by Dorothy Anne Seese

This is not in any way a comparison of Vicente Fox to Saddam Hussein, but while the post-war war rages in Iraq, western civilization against Middle East culture, more or less conventional warfare against militant guerilla troops, Islam on a jihad, we have a huge border problem that occasionally makes page four news.

The Mexican "jihad" is to take back what was legally acquired by the United States in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and the Gadsden Purchase. They want a new non-white state named Aztlan. Of course these Mexicans are not representative of the average worker, they tend to be the politicians, radical students, and those with a "cause" for which to fight. They are anti-American, whether they work or do not work. Some are here in the US and others are not, they are still in Mexico.

See: Aztlan Map

This is the major reason that solving our border problem is much more complex than merely putting up a wall and hiring more border patrol agents to defend our borders.

There are loyalist Mexicans on both sides of this issue. Some are loyal to the United States and consider themselves Americans, just as did the Japanese in California during World War II who were wrongfully incarcerated in camps. Then there are the Mexican/Aztlan loyalists, those who believe strongly that there must be a secession of an enormous part of the Southwest in order to provide to Mexico "reparations" for the war of 1845, a sort of cause around which dissidents can rally even though they seem to need America to find work and maintain a government with a semblance of law and order. Just how these people would make Aztlan function if they cannot effect the changes in Mexico that are needed to bring it up to western industrial standards is not part of the discussion. This is not an economic cause, it is political and it is pointless, but a rallying point nevertheless.

We now have such a high population of Mexican people in the United States that in the event we displeased Mexico to the point of open hostilities, there would be no way short of mind scanning to tell an American loyalist from a loyalist to the cause of Aztlan.

In Arizona, Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz) has openly expressed sympathy with the advocates of Aztlan, and he is the congressional representative for the area with perhaps the highest concentration of Mexican people in Arizona, or close to it, the district that includes Tucson. With the number of undocumented illegals in Arizona, it is difficult at times to determine a true headcount for any area. Thus we have people in our own government who are sympathetic to secession and who appear to have more affinity with the cause of Aztlan than with the cause of protecting the United States and its borders. This is not a healthy state of affairs, and most certainly begs the question of just how loyal to the US and its Constitution are some members of our Congress.

The shooting war is in Iraq, the body count climbs and the hostilities continue long after the US "liberation" and "mission accomplished" were announced. With no exit strategy published, and in spite of a plethora of professors in various universities who are experts on Middle East affairs, the US remains bogged down in the Middle East, suffering daily casualties and deaths. This grabs the headlines because the US government will simply not get out and leave an eighth century culture with various warring factions to fight it out as to who governs Iraq. Absent the radicals of Islam, the US might be able to leave with the feeling it had liberated some oppressed people who could return to democratic rule. As it is, the Islamic warlords will continue with their jihads against all opposition, inside or outside of Islam.

While the news and worries of nuclear war center on Iraq, the US invasion by Mexican nationals continues on a daily basis also, but because there are only occasional gun battles, and the US official policy is more sympathetic to illegal aliens than to the American ranchers and farmers on the border who are not even allowed to defend themselves, we have an "Iraq" brewing in our back yard. Just how long border states and American citizens/loyalists (both Anglo and Mexican in ethnicity) will suffer the pillaging, murders, vandalism and theft brought onto their property (and across it) by the illegal aliens remains to be seen. These people want to be heard and the American media is silencing them. These folks are appealing to our laws and to our Constitution for their lives, liberty and ability to pursue happiness on their own lands and are being denied. Even the present Governor of Arizona, Janet Napolitano, snubs the Arizonans in favor of the Mexican illegals, but with sufficient finesse and organized excuses to appear somewhat concerned while doing nothing or prosecuting those who defend themselves.

The only conclusion one who observes for any length of time can arrive at is this: America waited so long and ignored the problem until it became of such unmanageable size that the military is required to quell the invasion, and to use the army would be to reopen the American/Mexican war of 1845. That is precisely what would place "Iraq" in our back yard and open hostilities in our front yard, and since no one reads minds (yet) any and all Mexicans living here would be suspect, and right now that is over half the population of Arizona! Talk about bloodshed? We haven't seen bloodshed on that scale since the war between the North and South.

The dilemma is this: eventually, with the current rate of illegal immigrants coming into the US and the calls for amnesty being debated by a government that should be shouting "no, get out" to illegal invaders, we will one day reckon with this problem in a way no one wishes to consider. I live in Arizona and have for 42 years, a shooting war here is not my desire, nor is it the desire of any Anglo or Mexican that I know. Arizona is not the only territory marked for Aztlan. Southern California, New Mexico, and parts of Texas are also on their small map, with a larger map including other portions of the intermountain west and left coast.

So while the body count of our military killed in Iraq grabs the headlines, a volcano is brewing in our back yard, but most folks pass by it because the media refuses to even admit the seriousness of the problem.

If it were just bad journalism (which most major media is) it could be overlooked. But it's bad government on the part of the United States and its administration and Congress. There are consequences ahead that are being given the ostrich treatment while we continue in Iraq. And, if the government ever does decide to do something about Mexico, you may be sure it will be just as bungled as was the invasion of Iraq.

Hello America, good morning, good evening, wake up!

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