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January 22, 2005

The words spoken were all about Freedom, Democracy, and the worth of every individual on the planet. His solemn oath of office was mentioned favorably, which would indicate that he would uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.

But for the past four years under George Bush, we have seen the rise of Global government, such as NAFTA, which destroyed Constitutional provisions for the Congress to regulate trade with foreign nations, so that trade with Mexico and Canada is now handled by a group of foreigners. Now, coming soon, is the FTAA which will be a union of 34 former countries in North and South America, into some new form of government which will be very similar to The European Union. The reason for it will be given as "Free Trade", but this will render the United States and the other 33 former countries impotent to freely govern themselves, destroying also our sovereignty under the flag of our constitutional Republic.Ultimately, these localized "Unions" will be melded into their one total Global Union, including the Soviet Union.

As to the word Freedom which was repeated many times in the speech, his promotion of the two Patriot Acts which legalize the creation of a police state worthy of the most notorious dictator, hardly fits his words. Nor does his demand for mental or psychiatric testing of everyone from school children up, fit the term Liberty.

Reinforcing our concern about these things is the fact that several extremely powerful but secretive organizations whose goal is for World Government, are seated at the highest levels of our present government , whether Republican or Democrat, and in all the high places in the Media, Military, Education , Banking, and Business. The most dangerous of these is the CFR, or Council on Foreign Relations, which has been quietly operating against the best interests of the USA as a Constitutional Republic for 84 years, since 1921
When the ordinary American finally catches on to what they plan for him, his family, and his country, they are not going to be happy. It is easy to see how their scheme for mental testing everybody will come in handy then, along with the Police State. Just declare all opposition to be insane, and then legally put them away, as has been done in all police states. As an added benefit to all this will be the reduction of the Earthís population, a long-time goal of the UN, which was created starting in 1941 by a committee from this same CFR, with Alger Hiss as its first Moderator in 1945.

So how do we, who thought we were good Americans, and who have just experienced this glorious day of patriotic celebration and spiritual fervor, reconcile these two opposite scenarios in our minds? If we do not try to make two plus two equal four, we will continue to live in a dream world, putting aside unpleasant reality, as most do. Nobody likes real nightmares that remain when we are awake, or unresolvable problems.

All the Pomp and Circumstance of the inauguration days, with flags flying, endless marching bands, uniformed police and military, promotes the dream that all is well, and our country is secure. That is why, I believe, that the Media keep the people uninformed about the very real danger from treason in high places, while keeping us glued to the tubes with trivia, sports, and sex, and the "terror" to come upon us from without, so that we willingly submit to our loss of rights and freedom.

But like the Tsunami, the final end of our Liberty will come instantly, with a stroke of a pen, without a shot being fired. And the average Joe will not care a whit, until it is too late, except to complain; "why didnít somebody tell me!"

I am thankful for the Internet that has been able to partially by-pass the totally controlled media, and make available vital information to a limited number of persons. Given enough time, the tide might be turned. But such time is precious, and is very short, before Congress authorizes the final sellout or a "National Emergency" is declared by the President, and it is all over

Will you be able to pass the proposed mental tests? We donít know the questions, yet, or who the questioners will be. But I can guess that the top man will be a CFR agent, possibly Henry Kissinger, all-time bad news for America!

I doubt if I would pass their test, since I see the above as reality. But I see it in the light of the Word of God, the holy Bible, and take comfort and assurance that God is Faithful and is able to care for His Own! May we be among his "Overcomers", no matter what.

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