Nancy Levant
June 18, 2005

Think of it this way – historically, every time that a group was told by an elite body to go elsewhere, and they resisted, there was bloodshed – lots of bloodshed. I could list hundreds of groups who have succumbed to ethnic cleansing, but you can do that for yourselves. You can find such history in our nation, for it exists just about everywhere, historically speaking.

Today’s world is chock-full of elites cleansing whole territories and even entire countries. Ordinary people, the salt of the Earth, do not “cleanse” themselves. Elites, wanting something that the ordinary have or occupy, are the cleansing agents. Their desires, which are based in greed, power, and profits, overtake any potential humanity and compassion, and murder becomes the standardized means to the ends. Elites have made every excuse in the book to justify mass murder, over and over again. Why? Because, to them, what they want justifies mass murder. It’s that simple. If men, women, and children are problematic, kill them. But in today’s world of instantaneous media, carnage is more problematic for the elite. But luckily for them, and with their now infamous partnership bureaucracies and seemingly endless and interconnected fortunes (funded by tax money), advanced technologies are at their fingertips – technologies that are very capable of automating mass murder.

For instance, there are biological weapons, capable of infecting entire populations with deadly diseases. There are chemical weapons, which have been used and continue to be manufactured. There are nuclear weapons, though, for all they’re worth, they make huge and permanent messes.

There are laser weapons, which most know very little about, however I’m certain are operational via satellites and many other delivery systems. There are power grid weapons, which are probably laser-based technologies. There are weather control technologies, which we know very little about, as well. All of these technologies are funded by elites - their governments, their corporations, and their philanthropic organizations. Equally, ordinary people have always been used by elites as unknowing and innocent lab rats. This we also know.

All these technologies have been around for a long time. All preceded 9-11, and governments all across the globe have been wheeling and dealing weapon systems for cash and profits for centuries. It’s a high stakes game and the profits are immense, just like their illegal drugs.

Herding people begins the process of ethnic cleansing. Powerful entities, the ones with access to terrifying weapons, tell people to move. Historically, problematic populations are loathed for religious or racial reasons or for the want of their natural resources. Historically, people refuse to leave their homelands or the places where they have settled and built lives. And when the desires and/or the plans of the elite are crossed, they act, because people are inconsequential and acceptable losses to profit and power building.

The elite and their government are taking over all American land and all American watershed systems. This was planned long ago, as we now know. And minus the building of mega-mansions for the elite, almost all home building is now community-building on deed-restricted land. American people are being herded into small, self-contained communities. Florida, for example, full of senior citizens, is near complete in community-based herding. And all deed-restricted communities have community-oriented policing services (COPS), which are partnered with government. Historically, this is a very bad sign. America is also chock-full of detention camps. This is another very bad sign of things to come.

Though I’ve said it many times before, you cannot place an elite body over an under-class, which means us. Doing so invites nightmares, which have been historically demonstrated over and over and over again. And we have elected elites to powers unimaginable over us. There are no weapons in gun safes to fight super, manufactured small pox or flu strains or floods or laser beams from outer space. We are vulnerable and we are being maneuvered and set up.

Our elite government, which is the primary partner and primary funding source of the U.N., has made one of its own, Paul Wolfowitz, the head of the World Bank. Our government, which hires companies outside of the United States for the creation of many advanced weapons systems, has agreed, with the U.N., to a population reduction of massive proportions. This is one of the reasons for the euthanasia movement in the United States, as baby-boomers continue into their advanced years. This is one of the reasons for the mental health screening of all American children and pregnant women (reproductive rights), and I suggest to you that the herding of American people into tightly bound and guarded communities is another move toward the U.N.-mandated population reduction.

Heads up, America - this is what happens when you’re loyal to televised political party elites instead of truth and freedom.

© 2005 Nancy Levant - All Rights Reserved