A. B. "Al" Cuppett
US Army|The Joint Staff (OJCS), Retired
RR 1 Box 34-T
Madison, VA 22727
7-31 July 2001 [update-2]

Subject: Nita's 'Modern' Nazi SS Transport Dream

On 6 Aug 1994, at 1555 hours, I arrived at AMTRAC's Beech Grove "repair facility" in Indianapolis, on the only day of the month which was "Open House"; then "open" to show the public that Linda Thompson's video "America Under Siege" was just misguided paranoia, i.e., the place isn't a "final solution termination camp". NO? Then why was it completely "sanitized" after Thompson's 1993 video/my 1998 video? Why were the fences changed, the Red-Blue Zone signs, etc, taken down, after spending $5.9 million "renovating" the 90-year old place?

The AMTRAC guard, J.. D…., who had a NATO-style black uniform 'in-waiting' in his locker, escorted me through the complex. I saw the aviation 25-knot wind socks [trains don't fly], bricked up windows, new gas [heating] furnaces with 6-inch gas pipes, NSA-style high security turnstiles, a two-tier barbed wire fence system with inward leaning tops [which, with the building door locks, made a TRIPLE security facility; uhhh, for railroad cars?], plus more. The 'more' was the last building we observed, at which the guard told me, "This is the one building that's equipped for rail cars. You can put four [box] cars in there at a time"!! My later-noticed, strictly-by-chance, photo reveals powered air vents in the roof of that "box car" building! You can get the 2 videos "Straight from the Joint Chiefs/Black Ops" by writing: "Al" @ Foundations- Ltd, Box 152, Hood, VA 22723, I make 0 on the videos; however, you'll be amazed by them.

In early July I received the "Nita's Dream" letter. Her words are quoted herein in italics; whereas my comments will be in brackets, e.g., [-------]. Please realize many "Holy Spirit-sent" dreams are depicted in parable-like fashion, and are purposefully analogous to the actual subject, as the revelation of the precise truth, as it shall happen in real life, could be detrimental to exposition of the dream, to others, by the "prophet/ess"; i.e., it might scare 'em badly! Quote:

Dear Brother Al,

Hi there again. I pray that all has been well with you. I'm writing because of another dream that I had last Sunday at 2 A.M. Normally all my dreams will give me a sense of urgency to read the newspaper the next 2 weeks because my dreams almost always come to pass within the next 2 weeks. (only 2 of them have taken longer than that, but those times the dreams themselves told me how long it would be before something happened.)

The last dream I had let me know that I didn't have to read the paper. 'It won't be in the paper', God let me know. To me it was obvious what it was about. At the time I thought to myself, 'I should write Al about this. He's dealing with the Jews and [word omitted for 'life preservation' concerns]. [I'm dealing with dear Jewish folks, but they've been in darkness for 2000 years and few can grasp what's about to happen to them – and us!

Since then my life has been hectic. I've been tired and didn't even bother to tell anyone at church my dream until just last night…By the end of me telling the people.. about the dream I was shaking so much that it wouldn't stop for about 10 minutes. Then I thought, "I've got to tell Al', because at the time I had the dream I wasn't really afraid at all, but now [at that point] I was almost terrified.

Last Sunday at 2 A.M. my alarm went off th get me up for work. I shut it off and figured I'd get up at 2:15 (the time my 2nd clock was set for.) Then came the dream. –I was walking up to a parking garage with a lady I assumed was my sister (although she didn't look like my sister but) I assumed it was her because the garage reminded me of the P……. building's parking garage in downtown D….. (My sister used to work for P……, that's why I assumed it was her. [The woman didn't "look" exactly like "her sister" because the 'deed' the woman was doing wasn't what any sister should ever be doing to a sibling; thus, the identity problem.] We were part of a group of 4 people. My "sister" was the leader [of our group].

As we came up to this garage entrance my sister seemed disgusted and was complaining how no one was allowed to bring anything into this building that was bigger than a loaf of bread. [Remember, in Europe, how few possessions the Jews were allowed to carry as they were loaded up for "transport" to the camps?] Then she gestured with her hands just how long, tall, and wide that would be. As she said it I saw a person driving an SUV inside of the building the wrong way through an exit ramp. So I thought, "Well, this story is bunk because Look! There's a person taking and SUV inside", but I said nothing to my sister. [The "SUV" with driver, sighting, tells you that although the particular people making this 'journey' cannot take anything very big inside with them, the SUV driver obviously is not included in th is ("Red/Blue List??") "category" of folks making the 'journey'.]

Once near the building I saw a whole bunch (50-100 or more) of other people inside. We 4 were directed to turn to the right down this concrete hallway. On one side of the hallway the concrete had windows carved out in it so you could see outside really well, but to our left it was a solid wall of concrete.

We went down this hallway for a short while then my sister said, "We've got to turn around. We're going the wrong way." Well, okay… To me, so far this was a totally innocuous dream. My sister had a bad attitude, a disgusted attitude during this whole thing (but that's just the way she is when things don't go absolutely 100% perfect.) I continued behind her because (be fore [in real life] she kicked me out of her family because I was becoming 'too religious' (her words, not mine). I'd always go with her on errands and stuff. She always directed our every move. I [have always] just kept quiet and kept her kids entertained. (To me this[her attitude] was normal.)

Well, so I'm following her. We're now back at the parking garage entrance where yet more people are being directed down the hallway that we just came from. And I see more 'leaders' gesturing to their groups about the shape of the bread loaf thing (just as my sister had done to our group). I thought, 'Man, they're all being told the same story as they enter this building". [The reversal of direction in the groups' travel was placed in the dream so 'Nita would see just what you see here. That is, they're all getting the "same story" and they're all going the same "final place"! Just like in Europe 1939-1945.] But, note here [at this point, at the 'entrance' or 'beginning'] nobody's [yet] afraid. It's just as if they think they're on a little trip.. an errand.. a brief excursion. No big deal. [That's what the Jews in Germany believed, as they left their homes for the last time.]

Now I notice the hallway we're now walking down is completely made of stainless steel. There are NO window openings [There were (somewhat cheery) 'windows' earlier, but now it gets progressively more restrictive.. the further the journey, the less chance of escape! This was the scenario in Europe.. Here, now, steel, and NO escape!], no doorways, (We are now headed West instead of East [Note: 1939-45 Holocaust was in the "East"; 20001-plus Holocaust will start here 1st! See para 3, pg 3]). I keep looking from side to side expecting to be coming upon a stairwell to go higher up in the parking garage (even though we don't have a car parked there. I have no idea why we're there.)

There are no stairwells. We abruptly come face to face with the end of the hallway. It too is made of stainless steel. I'm still looking for a stairway. I look up and see a jagged hole in the ceiling about the size of a dollar coin. [This 'feature' probably dream-signifies "No escape']. Some water is dripping from it. [Significance unknown.] I see some light coming through it from above and think, 'Maybe that's the stairwell. Maybe we can get up through there'. (It was impossible of course, but that's what I thought.) [Again, the "meaning" of this "jagged hole" may be: "No escape now"; or maybe a "shower head", thru which Zyklon-B was inserted into the "showers", as I saw at Dachau in 1960?]

As we stood stopped there I looked behind us and saw many, many people coming to a stop behind us in the hallway as far as I could see. We just stood there, thinking, 'Okaaay, now what?' My sister, then (still disgusted with the whole trip) said, 'It USUALLY doesn't go this fast.'? I noticed that whatever "hallway" we were in was MOVING but it didn't feel like it. [The clever deception deepens as the journey progresses.] It had gradually [See what I mean by the deception deepening progressively?] picked up speed, and now we were all standing with one leg bent and one leg straight in order to not fall down from the momentum.

I wondered to myself, 'We're on a train?', and it reminded me of trains that go through the Swiss Alps [Dream significance: Reminiscent of Europe no less.] [And then, somehow, she determined] (We were out in the woods.) Suddenly, we were at a standstill. The stainless steel walls of 'the train' [Gunderson Steel of Portland, OR, makes the [non-rusting] steel rail cars, complete with the shackles and chains the UN and FEMA plan to use in the USA. This is a now-confirmed fact!] were gone, and we were standing on a platform of some kind to our left. The platform dropped off at a 90 degree angle about 4 feet to a set of railroad tracks that had four cars on it [them]. The tops of these [cars] were open. They reminded me of old coal mining tubs. They flared out on the top. They were made of iron. They [the side walls] were only about 3 feet high (excluding the rail wheels). There was room to seat about 12.. 4 abreast. [Here the Beech Grove AMTRAK "four boxcar" building 'numerics', now surface in her dream.] And there was an opening to climb through like a doorway, an open doorway [without an actual door]>

There were a lot of people on the platform. My 'sister' and I had become slightly separated from the other 2 in our group. Then she told me, "We're in car #2. (as she looked at a ticket she had.) [This must signify that the people were each "accounted for", or were specifically identified, and had their car/NAMES also, specified; meaning all those on the 'trip' had been listed/targeted.] But I thought, "There are so many people, we'll have to scramble to get to our car and save seats for the other two in our group." (Because even though we were first in the line the 'railcars' weren't in order. From our end they were numbered something like 4, 2, 3, 1) I only saw 4 cars. Not enough for all.[What's new? The Nazi's "Juden transporten" rail car movements were always "less than accommodating".]

Some guy shouted for everyone to look at their tickets and get in their cars. Then there was some noise and a great commotion as people jumped off of the platform to where the cars were. As my sister and I sat in the #2 car (which had seats of steel benches about 4 inches off the ground[floor]) I looked up at the crowded platform and saw a tall sandy-haired guy who anxiously shouted, 'MY TICKET! I DON'T HAVE A TICKET!' (there was something very important about having a ticket. This guy was almost frantic. [you'll see why later.]) my sister said snottily, 'That's too bad'. Then the one male member of our group came into our car. (I never saw the 4th member of our group. [Is 1 of 3 to be 'spared'; like Zech 13: 8-9?]) Anyway, the male stood up looking down at the steel seat looking none too happy about the rough accommodations, [Just like the Nazi SS "final solution" scenario] on this trip of ours, and he looked at my sister and in an angry tone said, 'I don't like this'. He expected her to do something about it.

She looked up at him and said forcefully, 'Am I gonna have to call a guard?' The male kept quiet as I thought to myself, "Guard? What guard?" Just then I could sense that armed guards were standing on the platform.. It instantly reminded me of the Nazis. They [the guards] all had on Nazi helmets! Right then my 2:15 alarm clock went off. The [Holy] Spirit in me told me, 'This will not be in the newspapers.' I bought papers since then anyway because the dream was so disturbing to me.

After I have dreams, the Lord reveals to me piece by piece what they mean. (1) The man with no ticket would be shot to death once the railcars moved off (to the East now) and away from the platform. [The SS were always brutal about details/obedience to their commands. The guy had failed to safeguard his ticket; thus, he would be "dispatched". The cars now start moving "East", means the Holocaust will later return to the "East".] (2) All of these people assumed they were on a little journey. They were led there by people they trusted just like a sister, [Warning to all Jews/Israelis: Do not "trust" or accept US government/UN sponsored free ship transport to Israel. Only the first ship will arrive. All later voyages will not. Why? Those on the first ship will call back to the US and report they got there. That will make it seem like a legitimate process to those hoping to escape. Remember, this is the Satanic/deceptive New World Order we are dealing with!] (3) By the time they realized what was going on or were uncomfortable about the trip, it was too late for them to escape. [Going to any international airport to escape the US, where the UN cops shall have absolute jurisdiction, per an intelligence/FBI report, or getting on a "free cruise" to Israel, will bring about the results noted in item (3) just above.]

I [later] checked my mail and I saw that your 'Straight from the Joint Chiefs' video had arrived. Within the next 2 days I found time here & there to watch it. The part about the 4 rail cars in the 'repair station' simply floored me. I'd never heard anything about that [the Beech Grove AMTRAK facility] before. I believe this stuff [the "transport trips" in her dream] is happening now, or is about to happen really, really soon. There is an extreme sense of urgency to warn people.

When I told people at the church, [Sister W] pointed out to me, 'Your sister's been on this trip before'. I asked her, 'What do you mean?' And she said, 'She [your sister] said, 'Usually it doesn't go this is fast' (This is the 2nd time that one of this family has pointed out something in my dreams that was very important. [This deceiving 'sister' is dream-significant/representative of those Judas Iscariots/Benedict Arnolds who will betray "Believers" and/or Jews, on ideological grounds; or for profit, or personal gain of some sort; as Nita's 4th point brings out below.]

(4) There are people ASSIGNED to dupe these people into these 'little trips'; and they go along trip after trip after trip [continuing to deceive/betray and trap the unwary whenever possible]> That's why my 'sister' was so disgusted and anxious to just get it [the dirty deed] over with already (sic) [Reminiscent of the 'Cappos' in the concentration camps, who fed their own ethnic people into the gas chambers, etc. They were obviously disgusted with it all, but they did 'the deeds', in that ungodly and horrible scenario, to merely prolong their own lives.]

That's all I really have to tell you. Well, I have to go. God Bless and take care. My prayers are with you and your family. Stay strong.

Sincerely, (signed) 'Nita

P.S. A year ago in March, "Sister W" appeared to me in a dream pitching hay. She looked at me and said, We have another year to get ready." I wondered 'For what?' Martial law? Moving to Israel? As March of this year came and went I asked the Lord, 'What are we waiting for? Nothing has happened. A year has passed.' I put my trust in him to let me know.

The next morning (around 2 AM again) He gave me a dream about a huge man shrouded in black and riding the black horse in a medieval courtroom. The Lord told me in my spirit, 'This is it. This is what you were waiting for. Pure evil is here. Heads up. Pay attention…' Now this dream comes about railroads. This is all so important that I don't know how to convey the urgency. People have got to pay attention now more than ever. Don't be duped. If something seems not quite right then people should question it RIGHT AWAY! Be smart. Be awake. Tell them please. Thanks. Unquote..------I'll tell them 'Nita, but my Jewish friends have been in spiritual darkness for 2000 years, and they run right to the Rabbi with their concerns and he, in error, or commission, continues to misguide them. What can I do??!!

Signed: Shalom and Chai Israel! ---- Al Cuppett

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