'Secret Organisation - al-Qaeda in Europe' Claims Responsibility For Attacks

Santa Claus could put up a website and claim responsibility, does that make it so?

Comment: Santa Claus could put up a website and claim responsibility, does that make it so?

A group calling itself the 'Secret Organisation - al-Qaeda in Europe' has posted a claim of responsibility for the series of blasts in London, a German magazine reported today.

Der Spiegel magazine reported that the group posted its message on a website popular with Islamic militants, which it did not name.

It said the group claimed the explosions were in retaliation for Britain's involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Earlier, Arab sources told the BBC that the multiple attacks on London's transport system today were the work of the al-Qaeda terrorist network, the radio and TV station said.

It said security correspondent Frank Gardener, who is usually well informed, had been given the information by "Arab sources".

A number of British security and anti-terror experts have also spoken of a "coordinated attack" that bore the hallmark of terrorism.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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