by W. B. Howard

Who is Carlo Maria Martini? You may well ask, we have been watching that name for some time. Cardinal Martini is one of the Catholic Church's most senior priests, he is tipped to be a strong possiblity for becoming the next Pope. This Vatican religious dynamo came to Melbourne and Sydney in early August, 1996. Why? Well, the Courier Mail reports that he spoke to business leaders, Catholic educators, the Council for Christians and Jews, and he conducted several "biblical meditations". He is hailed in Italy as the POPE IN WAITING and THE SCOURGE OF THE CORRUPT. He is considered to be a PRINCE of the CHURCH. Despatch would like to ask, why was Martini here? There is more to his visit than first meets the eye! Is he moving into prominence in other parts of the world? The Catholic Leader, 19 May, 1996, said he would be here to "dialogue with prominent women and men from Australian society and Church." One wonders who he had "dialogue" with.

Could we be looking at the False Prophet of Biblical prophecy, when we look at the photo of Martini? The one who will lead the citizens of the world into worship of the Beast? (Rev.13). We could well be. To me, his face appears to spell out evil if ever a face did!


He is a Jesuit, aged sixty nine. He speaks eleven languages, has written fifty books and is Italy's best-selling author. His cathedral congregation regularly tops five thousand people. He presides over the largest Catholic diocese in the world, situated in Europe, the European Economic Community no less. He rules there over two thousand priests, and five million Catholic laity.

His Eminence Cardinal Martini said whilst in Melbourne: "I have often said that my real dream is to end my days in Jerusalem. When I retire I want to go there to pray and study the scriptures." The Cardinal is a top theologian for the Vatican, and has already butchered the Holy Word of God, to bring about an international version for a unified international world. More later on this.

Did Martini apologise for the shocking scandal of the world-wide priestly abuse of children, from the Catholic Church? If he did there was no mention of that in the Courier Mail. What he did do was express how appalled he was about the abuse that the family-fathers were bringing upon their own children, no mention of the priestly "fathers". He said that child abusers should be brought to "punishment and justice". How about the Catholic child abusers? Just a rap on the knuckles for them, and a new diocese??


Carlo Martini is the Vatican's predominant Greek scholar, he is the President of the Council of European Bishop's Conferences, which actually represents 133,000 European churches. And, the interesting thing is that Cardinal Martini was a member of the United Bible Societies editorial committee for the second and third editions of the Greek New Testament. The New International Version was the corrupt "child" of Martini and Co. The name "international" should have alerted Biblical Christians to the sham "bible", some Christians have suggested that the NIV should have been titled, "The New Catholic Version". "Catholic" means "universal" or "international". The wide distribution of the "new" Bibles, which are based on the same corrupt texts authorised by the Vatican no less, are imperative to the union with Rome of all denominations. Here we quote from Michael de Semlyen, "All Roads Lead to Rome", pp.200-201:

This quote from Wilbur N, Pickering. Identity of the New Testament Text, makes Martini and his group of four look not exactly innocent of corrupting the text: MORE ABOUT UNITED BIBLE SOCIETIES. Cardinal Carlo Martini has had a huge influence over many of the "new" versions, as we can see in this next list: THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH, August 11, 1996.

The Sunday Telegraph describes Carlo Martini in glowing terms. He is called "the new great hope of the struggling Catholic Church", "Cardinal Charisma", "the man many believe will be the next leader of the world's 800 million Catholics", he "excited Church officials during his visit to Australia". "His charisma in Italy is renowned, his sermons legendary".

Martini, if he becomes Pope, will bring in radical changes, which will fit nicely into globalism and the politically correct dictates of the New World Order. Martini on the married priesthood debate says, "Celibacy is not necessarily linked to the priesthood." Martini on women's role in the Church,"I am aware of the desire of women to have a greater role in the Catholic Church, and I accept that desire." Martini on business ethics in the market place, "It is their responsibility not only to work for the good of the corporation, but also for the common good of society, both nationally and global." (Source, Sunday Telegraph cited).


The Catholic Leader, 19 May, 1996, headed their article on Martini thus: 'Great European' to lecture. He is to "deliver the 1996 Helder Camara lecture series in Melbourne from 31 July to 3 August." What are these lectures? They seem to be used to promote the "spirituality" of Dom Helder Camara, a Catholic worker amongst the poor in impoverished north-eastern Brazil. This Archbishop of Recife visited Melbourne in 1985.

We learn from The Catholic Leader that Martini's two public lectures were on the themes, Once Upon Emmaus - the Mission of the Church in the New Millennium, and The Prodigal Son - Compassion and Public Policy. Also that he has become internationally known for his "inspired and innovative pastoral leadership" in Milan. Germany's Chancellor Helmut Kohl has called Martini "a great European", and enthuses about his "ecumenical spirit".


We should end the Carlo Martini saga with a warning, and as well a bit of speculation. Despatch has warned before that the year 2000 will see a gigantic ecumenical Eucharist (Catholic Mass, with the wafer, priests with the wine) for the whole world! How this is to be achieved one can only wonder, but the plans are proceeding. Could Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, then as Pope, preside over this Eucharist? Will this "SCOURGE OF THE CORRUPT" be empowered by the Vatican's Inquisitor, Cardinal Ratzinger, to bring an Inquisition again on the earth? To all those who will not bow the knee to the Whore of Babylon, and partake of her evil transubstantiation? (the blood and the wafer turned into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ - or so is the nauseating claim!)

Common Eucharist by 2000, from ENI News
(Ecumenical News International) 27 June, 1996:


The latest edition of the Jubilee magazine "Tertium Millennium" will be presented on Tuesday, July 9, at 11:30 a.m. in the Holy See Press Office. Participants will include Archbishop Sergio Sebastiani, secretary of the Committee and of the Council of the Presidency of the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000, Bishop Pierfranco Pastore, secretary of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications and member of the Jubilee Year Committee and Angelo Scelzo, director of "Tertium Millennium"....Angelo Scelzo then presented the magazine, which has 136 color pages. The first part, he said, is dedicated to 'a report of the Jubilee throughout the world.' There is a section titled 'The Word of the Pope,' which is 'like a living archive, an always up-to-date agenda on everything that the Holy Father pronounces regarding the Jubilee.'...

The director of the magazine added that this new issue- the first came out in February- has two special reports: one dedicated to the beginning of the Citizens' Mission of Rome, and another to teh 10th anniversary of the Day of Prayer in Assisi. He concluded with the announcement that "Tertium Milleniun" will reach more than 80 countries and will have five editions."

Despatch has dealt with the JUBILEE (Vol. 7:2...material will be online in near future) and the Eucharist for the global "family" in other issues. "Jubilee" is a redistribution of the world's goods, New Age socialism, and a vital climax in the set-up of the New Age New World Order for the next millennium. Will Martini head up this Jubilee, and join in the fake "Feast of Tabernacles" as the False Prophet of Revelation chapter thirteen? Only the Lord God Almighty knows at this stage. Note in particular the verses 11-14.

(from O'Timothy Magazine's special files & the Fundamental Baptist News Service)

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