This is one of the most important articles you will ever read. Mainstream media as usual has diverted us to be concerned about the misdeeds of John Walker while the truly guilty go scott free, and do as they please. Once the Euros come out 1/1/02 it's Katie bar the door. Our fiat paper currency will not be able to compete with the Gold backed Euros.

I believe we are going to suffer what Argentina is experiencing presently along with the rest of the world. Japan is in depression (calling it a recession which is a definite misnomer) and Argentina now dollarized by the US and in hyperinflation. Argentina's problems promise to spill over into Brazil, Mexico, and then us, and we will soon be suffering what Argentina is experiencing. Argentina and Japan both had flourishing economies. About 3yrs. ago Argentineans received national ID, now have a cashless society, and many have turned to barter. They have been stripped of their own money and may withdraw $250/wk., all of their money in their retirement funds gone (as happened in Enron). Now Turkey is about to go under, and Germany is really worried about their investors according to Reuters yesterday. Germany and Poland went communistic about 10 days ago. The WTC was no mistake, (as we accepted loss of our freedoms for security) as was the invasion of Afghanistan, or the larger deployment of our military than in Viet Nam now surrounded in that country, as India and Pakistan now begin to play with their nukes in a few hours; and our troops possibly becoming collateral damage. There are now 500,000 Russians on the border, as China sends her troops to the Pakistan border, and ships to Indian waters to support Pakistan. There's was a secrete meeting in Italy yesterday with the airforce chiefs, as Bush is caught up in yet another scandal--Funeralgate. They know what is going to happen, and have planned for every contingency; training troops in Ft. Campbell for urban warfare in preparation that salute Hitler style, and say Hail to the Republic. Mexicans are leaving, but the Chinese and Russians continue to pour in, now off loading in LA from ships by night, and NATO troops on the way. Don't give up your guns Argentines Loot Congress in Protest Over Recession

Below is an article by Doug McIntosh who is a very highly regarded financial expert and reporter in investment circles. He has the guts to tell you the truth. Preparation will reduce panic.

The Horsemen of the Economic Apocalypse

I find my mind is becoming more elastic these days, as in the silly putty toy of my youth. So much insanity to write about; so much insanity unfolding around me. Is the sky black or are the windows painted as Elton John and Bernie Taupin wrote so many decades ago? Is the world mad or am I just going crazy? Well, I'm not the guy who turned the 60's television spy spoof "Get Smart" into reality on a Paris to Miami flight. I'm not the guy with the exploding shoe, a.k.a., Maxwell Smart and his phone shoe. Of course, we are assured by the liars in charge that even if the shoe had exploded the plane wouldn't have been destroyed. Thank God for that brave stewardess with a good sense of smell for burning matches, but like I'm supposed to experiment with pendrite versus C-4 explosive at 35,000 feet? I think not you morons in charge. The level of stupidity among our leaders is truly awe inspiring.

Bushocio tells us the year 2002 will be a year of war. Yes, that is true. It will also be the year the elite is revealed for their incompetence and impotence. It may amaze most Americans, although not many, and hopefully none, of my readers, that the US government can't protect you. Never has and never will. You are on your own, economically, politically, spiritually and in terms of life and death. Viewing life this way makes for an entirely different experience than the one the mass media spews out for the mind controlled American populace. Modern Americans can be segmented into two groups: those who trust the system and government and those who realize they are on their own. All other distinctions are superficial in my opinion. The year 2002 will show clearly just how true this system collapse is for the average American citizen.

The year 2002 will also show the American populace just what real fighting is like. The politics of the Enron scandal will lead to the kind of political hand to hand combat never before seen in our country. Vice President Dick Cheney will be impeached in my opinion. Bushocio will be a crippled and pathetic He will be a President tarred and feathered by energy corruption. Bushocio, winning by 1500 votes in Florida, cannot endure a major political scandal like Enron. The Democrats will use the Enron scandal, the declining economy and the continuing terrorist attacks to castrate President Bush and the Republicans. Enron has the capacity to be another Tea Pot Dome scandal from the 20's. Keep you eye on it and how it plays out in the Senate and House hearings next year.

Next year will also give us the regional Middle East War the New World Order wishes. Pakistan and India may not make it till next year. While the United States was gloating over its "victory" over Mr. Bin Laden, he was quietly slipping away into another country. I won't mince words, Mr. Bin Laden is a strategic genius in my opinion. The attack on the Indian government buildings was a masterstroke that completely outflanks the United States. Mr. Bin Laden and his terrorists are pros and we are amateurs. The Russians now control Northern Afghanistan and its oil through their 30,000 strong Northern Alliance. The Northern Alliance is the armed wing of the Afghan Communist Party. The United States faces decades of peacekeeping in Afghanistan; also, the prospect of India and Pakistan going to war. Absolutely brilliant on Mr. Bin Laden's part. Bin Laden has won hands down and Bushocio is too stupid to realize it.

The amount of noise in the whore press about invading Iraq would indicate that such a move will also happen next year. readers should understand that Iraq has already said it will defend itself from attack by taking on Israel. Implied in this threat is biological tipped Scud missiles descending on Haifa and Tel Aviv. Israel has already said it will respond to this attack with one of its own. Implied in this attack is the use of nuclear weapons. I'm just telling you what the reality is right now in the Mid-East. You can make your own judgments.

After writing about the above subjects, any comments I can make about the economy seem almost trivial. The above will have economic effects also. The above subjects will unleash the horsemen and upon the economy the horsemen will have the most effect. Assuming we aren't visiting the Mid East, or victim of a terrorist attack, most of us will suffer only the economic effects. The horsemen UPI photo used came from Argentina and shows mounted riot police running away from a rampaging mob of looters. Very symbolic in my opinion of what will happen in 2002. So, exactly what does my crystal ball tell me the economy will be like in 2002? My readers should know by now that I have a deep contempt for the liars, frauds, amoral opportunists, hacks and flakes that infest the American media, corporate, Wall Street, education and government elite. Honorable people are few and far between in leadership positions in the United States. It's not that the corrupt oligarchy which rules America doesn't know what is going on. They know quite well; and they use the knowledge to enrich themselves. There is no better example of this than the Enron Corporation senior executives. At the same time they were locking their own employees from selling company stock shares, these senior executives were looting Enron for $600 million. Now, if you don't think that will have severe political effects in the next few months leading up to the November 2002 elections, you are painfully naive. This fact is the foundation of all my economic views concerning 2002. 2002 will be the year the elite is hounded by an angry populace newly aware they've been cheated and screwed. Waxman and Daschle are going to gut the Republicans on this one, trust me.

2002 will also be the year the debt system is stressed as never before. It's amusing to me to read the whore press spin about Argentina's debt default. First, they call it a suspension and say that the $155 billion will eventually be paid. O.K., anybody really believe that a single penny of that money will be repaid to investors? I don't and the market doesn't either. Is Argentina the final straw that shatters the entire global debt structure? Or will they patch it together again for a few months? Depends on who else joins Argentina in falling off the wagon. Turkey is wobbling. Japan is in recession. The United States is in recession. Europe is in recession. Spanish banks are heavily exposed to Argentina's billions. JP Morgan has a 2.6 billion exposure. What do you think will happen to JP Morgan stock if it has to write of 2.6 billion dollars next quarter? They simply spin it to give themselves time to unwind the $155 billion and not stress out the system. Anybody remember that this $155 billion is really recycled Brady Bonds? Brady bonds were issued in the 1980's to recycle the 1970's debt default? Understand this, and the whole banking based debt system reveals itself in all its cunning glory. Never pay off the debt-merely recycle it into new forms and continue paying the interest. Remember this one sentence and the global economic system will make perfect sense!

My key point is 2002 is the year that the great debt rollover scam fails. The massive debt rock will roll backward and crush the fiat funny money, credit and debt system that created it. The debt can never be repaid and trying to will lead to global anarchy. The New World Order will allow the debt to collapse the system and then offer to save it in bankruptcy. This is the whole plan in a nutshell in my opinion. What we saw in Argentina: pension seizures, money restrictions, street riots, governmental chaos and collapse is going to hit country after country over the next few years. This new money Argentina is issuing won't be backed by gold like it should to truly solve the problem. The common people are destroyed and the elite continue playing their games. Concerning the United States economy, it's a pretty open and shut case. The disconnect between the people's perceptions and the actual reality is scary. The elite liars and frauds continue to shill and deceive the populace. The deception will work until the moment the terrorist strikes expose the government and system as incompetent and a farce. Enron has begun the process of exposing the stock market sham. The United States is an economic, political and military system in chaos and collapse. It's so obvious to anyone who really looks at the facts and ignores the mind controlled official media and mainstream press. After all these years of lying about the economy, I'm amazed that any reasonable person believes anything a stock researcher, media reporter or commentator, politician or talking head says. These people are liars, hacks and frauds and have always been looking out for themselves.

The Christmas shopping season was a disaster for retailers. The elite hasn't figured out the events of 9-11-2001 fundamentally changed peoples attitudes towards the consumer culture and shopping religion of America. The American economy is dependent upon credit card debt and fiscal sleight of hand for growth. Mr. Magoo's entire strategy has been to get Americans to loot their home equity and spend it on conspicuous consumption. That's it; that is the best our greatest minds can come up with. Tap out your home equity by refinancing and spend it on a SUV. Patriotism is redefined as going on a shopping spree at a Wal Mart. None of this walking through the snow barefoot at Trenton, or holding the line at Bastone stuff. Nope, in the new Bushocio America, patriotism is simply going into debt and buying useless crap. Fortunately, more and more Americans are seeing through the illusions and beginning to focus on the realities.

The spring 2002 economic recovery is a joke just like the two predicted in 2001 were. Deflation is here. There has been a permanent change in attitudes. We are in a long term war with a cunning and ruthless enemy. We now check shoes for explosives and worry about one or two separate nuclear wars in the Mid-East. Individuals must think outside the box as the current cliché, goes. Think about the survival tips I gave you for Y2K. Prepare for the worst in 2002. Buy gold and silver and prepare for an alternative economic system to the one collapsing around us. Remember the people of Argentina were reduced to debit cards and $250 a week in cash. If you had gold, you would simply have gone and sold an ounce or two if you needed money. Understand the times we live in and prepare. Understand the stock markets will shatter once they realize there is no recovery or earnings by next spring. What will happen to retail stocks once the dismal Christmas profits are announced. Don't be deceived; don't believe the lies that pass for reality in America.

Understand the terrorists are already here. Understand the government can't protect you. I say again: you are on your own. Believe it. Look to your defenses: the horsemen are coming. Are you prepared?

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