By Mary Starrett
August 30, 2003

As parents get ready to send their kids back to school (those who are still in denial, of course, about the wisdom of allowing the government to "educate" their progeny) they'll do all the usual "back-to-school" things like buying new clothes, stocking up on three ring binders and making sure their children's vaccinations are up to date.

Their first mistake was ever accepting the concept of vaccinations to begin with. Most parents truly believe that those jabs are somehow going to protect their kids from disease. Secondly, they've never stopped to question WHY they're being bullied to comply with the practice. Let me say here, for the record, the vaccinations are NOT mandatory no matter what you've been told.

Every state allows for a religious, ideological or medical opting-out. After you've read this article my hope is you'll do some research and make use of those opt-outs. [1]

Vaccines routinely kill, maim and leave victims with life-long chronic illness. They do not "protect" from anything. In fact, the live viruses used in most vaccines actually contribute to the spread of disease.

Since the mid-1980's the CDC has doubled the number of vaccines children get-close to 40 by the time a child is two. Could there be a connection with the rise of chronic neurological and immunological impairment in this country in the last three decades? The correlation between vaccinated and unvaccinated populations points to a dramatic increase in learning disabilities, multiple sclerosis, lupus, asthma, diabetes, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, autism, rheumatoid arthritis, seizure disorders, even cancer. Is it any wonder? We give tiny babies with undeveloped immune systems vial after vial of often contaminated chicken, monkey, pig or cow cells and wonder why they get sick and sometimes die. Of course it'll be called Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or Shaken Baby Syndrome, but never what it is- the unnatural and wholesale sickening of a population. To make matters worse, many of these vaccines still contain mercury in the form of thimerisol , a preservative. Mercury has been shown to cause many of the symptoms we now label "autism".

While each vaccine given to babies and children tells a toxic tale all its own, I'd like you to consider one of the latest jabs pushed by the CDC- the Hepatitis B vaccine given to babies at birth.

Hep B is a disease (not particularly debilitating- in fact those with the disease are usually not even hospitalized) most often found in needle-using drug addicts who are sexually promiscuous. Sound like any babies you know? So why is the CDC forcing it on hours-old infants? This, mind you, is a vaccine, approved by the FDA without any proof of long-term safety.

After the 1991 CDC decision to recommend Hep B for all kids, state health departments began requiring proof of the shots to attend daycare or school. Within five years most states had regulations on the books requiring children to have three doses of the vaccine. It's a classic case of 'follow the money' from here on out. The feds (through the CDC) give money to states to promote mass vaccinations of any and all federally- recommended vaccines. Kids are now tagged and tracked closely regarding compliance. In fact in 1995 the states were linking the infant's social security number to vaccination-tracking registries. The CDC plans to create an electronic database containing every child's medical records.[2]

States are given between $50 and $100 per "fully-vaccinated" child.[3] That should explain why your kid's school is so heavy-handed on the "no vaccinations/ no school" threat.

States are also getting money from the frightening and most unholy of alliances between Johnson and Johnson (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation) and Merck pharmaceutical company ( an MMR and Hepatitis B vaccine manufacturer) to operate something called "All Kids Count". This task force is supported by WHO, the World Bank, the United Nation's Population Fund and other vaccine manufacturers to push the " utilization of vaccines by all the world's children"[4]

Heavily-pushed vaccination programs including one called "Every Child by Two" are partially funded by the U.S.'s three largest vaccine manufacturers. SmithKline Beecham, another global pharma -giant has funded a national program whereby PHARMACISTS are now administering vaccinations! Close to half the states currently allow this.

The conflict of interest part gets better

Members of the CDC's Vaccine Advisory Council get money from vaccine makers[5]. The federal agency is also working on collaborating on new vaccines.[6] In addition to these conflicts, CDC vaccine committee members routinely work for, have worked for or own stock in the very pharmaceutical companies which stand to benefit from the CDC putting yet another vaccine on the "must have" list.[7]

The vaccine horror story continues. Not only are children regularly being subjected to illness and too often death as a result of this mad public health policy, but our soldiers are as well.

A half million U.S. soldiers were vaccinated for the Iraq war. Some of them got sick. Others have died. You'd be hard-pressed to get the military to 'fess up on that, though.

CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson points that out with a story about Army Reservist Rachael Lacy. Lacy got her smallpox and anthrax jabs and then got very sick. She died soon after .But the military hasn't listed the woman's death as an "adverse reaction". In a JAMA article the army says the vaccines have worked well and there have been no deaths.

In addition to Rachael Lacy, there's the National Guardsman who had a heart attack and NBC correspondent David Bloom who died of a blood clot, both after getting their pre-battlefield shots. University of Pennsylvania Medical School researcher Dr. Brian Strom said Bloom's death should be included among suspicious cases of heart problems suffered by people who'd gotten the smallpox shot. The army continues to stonewall and more of our soldiers are getting sick and dying just like they did during the Gulf War.

I encourage you to do some reading before you agree to having your child or yourself shot up with potentially life-(and certainly health-) threatening concoctions that don't in fact stop the spread of disease.( For those who still think that Polio and smallpox vanished because of vaccinations I encourage you to research this topic more extensively paying close attention to the timelines when these diseases began to decline and when the vaccines were introduced. It's very telling information.)

Be prepared

Once you inform your doctor (as more Americans are doing all the time) of your decision not to vaccinate brace yourself for an emotional, vitriolic outburst. They don't like having their conventional "wisdom" challenged. Also, arm yourself with the facts about just how "mandatory' these shots are (again they're NOT). Through it all, stay the course.

Your healthy children will thank you for doing what so many parents don't have the courage to do.


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[3]1993 Comprehensive Childhood immunization Act
[4] Task Force for Child Survival and Development, The Carter Center.
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Books: How To Raise A Healthy Child In Spite Of Your Doctor/ Mendelsohn, Robert, M.D. A Shot In The Dark/ Loe-Fisher, Coulter 2003 Mary Starrett - All Rights Reserved

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