MEDIA RELEASE: Nat. Police group asks for Terri investigation

Jack McLamb <
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 10:02:21 -0800
Subject:   Nat. Police group asks for Terri investigation

Dear Governor Bush,


Our numerous police investigators have looked over this case and believe crimes have been committed in the Schiavo case by husband Mr. Schiavo.  (Not including the crimes Judge Greer has committed going against Florida state law (herein listed) in his decision.

Our national police group has asked Sheriff Coats to start a criminal
investgation and not let their prime witness (Terri Schiavo) die.   We do not know if Sheriff Coats is strong enough to stand up and do his duty.   But, believe you are.  Your Florida state police can start a criminal investigation on the evidence we are sending you today.   Please start such an investigation and do not allow the main witness (who communicates with her mother) to die.  Remember, her husband (main suspect) will creamate the body of Mrs. Schiavo emediately after her death.  Her body has evidence of the beating doctors say she underwent, including strangalzation, that caused her condition.  Please keep in mind that her condition is not good and she may not last 6 days this time without hydration.  This stress can bring on a heart attack or stroke at any time due to her being aware, again that all have abandoned her and
yesterday her over-hearing the doctors say they were there in her room to put her to death through starvation (is is reported she started crying when she heard this).

Every moment is a momen when she may die and you will lose the oportunity to criminally charge those who may have caused her disablity.

Governor,...... We know, as soldiers and lawmen, there may be one or two times in a person's life when they are called on to be heros.  Most people do not answer the call.......

The World, America, Florida, Terri and the truth, need a hero today.   Who will answer the call?   We pray it will be you.   The world needs a hero today.

The Pope even issued a personal letter, actually naming Terri, as a women who need protection.   Governor, This is a international incident/case.

Finally, let us say that the Founders never meant the Judiciary to be seperate and above the other two branches of government.  You, the executive branch was to be equal....and still is, even if the Judiciary thinks and acts as if they are supreme.   They are not above, but equal, unless we allow them to be supreme.    We law enforcment officers ask you to issue a executive order to stay this young women's execution until your state criminal investion is complete.   She is your best witness and evidence of criminal activities.

Government Bush,  below (and in the attachments) are the letters, with evidence, our police association sent to Sheriff Coats.

(Our national org. logo is on the herein "attachments" only)

We have sent two letters with much fact and evidence to Sheriff Coats.  See

URGENT, time sensitive, Law Officers message to Sheriff Coats

FAX - find 4 pages

FROM: Officer Jack McLamb, Ret.

March 17, 2005

Sheriff James Coats

Pinellas County Sheriff Office

10750 Ulmerton Road

Largo, Florida 33778

Dear Sheriff Coats,

This is a most urgent communique, in the name of our national organization of law enforcement officers. We are writing to share with you a bit of important information in your hour of grave concern for one of your constituents, a young lady named Terri Schiavo.

Brother James, this situation there in your county is building into a real
political and civil challenge for you and your staff. This has become a
international situation that will have long running implications. Very similar
to the Ruby Ridge case (which I personally worked in handling the negotiations along with Col. Bo Gritz for the FBI) and Waco case.

As the days go forward, you will have to make some decisions that will be
difficult, regardless of which action, or non-action, you will be a part of history my dear brother James. We, your peers, wish to suggest to you a course of action which, far from being detrimental to your professional career and continuing county service, will, we feel, place you in very good standing with your public constituency.

Coming from a sound law enforcement position, here is our point of view
regarding Terri Schiavo. Mrs. Schiavo, as you may know, is very much alive and aware and a number of doctors have said that if she were given rehabilitation, she might recover much of her life back. (And may be able to communicate what happened to her.) She is not on any form of live support. In addition, we trust you already know there exists a certain body of evidence, assembled by professionals in the medical field and others, which points to the possibility that crimes have been committed against her.....deliberate, vicious crimes which have left her disabled. Judging from the evidence we have heard and read, we law enforcement professionals and criminal investigators doubt very seriously
that Terri's injuries could have occurred naturally or accidentally. As the
chief law enforcement officer in Pinellas County, therefore, we ask you to
please go to and weigh the facts from a criminal
investigator's eye. Following that, please contact Terri's parents to obtain
the names of those medical professionals who have first hand knowledge and who are in possession of the concrete facts (ex-rays, etc.) which shows Mrs. Schiavo was seriously injured around the time of her mysterious disability.

Once you have reviewed this information we believe you will conclude as we did that there is much more behind Miss Schiavo's physical condition and disability than certain persons have wanted known. In our studied opinion, Mr. Michael Schiavo is a very interesting investigative lead who needs to be interviewed as the prime suspect in determining exactly how his wife incurred her original injuries 14 years ago. Concerning the present situation, here are some most important points for police investigators to ponder in their attempts to get to the husband's real motive for wanting to put his wife to death. Consider first the many months that Mr. Schiavo, spent in court professing his great love for his wife and pleading for the funds needed to care for her and provide for her rehabilitation and health care, estimating the cost to reach several million dollars over the years. Mr. Schiavo's plea succeeded and their estate was awarded $1,300,000.00

Next consider that it was not long after the favorable court settlement was won and with substantial funds at his disposal, that Mr. Schiavo came forward with a very different pronouncement. He seemed to remember suddenly something that his wife had once told him, namely, that she would never want to be kept alive by artificial means. Apparently, this now provided Mr. Schiavo justification for commencing a virulent campaign to have his wife's feeding tube pulled, allegedly to fulfill her supposed wish to be allowed to die "with dignity". (Along this same time line he is committing adultery with another women.) As far as we have been able
to ascertain, this later "testimony" (that his wife wants to die) has been the
main reason the courts were persuaded to rule that Terri Schiavo should be left to die. Unbelievably, neither Mr. Schiavo nor the courts have taken into account the crucial fact that Mrs. Schiavo is not being kept alive by any artificial means; she is conscious, responsive, has strong brain activity, and continues to breathe on her own!

Sheriff Coats, on a more miner issue, we police investigators here at ACLA believe that Michael Schiavo's actions constitute insurance fraud. It is unconscionable that he would now be allowed to keep for his own use, to hire attorneys to help him put her to death, and that of his girl friend and their two illegitimate children, the 1.3 million dollars that were granted and designated for his wife's rehabilitation and health care. Numerous other attempts to cause her to die can be listed as well. For example, by order of Michael Schiavo, no rehabilitation therapy has been allowed her. The shades in her room have been perpetually drawn, depriving Terri of the healing benefit of sunlight; no medicine has been allowed to treat her infections and bedsores, nor has the medical staff been permitted to provide her even the most basic of hygienic care, such as the brushing of her teeth. (Mrs. Schiavo has lost several teeth as a result of lack of care.)

In the wake of all these inhuman acts, Michael Schiavo has anxiously done everything in his power to assure that his wife will never be rehabilitated (even though doctors have said this was a strong possibility for her). We believe that in Michael's mind, she must never be returned to health sufficient for her to BE ABLE TO TESTIFY as to what truly happened that left her thus disabled. Was she indeed a victim of attack? (Among the evidence available to you, Sheriff Coats, you will find documentation, through ex-rays, of broken bones, bruises, etc.) Further, Michael Schiavo has made it known that immediately upon his wife's death, he intends to have her body cremated, thus destroying forever any further physical evidence that might witness against him. Wouldn't you agree, Sheriff Coats, that this could be a very important reason Mr. Schiavo refused the 1 million dollars a man recently offered to him, if only he would turn over the guardianship of Terri Schiavo to her parents? To
receive and care for Terri has been her parents' one most ardent desire all
along! But, would her healing lead to testimony to those who might have done her harm?

Sheriff Coats, have you tried to communicate with her to see if she could answer your questions about her injuries. Her parents state she responds negatively when her husband comes into her room. She tries to form words and say "I love you". Question: Might she be able to answer a investigators questions even in the present condition she is in today? Please speak with her mother and father before she is executed on Friday. No one, not even a judge, can stop you (the elected Sheriff of the county) from investigating a possible criminal act.

As you look into this case, Sheriff Coats, we believe you will also come to see that there is something very suspicious about the relationship between Mr. Schiavo and Judge George Greer. Intelligent as we would suppose the judge to be, would we not expect him to recognize and bring to light the factual fraud and deception Mr. Schiavo employed throughout the case, toward the end of having his wife eliminated?

Please be aware, Brother James, that in his ruling Judge Greer is in violation of several Florida state laws (which, of course, both he and you have sworn to uphold.) We refer you to the following:

Statute 765.309, Statute 765.404 and Statute 765.3215

Why would the judge be willing to violate state law in putting this young lady to death?

Sheriff Coates, we lawmen don't have to tell you that your first duty is to
preserve the life of the people in your county. Your help is especially needed when it comes to assisting the indigent, poor and disabled....those who haven't the ability to help themselves. You know this. Well, brother, this is one of those cases that need your personal assistance. You are the one who can stop the imminent execution of Mrs. Terri Schiavo... especially if you have started a criminal investigation, if she is your prime witness and investigative lead.  The state legislators have a bill, before both the Senate and the House, proscribing the putting to death of anyone not on life support. (And as we have already said, Terri is not in a vegetative state and not on live support.) The legislature needs time to pass this bill, and time for Governor Bush to sign it into law. The Florida state Department of Children and Families needs time to investigate the abuse charges against Mr. Schiavo. You need time for your criminal investigation. The problem is, however, that Judge Greer has been
unwilling to allow more time. For whatever reason, he intends to begin
executing Mrs. Schiavo this Friday, the 18th.

We, your peers know it is tough to think about going against the lawyers in your county, i.e. the judge, your county attorney, the states attorney, BUT, You brother do indeed have the power to override, and initiate a criminal investigation into this case. To that end, you cannot allow the main witness to be put to death before she has a chance to communicant today with your investigators, or to be rehabilitated, hopefully to the point in the future, of being able to testify concerning possible crimes perpetrated against her.

Our dear brother James, we realize that in your newly-elected position as
Pinellas County Sheriff, you have been placed on the proverbial "hot seat". As the chief law enforcement officer in your county, your personal intervention is needed to save the life of this very-much-alive young lady who interacts with her parents, smiles, laughs, tries to speak, and surely would like to have the chance to be rehabilitated. (So says the doctors.) You may be the only one who can save her life. Millions of people around this nation and around the world want Terri Schiavo to have her chance at rehabilitation! Even the Pope has issued a personal letter from Rome on Terri's behalf, urging the government not to put her to death. Actor Mel Gibson has sent a letter. A top Rabbi of a top Jewish organization has sent a letter on behalf of millions of Jews. AND YOU ARE THE ONE THAT CAN GUARANTEE THIS YOUNG LADY GETS AT LEAST THE SAME RIGHTS

ACLA can put you in contact with other sheriffs who have stood up and protected their citizens from government abuse in the past. Sheriff Richard Mack said NO to the federal government, by refusing to enforce the Brady Bill against the law-abiding people of his county. Some people thought he was nuts, but Sheriff Mack took his case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and won. Sheriff James Traficant of Ohio stood up to the federal IRS when, without due process, they attempted to seize 16 homes within his county. He protected his people's property and made the IRS follow lawful procedures through the courts. His people later sent him to the U.S. Congress as their hero. Sheriff Dave Mattis of Big Horn County, Wyoming went to court to demand that all federal government agents coming into his county report first to the Sheriff's office, present
their paperwork and obtain permission before taking action against any citizen within his county. The courts supported him and he, for years now, has had the federal agencies who come into his county apply to his office before they can operate in his county.

Brother James, we could site many cases in which Sheriffs have exercised their authority and stood strong for what was right and moral.....and been praised by their people for it! Regrettably, we could also cite many instances in which a sheriff did NOT stand up when he should have to protect the people's lives and property from government abuse.....and paid a very heavy price for that, as well. I was at Ruby Ridge as an FBI negotiator during the Weaver Family standoff, I was on the scene as an FBI negotiator during the Montana Freemen standoff. I was on call as an FBI negotiator during the WACO church police action, though never actually given the go-ahead in that case. I have been
involved in many other situations that would take days to tell about, so you can see that I speak from much experience when I say these things to, these Sheriffs suffered for their inaction in these tragic
cases,...and TWO, bother, this is your time before millions of people who are counting on you to do your duty. You will either do your duty, or you will live with the results of not doing all you could to save a life....a life which millions are very much aware of. Government agents, attorneys and the like may tell you "you do not have the authority", but believe me, we all know that, as the number one protector of the public in your county, you do have the authority! The people, in fact, count on you. We, your peers, here at our police association want you to know that we are with you and so are millions of Americans and others around the world.

Dear brother, error on the side of caution. Error on the side of LIFE. You are about to get a lot of attention from those who expect you to do your duty. We cops here are asking you to do just what law officers do: investigate. Don't let the government put Mrs. Schiavo to death until all these facts are examined and the truth is revealed. After all, she is the best witness, and as we all know, she deserves the chance which her husband, a very biased and self-serving person, has denied her over all these fourteen years.

Our prayers are with you, Sheriff Coats. I can be contacted at (208) 935-7852 or by e-mail at Please let me know if you need anything.

On behalf of your brother and sister lawmen, I am

Officer Jack McLamb, Ret.

Director, ACLA

HC-11, Box 357, Kamiah,

Idaho, 83536

P.S. If you would like the letters from the Pope which went out across the
earth, the National Jewish group, Actor Mel Gibson and attorneys around the nation, who are in support of giving Mrs. Schiavo a chance at rehabilitation and life, let me know.


2nd. Letter


From Officer Jack McLamb, Ret. - President of The American Citizens & Lawmen Association

To Sheriff Coats March 18, 2005

Dear Sheriff Coats,

Remember when we said in our letter (FAX) to you on 3-17-05 that there was something very strange going on between Mr. Schiavo and Judge George Greer?  Well, this report has been sent to our national law enforcement association headquarters. It very possibly could be part of the reason why Mr. Schiavo has gotten away with possible attempted murder (with so much evidence that points to someone purposely attacking Mrs. Schiavo on the day of her alleged health problem. And why, he continues to get away with constant horrendous abuse against his disabled wife in an attempt to end her life in the local Hospice.  Our national police association may send police investigators to your county to look into these continuing abuses of Mrs. Schiavo if there is no interest in investigating his activities. This criminal activity and abuse can't be allowed to continue.

Brother James, as you know, the international news agencies, T.V. studios and book publishers are interested in such stories where no one stands up for the disabled or the little guy...or gal. As we say, each of the public officials in this case - who are responsible to protect the lives of the American people will be involved in the stories of Terri Schiavo's legacy for years to come, especially if she is killed in such a horrendous manner and without representation. Remember, she never was able to state that she wishes to be killed. Only her very biased, abusive, adulterous, possibly criminal, husband has said that she told him she wished to die.

Thanks Brother James for any assistance in this serious criminal matter. Officer Jack McLamb, Ret.

Conspiracy surrounding Terri Schiavo

It all makes more sense now. Please share the following with your investigators.

Michael Schiviao was hired by Everett Rice, the former Sheriff, to work in the prison hospital. Everett Rice used to sit on the Hospice board with George Felos. Everett Rice is also great friends with Judge Greer. Rice and Greer even broke campaign laws and had Rice appear in campaign commericals for Greer, stating he was tough on crime - even though Greer is a probate judge.


Four days before joining Florida's House of Representatives in November, 2004, Everett Rice left the office of Pinellas County Sheriff, a position he had held since 1988 and after 33 years in the sheriff's department.

But before he left office he hired Michael Schiavo, estranged husband and
guardian of Terri Schiavo.

The Empire Journal has learned that days before leaving office as Pinellas
County sheriff, Rice hired Schiavo, a registered nurse, to work in the Inmates Medical Care Division of the Pinellas County Jail.

The relationship of Sheriff Rice and Schiavo raises grave questions of alleged impropriety in the Terri Schiavo case and ongoing allegations of conspiracy, collusion and cover-up which have resulted in calls for
Gov. Jeb Bush to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the matter and the impaneling of Grand Jury.

Rice's hire of Schiavo came at the same time contentious guardianship
proceedings were proceeding in the courtroom of his long-time friend,
Sixth Circuit Court Judge George W. Greer where Schiavo was seeking to
end the life of his wife by court order of Greer.

And after Rice had repeatedly refused to investigate allegations of
abuse against Schiavo.

According to informed sources, neither Schiavo nor his attorney,
George Felos, disclosed to the court or attorneys for Terri's parents,
Mary and Robert Schindler Sr., of Schiavo's change in employment,
particularly in light of the disclosure Feb. 23 that the state's
Department of Children and Families has opened an investigation into
some 30 allegations of abuse, neglect and exploitation of Terri

According to pleadings filed before Greer by DCF attorneys, Michael
Schiavo is the suspected abuser.

The Empire Journal has also confirmed that the mother of Jodi
Centonze, Schiavo's live-in girlfriend and fiancé with whom he has two
children was employed in the civil division of the sheriff's department
from June 18, 1979 until June 25, 1999, some 11 years while Rice was
sheriff and at the same time her son-in-law had petitioned Rice's good
friend Judge Greer to end her daughter-in-law's life.

Rice's employment of Michael Schiavo came just weeks after Rice had
allegedly unlawfully lent the prestige of his office and the resources
of the sheriff's office in endorsement of the reelection of Greer in a
televised political advertisement.

Although prohibited by Florida Statutes, Rice and other Pinellas county public officers including state attorney Bernie McCabe public defender Bob Dillinger, allowed employees of their offices to appear in a campaign commercial for Greer which inferred that Greer was "tough on crime" although Greer is a administrative probate judge.

According to a sheriff's employee, Sheriff Rice had authorized the
use of the county-owned sheriff's car and the appearance of the
uniformed deputy in Greer's TV commercial. State law prohibits the

In 2003, Rice became the center of controversy in the Terri Schiavo
case when Patricia Anderson, then attorney for the Schindlers, filed a
motion asking Greer to recuse himself for alleged violations of
judicial canons and bias. Greer has controlled the Schiavo case since

In her affidavit, Anderson said that Rice had told her that he and
Greer had discussed the Schiavo case at a ball game the night previous
with Rice without other parties to the matter being present. Greer
refused to recuse himself and Rice later denied that he had made the
comments to Anderson. John Carassas, an assistant attorney general in
the office of Charlie Crist, was also involved in the controversy. . Crist had previously
denied that his office had ever received any allegations of abuse
involving Terri Schiavo.

Rice, as well as McCabe, has been directly involved in the Schiavo
case, steadfastly denying requests to conduct alleged criminal
investigations of criminal wrongdoing in the matter by Michael Schiavo.

Rice and Schiavo's attorney, George Felos, have also served on the
board of directors of the Hospice of Florida Suncoast, the corporation
which operates the Woodside Hospice in Pinellas Park where Terri
Schiavo is a residence.

Felos failed to disclose his affiliation with the Hospice at the
time in April, 2000 when he and Michael Schiavo moved Terri to the
Hospice. However, it has since been learned by The Empire Journal that
the proper certification for Terri's admittance to the Hospice was never
completed and that she was not legally designated as terminal, a
requirement to be admitted to a hospice and for her care to be paid for
by Medicare. The federal government has initiated collection procedures
against the Hospice of Florida Suncoast to recover some $14.8 million
which they say was unlawfully paid to the hospice as a result of
fraudulent claims made for Medicare reimbursement for patients thatwere not terminally ill and therefore not eligible for hospice care, allegedly at a time when both Rice and Felos were members of the Hospice board of directors.

Terri Schindler-Schiavo has been at the center of a life and death
tug of way between her parents and Michael Schiavo. While her husband
has sought permission in the Probate Court of Greer to end the life of
his wife by the removal of her assisted feeding, her parents have
fought in Greer's courtroom to keep her alive, saying that she could be
rehabilitated with therapy and proper treatment which has been denied
the woman.\fs24plain

Unless a stay is issued by the 2nd District Court of Appeals or other
action is forthcoming by the Legislature or other agencies, Terri
Schiavo will have her feeding tube removed at 1 p.m. Friday which will
result in her death by starvation in 7 to 10 days

Michael Schiavo's mistress speaks of Fear and Aggressiveness

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Michael Schiavo's former girlfriend speaks: Excerpts From Cynthia Shook's May 8, 2001 Deposition given in fear

In a previous Hyscience post, Carole Lieberman, M.D., M.P.H., Psychiatrist and expert medical witness, and the author of the book, Bad Boys: Why We Love Them, How to Live with Them and When to Leave Them, was quoted as saying, "I have studied men who exhibit pathology in their relationships with women. Profiles of the twelve different types of bad boys are explained. Michael Schiavo fits the profile, described in the book as the Prince of Darkness (see chapter 13). O.J. Simpson was cited as a classic example of this type, and there are indeed similarities between the two men. It is especially significant to note that O.J. flew into a homicidal rage when he realized that Nicole was totally abandoning him, as is characteristic of these impulsive men who most dread being abandoned by their woman. Similarly, Michael Schiavo was likely to have known that Terri had begun making plans to divorce him, since she had told a coworker and family member. Stalking is characteristic of this type of man, as well. And a girlfriend of Michael's, Cindy, accused him of stalking her in 2001."

This is the story of "Cindy," and the deposition that she had to be forced to give, out of her fear of Michael Schiavo. Terri was also afraid of Michael, but of course Michael has been hard at work to make sure that she can't give a deposition as Cindy has!  In late 1991, 1˝ years after Terri's collapse, Michael Schiavo became involved in an intimate relationship with Cindy Shook. The romance continued for approximately one year. It can be documented that the two spent a weekend at the Don Caesar hotel in St. Petersburg Beach and they also contacted a Century 21 Realtor on the premise of purchasing a home.

In May of 1992, at the apex of the romance, Schiavo had Terri's 2 pet cats
euthanized to clear the way for his moving in with Cindy and her pet dog.

In the summer of 1992, Schiavo moved into his parent's home. We can speculate with reasonable accuracy, it was at the instructions of his attorney, since the living arrangement would be contrary to Schiavo's "loving husband" image they were projecting for the upcoming November 1992 malpractice trial.

In April 2001, Cindy Shook (married name Brasher) was interviewed by an
investigator working in Terri's behalf. Unwilling to come forward because of her immense fear of Schiavo, Cindy had to be subpoenaed and was then subsequently deposed on May 8, 2001 to try and learn more regarding her intimate knowledge of Michael Schiavo's character traits.

Excerpts; May 8, 2001 Deposition:

Cindy Shook describing Schiavo's possessiveness.

"he's very jealous. He stalked me at where I worked after I stopped
dating.when he would get mad at me he would tell me, I would rather be laying in bed in the nursing home with her than with you. I mean he can be the most incredibly mean person"

When asked if she were afraid that Michael would physically harm her or if he would harm children.

"I am concerned about retaliation because I have a child - I have children and a husband. I know him, I know what he told me I said he could be a very mean person."

She spoke of how Schiavo stalked her for close to a year after the breakup and that she received repeated phone calls.

"He came on the floor looking for me several times. I felt it was out of
character for him to get a job as an orderly at the hospital That was
concerning to me. When he would come up to the floor looking for her she was not scared the first time but later was scared.

In town I would look up when I was driving.not at my work- she would look up in the rear view mirror and there would be Michael Schiavo. I would look up and he would be behind me in traffic. It continued for several months after he didn't work at the hospital. She would change lanes, try to make a turn and he would do the same. He did this about ten times.

One time he was behind me in traffic he got next to me in a two-lane going the same way, and he changed lanes basically right on top of where I was at, and I had to swerve not to be hit. I had to swerve off the road. Michael ran me off the road. I considered it as stalking, dangerous and guessed potentially life threatening."

Cindy thought about getting a restraining order. She talked to an off duty
police officer in her building

They discussed marriage. She said Schiavo asked what would you do if I asked you to marry me. He never discussed getting a divorce.

Cindy said Schiavo got angry when asked questions about Terri saying:

"this had destroyed his life and he was being robed of a normal life."

Regarding Terri's care, according to Cindy Shook, Michael Schiavo said,

"How the hell should I know we never spoke about this, my God I was only 25 years old. How the hell should I know? We were young. We never spoke of this."

THEY NEVER SPOKE OF THIS! Yet now Michael claims that Terri's wish was to die of starvation and dehydration, and the infamous Judge George Greer rubber stamps it. Why?

A case for Criminal Investigation of Michael Schiavo:

1) Nurses' testimony: Heidi Law, Carla Sauer-Iyer, Carolyn Johnson have been ignored and dismissed without hearing; each testified that Michael was abusive to Terri and may have attempted to kill her by insulin injection and attempts to induce pneumonia by turning the thermostat in her room to 64 degrees.

2) Michael Baden, top forensic pathologist in country and interviewed on Fox News National Television broadcast October 25, 2003 on Terri's bone scan and injuries states that:

a) Terri's injuries are not consistent with a heart attack; no cardiac evidence to support it b) Extremely rare for potassium imbalance on woman her age and in her good health 
c) Injuries are consistent with severe trauma possibly caused by a beating
d) The injuries in medical records warrant an immediate investigation

3) Dr. William Hammesfahr, Nobel prize nominee and neurologist testified that Terri's neck injuries are consistent with only one type of injury: that of

4) Terri's doctor, Dr. Gambone resigned; he had previously testified Terri would die within a few days of starvation/dehydration. Terri has an obvious will to live.

5) Michael has enlisted the services of a new doctor, Stanton Tripodis, who has 5 malpractice suits against him. Clearly, Michael is attempting to provide sub-standard care for his wife.

Case no. 97007946C1 filed 11-25-97
Case no. 94003739C1 filed 6-27-94
Case no. 95000873C1 filed 2-14-95
Case no. 96001434C1 filed 3-6-96
Case no. 98002289C1 filed 4-7-98

6) Michael is committing adultery by living with another woman who has already born one child with another on the way, thereby creating an obvious conflict of interest as guardian.

7) Michael has committed both perjury (2 counts) and insurance fraud by
promising to provide care and therapy for his wife in exchange for the court award of 1.2 million dollars in 1993. No care has ever been provided to Terri.

8) Michael Schiavo has also prevented Terri from undergoing a barium swallow test, a procedure necessary to ascertain the consistency of foods able to be taken by mouth.

9) Co-conspirator George J. Felos combined and conspired with Michael Schiavo to arrange for Terri's "free" stay at Hospice Woodside as part of an "exit protocol" designed to advance Felos' self-perceived messianic mission of "helping" incapacitated people to die by categorizing them as "terminal," warehousing them, and depriving them of therapy and rehabilitation services.  (Attorney Felos is Director of Florida Right to Die and has testified that he can ascertain a person's desire to die by "looking into their eyes and letting their spirit speak directly to him")

10) Investigate Insurance company established in Jan 2001 at the home of Michael Schiavo and his girlfriend/fiancee Jody Centonze. (Jerger and Centonze Insurnace Agency Inc.) Michael is listed on the Board of Directors for the corporation.  Note: Insurance is deliberately misspelled in the State of Florida Corporate filing, possibly to avoid investigation.

11) Michael continues to deny Terri the right to receive Holy Communion as part of her Catholic and civil right.

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About a year and a half ago, I worked two 40 hour wknds(!) up all night in the offices of the (former) lawyer for Terri's parents. I was able to read most of the files on the case. I was there when two former nurses phoned (separately and entirely of their own volition)and asked to come in and give an affidavit about what they knew. They said they could no longer keep silent, though for years they were so intimidated by Michael Schiavo, they were afraid to speak up. I was there when each of them, on their own, arrived in the garage of the office building. Both of them looked around to make sure they were not being followed! Both of them described hideous behavior over the years by Michael Schiavo. They described his phone calls (especially when she had an infection and he forbade antibiotics) asking the nurses "Is the bitch dead yet?" and his boasting of how he was going to spend the money he would get after her death.  Weeks would go by when he would not visit at all. Once he received the million dollar settlement, he forbade Terri being taken outside in a wheelchair for change of scenery and fresh air. He forbade music on her radio. He had her personal effects removed from the room - all visual stimuli. Her parents and siblings were not allowed to visit her and could not read her chart. One of the nurses talked about his visits to Terri when he closed the door and was alone with her. When that nurse entered the room after he left, she found Terri shaken, trembling and pale and looking as if she was in a diabetic crisis.  Terri has no blood sugar problems due to her regulated diet, but seeing her distress and the appearance of diabetic crisis, the nurse gave her a glucose test anyway and the numbers were so skewed that it was clear Terri was in insulin shock. The nurse gave her a shot to alleviate the diabetic shock and immediately suspected Michael had injected her during his visit to cause this.  I believe she said this happened at least twice. The nurses also described taking care of Terri and how when she had menstrual cramps she would curl up and put her hands on her tummy (she was able to move them in those early days before the atrophy progressed due to Michael forbidding therapy)and clearly say "Pain!" or "Pain!" and call for her mother. They said that's how they knew to give her medication for her menstrual pain. They talked about how after Michael
won the big settlement award, he forbade all further rehab treatment of every kind. So, on a visit to Terri, he saw this nurse had threaded a washcloth between Terri's fingers to relieve the cramping and he pulled it out of her fingers and shouted "I said NO THERAPY!" Michael removed all family photos from her room. He refused to allow her teeth to be brushed (no doubt hoping a tooth infection would give her a heart attack). When the nurses wrote in her daily chart they had observed her speaking words like "Pain" and "Mommy", the next day their comments were missing from the chart! They talked about how he would stand extra close to them and shout in their faces that he would see that they were fired if they tried to feed her or go against any of his orders. He is a very tall and large man and towers over the average man or woman. They also mentioned that he was having an affair or flirtation with the head nurse and they suspected that's how the charts were being altered. One nurse tried to report the mistreatment of Terri and was fired. I seem to recall she even went to the police but nothing came of it. And there is more - George Felos was on the Board of Directors (cannot recall if he was chair or owner) of the hospice where she was kept. He resigned his post to avoid the scandal of that connection being made. Some of you may not realize that legally a hospice is only for those who have six months or less left to live, who are terminally ill. Hospice is not a convalescent home - it is a place to die in painless comfort with counseling and support given to patient and family. Terri does not belong in hospice. Patients in her condition are normally cared for in convalescent homes. Did you know that George Felos has a book about Terri already written and ready to publish as soon as she dies?

While I worked at that law office, coincidentally, one of the attorneys had an unrelated reason to visit a local funeral home. During that visit, a casual conversation with a funeral home employee revealed, entirely by accident, that the funeral home had an "open file" set up for the immediate, without delay or autopsy, cremation of Terri Schiavo upon her death. Michael Schiavo made these arrangements immediately after winning the big million dollar settlement and all these years they stand ready to carry out his wishes. Once her body is cremated, no one will ever be able to prove the abuse he is so desperate to conceal.

While working in that office I also read statements by co-workers and friends of Terri about the bruises she had, the evident signs of physical abuse that were visible when she would come to work and which she claimed were the result of wrestling with Michael, but no one believed that. Eventually, she admitted to a co-worker and a friend that she wanted to leave Michael and that he was dominating and controlling and she was frightened of him. She talked about leaving him and sharing an apartment with the girlfriend she confided in. She said that Michael was so controlling and scary that he would check her odometer after her daily usage of the car. His behavior is an exact match to that of spousal abusers. When Terri met Michael, she was completely smitten with him - he was very handsome and he was her first boyfriend. She had been a bit chubby
and became very weight conscious to be attractive to him. She worshipped him initially and he was able to dominate and intimidate her quite easily due to her naivete. Terri was a vivacious girl. She was a rescuer and enabler by nature. She loved and cared for injured birds and animals and was very much pro-life. She is also Catholic and there is no reason to believe she disagrees with the church's pro-life stance.

To those who have heard negative comments about Terri's parents, I will say that I am a mature sophisticated woman and have lived all over the country and worked in the health and legal fields most of my life. I met her parents and I have no doubt whatsoever that they are anything less than devoted, loving parents. They are both small in stature and soft-spoken gentle ordinary, middle-class people.  I have children in their 30's - parental love only grows with the years and I would fight as hard as they have to prevent the completion of the murder of their daughter.

Most of the money awarded by the court for Terri's rehabilitation has been paid to George Felos. I don't understand how money that is misspent as this was cannot be grounds for prosecution of Michael. He wept in court and brought experts in to testify that Terri could be rehabilitated if they only were given enough money. So, they won that settlement and he immediately ceased all rehab.

I am baffled by the stubborn meanness and refusal of that idiot probate(!)
(probate law does not require genius, to put it mildly) judge Greer to admit
solid evidence and handle this case fairly. Who knows what transpires behind closed doors to slant the judge in this fashion? Conspiracy? As long as people in this country allow themselves to be told "conspiracy" is a bad word or that believing one exists means you are a nutcase, then we will continue to be duped by unprincipled, self-serving criminals who worship money and power and have no respect for human life. A conspiracy is whenever two or more people secretly plan something and clearly something has compromised the justice in this case.

Just for the record, I am pro-choice and I also believe in a patient's right to
choose IF they are able to prepare and sign a witnessed, notarized living will or DNR document. Terri is not vegetative or in any coma at all. Who cannot see the love and life in her eyes when she sees her mother? She was nearly killed and will be killed if Michael gets his way. George Felos will have a bestseller and probably kick back some of that money to Michael Schiavo and who knows who else will profit?

I had to share some of these facts - the news never really reports the truth
nowadays. Each day, our local news stations continue to refer to Terri as in a vegetative coma and it infuriates me. Not one journalist, not the local TV news nor the big stations, Larry King, Barbara Walters, etc., has thoroughly sleuthed out all the facts, even the ones I described here, and reported them to the public.

I cannot help but mention to all of you reading this - with so little truth
being reported on this case . Do you really think you are getting the truth
about everything and that Terri's case is an isolated incident of lies and
deceit and poor reporting?

Posted by: A Friend | March 18, 2005 01:50 AM

If Terri ultimately dies, it is the publically stated intention of Michael
Schiavo to have her immediately cremated. The Pinellas County Medical
Examiner's office (District 6) would need to certify such cremation. [See ] The
Medical Examiner should NOT do so if there is a question about the proximate cause of her death (or face adverse licensing action in Florida).

For future reference, though I hope it need not be used any time soon, the email for the Coroner's office is .

Should Terri die, everyone must immediately demand a waiver of certification for cremation and an investigation, including autopsy to determine proximate (and immediate) cause of death. Since Dr. Baden (forensic pathologist) believes the injuries are not consistent with Michael Schiavo's story, an autopsy would perhaps develop evidence that would put Michael Schiavo behind bars, and perhaps "retire" the miserable excuse of a judge, George Greer.

Posted by: Robert Smith MD | March 18, 2005 10:03 AM

Dear brother James, Do not allow this women die until a true criminal
investigation is concluded into this case. If you read the above. You know that Terri may very well be able to communicate with your investigators. She does communicate with her mother and family. She will with you.

Be the true protector of the people you are trusted to be. The American people, the Pope, and Terri need a Hero....right now. We, your peers, believe in you.  Pray about this situation brother and you will know what you must do (and what you have the duty, jurisdiction and power to do as the protector of the people.)

The mass of the public will be on your side if you save Terri and give her her day in criminal court. The judge is in violation of several Florida State have them right there in my first letter.

Listen to your heart and mind. We stand with you on commencing a criminal investigation today.

Your brother, Officer Jack McLamb, Ret.

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