reporting against their NWO agenda to continue for very long.

But I am a soldier in God's Army, and I enlisted for eternity. And I take my orders from God, and I don't stop until He says , "IT IS FINISHED!" He remains my ONLY Commander in Chief. And He has not told me to remain silent in this hour, nor to compromise my stand nor my convictions nor beliefs: they come directly from His eternal Word. I cannot remain silent or speak otherwise, if it were to save my very life.

And every good soldier of the Cross knows that there may come a time when their Commander tells them to "GIVE IT YOUR ALL and LAY DOWN YOUR LIFE" so that others might live.

Even secular soldiers in the military undestand this principle of laying down their lives, so that others might live and the battle might be won. I grew up in a military household and surroundings, and I understand these principles of battle perfectly. And that is WHY I refuse to lay down my cross in this hour and remain silent. God has said "SHOUT IT FROM THE HOUSETOPS" and I shall continue to do so, until that final hour.

CRAVEN FEAR can never be permitted to control the Christian lifestyle. ONLY FAITH AND OBEDIENCE TO GOD, regardless of the cost, can be permitted to control our lives...especially in this hour of coming battle which we face.

Simply remember: if my voice is heard no more, and my website ( blacked out, and I am taken away, this reporting has been my sacrificial gift from my heart to you all, to wake up my beloved people and nation, especially the Christians of America....their number one target.

"Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends, " declared Jesus Christ. I have truly laid down my life in every way to make THE TRUTH known to all readers. I have proven my love with my very life laid down for this work which so many have benefitted from. And it has been an honor to be called upon by God to do so.

I have long ago rejected my father's Satanist/NWO sell-out and any protection it might have provided to our family in the coming times, to rather suffer affliction with the people of God and to give my life for the testimony of Jesus Christ. WORTHY IS THE LAMB!

To God be ALL GLORY through Jesus Christ. Look to HIM for your strength, and help in times to come!

-Pam Schuffert reporting from across America

Larry Lawson: (And this is not something that I WANT to agree with either. HOWEVER, I've posted most of Pam's information throughout the LLNews archives and it is consistent with what we've predicted and seen over the past few years. Smokescreens have gone up over this German troop issue saying they're protecting bases in Germany. Yet we KNOW they've got an air force base HERE in the states. We KNOW there is a 350,000 FOREIGN troop army here called NORTHCOM which is actually the European RAPID REACTION DEPLOYMENT FORCE. We KNOW Bush boy is setting up even MORE Canadian and Mexican troops to be used HERE all the while he's sending OUR kids ELSEWHERE! And we KNOW WHY! Foreign forces will have no problem MURDERING our people just as ours have had none MURDERING Afghan and soon Iraqi people.

Well, have you heard that what goes around COMES AROUND? )

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