The Truth Keeps Coming Out.
Posted: Thursday, May 26, 2005
- written by jerry golden

After listening to the Bush/Abbas news conference I can’t help but wonder how many “Christians” still believe that Bush is a friend to Israel or that he didn’t put Israel on the table for sacrifice before attacking Iraq. 


What I found amazing is when he was ask[ed] if he thought Abbas had done enough to dismantle the Terrorist infrastructure he wouldn’t even address the subject instead said what a good President Abbas was.  Then he said several times that Abbas ran for President on a ticket of “Peace”.  But it seems like we remember that all the elections posters featured Abbas and Arafat together and that Abbas continually said that Arafat’s goals was his as well, that being the phased destruction of Israel. 


When Bush was asked about the “Settlements growth” he reversed his past stance once again, and said there can be no settlement growth and that the state of Palestine would have to touch Gaza, meaning Israel will have to be divided.  Bush also mentioned that Jerusalem would have to be considered, meaning that too must be divided. 


Is there anyone on this planet that hasn’t heard Abbas repeat as he did today standing beside Bush that the “Palestinian” refugees would have to return to their home in Israel meaning the total destruction of Israel.  Or was I the only one listening when Abbas kept slipping in the UN resolutions calling for Israel to literally disappear. 


The fact that Abbas has done absolutely nothing to disarm Hamas, Islamic Jihad and others is no longer a problem Bush will give him $50 million anyway. 


But now I want to tell you what I think, the attempt to force 8,000 Jews from their homes in Gaza will cause this country to go into total chaos.  Hamas will attack during the IDF’s attempt to rip Jews from their home.  At the same time there will be civil unrest throughout the country causing the attention of much of the IDF and police forces.  What we all fear may very well happen, this whole thing could turn into Jews not only fighting Jews but causing much bloodshed as well.  Nothing like this has ever happened in Israel and all of this can be put squarely on the shoulders of George W Bush and Ariel Sharon.  But in the same way Arafat destroyed every one who tried to help him, so will Abbas bring Bush to his lowest point of the 8 years of his Presidency.


And if you think this will be bad wait until Sharon and Bush push to force nearly 300,000 Jews from their home in Samaria and Judea, we are then talking about the possible end of Israel, as we now know it.    


But then we are not considering the one who really counts in this land and that is the One who calls this His land.  For He has a plan and if I am not mistaken He is not happy with all of this insanity.  Somehow Bush, Sharon and Abbas will be stopped, for I know Israel will not be destroyed or given to the Devil or his Islamic forces.


If you watched that news conference as I did you saw President Bush totally uncomfortable with having to answer questions, because he knows how terribly wrong he is, but he is a man who has backed himself into a corner with no way out. 


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel, for all the IDF soldiers and all those who have come to fight the Islamic enemy.  Pray for this Ministry and you[r] part in it.  Shalom, jerry golden

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