Symbols & Reality
By Jim Kirwan
"Everytime we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that. And I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about America putting pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people control America and the Americans know it.”  Ariel Sharon-Oct 31, 2000 as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.

Back in 2001, when Bush took the office of the presidency, the USA still had some symbols directly related to the founding of the nation. Primary there was the Great Seal of the United States, which is on the back of every one-dollar bill. Midway through his term, using the excuse of HOMELAND security, the administration changed the face of the symbols for the country, and no one really noticed.  Take a look at the new image in the upper left hand corner of HOMELAND security:


The symbols have radically changed: everything from the point for the organization of the nation, above the head of the eagle, (gone).  The eagle itself, originally was the taken from the ancient Greeks, and represented the bird of Zeus, (the ‘new’ bird has more in common with the Third Reich). The shield looks like a logo for a summer vacation and the phrases in Latin, which had to do with how the nation functioned (deleted). Many might not feel that any of this “stuff’ matters, but if that’s true why change it?

In keeping with our new desire to change everything that might matter to anyone, here’s a version of what our national seal should look like for the Executive Office of the President of the United States. The guiding image is the Star of David, over a hooded and shackled eagle, whose shield hides all the events of 911. The eagle’s wings have been pinned in place by several stars of David, for the money we’ve given Israel, For US capitulation and the damage done to us by this administration, our dictator is being devoured by the roaches of greed and power; that’s the real theme of this image that shows the results of our failures in Iraq.


Now the extremists in Israel have succeeded in getting a law before congress to make it illegal to criticize Israel, in any way. In addition to that there is this:

‘There should be a documentary on what never makes the mainline news. The insanity of giving roughly $11 trillion (only 3 trillion reported) to Israel, plus the F-16s, the missiles, the apache helicopters, the Caterpillar earth movers to kill and maime while walling-in a whole people, in despairing camps. We should see our tax dollars at work; the shredded kids--thousands of homes bulldozed under--olive groves—farms and businesses. There should be a documentary on the armless-footless children of Iraq--the wedding ceremony blown to bits--whole families "lit up" at roadblocks. Add the deformities from depleted uranium and the wasteland where a country used to be. The film should show our military families on food stamps; those same families buying bulletproof protection for their loved ones. All of this is evil, yet none of it is shown along with all the propaganda from the media.’


That is what lies beneath the new and improved shield upon the eagle’s breast. The 911 plaque conceals bloodstained wounds that can never be removed, stains that are the poison that’s been injected into the entire idea of America.


The world once looked to us as the place where anything was possible, where there was freedom, and where dreams could be lived out - now there’s nothing anywhere but lies amid the ashes, of what used to be Iraq. It's all there now, transplanted like some alien disease - lying like a raped and dying dream: blood ugly and dismembered in the middle of that war-torn road that is the ‘scene-of-our-crime today.   


After Bush slaughtered so many innocent people, and a lot of others, and after all the treasure lost and the wasted lives that paid for all this death and destruction: what have we gained? Where we once stood proud and tall, there are now thousands of photographs of torture and sexual depravity, brought to us directly by Bush and Rumsfeld, and Cheney and all the rest of this gang of misbegotten thugs.

General Zinni said it best: 


What is now crystal clear to the world is that we only talked about morality, the high ground of principles. In the end we turned out to be as bad if not worse than any other tin-pot dictator. Then we compounded that horror, because we had said that we were only there to stop this kind of terror: when in FACT we brought it with us when we illegally invaded that country.


So the idea of "The American Dream" is truly dead and our would-be Emperor is finally naked before the opinion of the world, and no one within the government will own anything they’ve done as “wrong.” Yet still they shout: “Stay the course!” These people are insane, and the rest of the world is mystified by our failure to remove them one and all from office – NOW!


Why have we had all this artificial war at all? The Bushwhacker’s say it’s “because we are AT war.” That’s not actually true. The administration has gone to war and left the nation and the people out of it. We don’t matter anymore. Did you know that a huge portion of the money that was earmarked for HOMELAND security now mostly goes to private corporations, and not to protecting us? 


Why is that? Maybe it’s the same reason that the Bandits are stealing our money, diverting all the treasure to them, and then threatening those who dare to question anything they do. This sounds a lot more like the hijacking of a nation, than it does, like any kind of war that we “must always” fear.


Notice how the “alerts” are always given. No date, no target, no place specific, no method and nothing for us to do except to raise fear and paranoia levels—constantly! IF there were any real terrorists, then the government is aiding them, by spending a fortune on a bunch of chatter every single time there is some. The terrorists know, because Homeland security tells the world what we’re doing: all they need to do is make some calls and it costs you and I billions! The terrorists increase their hold on us, the government pays out our billions to their slavish supporters and the only losers in the whole grand plan is us—the little people whose lives are disrupted, whose money is “legally stolen’ and whose entire future is evermore uncertain.


They spend our money like there’s no tomorrow, and on what? Corporations are ‘protected’; no one gives a damn about the rest of us. The truth is “the war” is against those who challenge the greed of the transnational corporations and those who want to finalize the global grab. It’s also about the transfer of wealth, from us to them.


How could we buy into “war without an end”- for any reason? It’s simple really: The same way we allowed the government to hijack the symbols of the nation without so much as a whisper of complaint: We do not pay attention! This will be the ugliest summer ever seen in America, because the gloves are coming off the bad guys—and we’re about to see what happens when the rats are finally cornered. Good luck America, we’ll need it!



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