By Andy Neckar

The phrase "becoming Christians" or "become a Christian" is very popular nowadays folks. Almost all news services use this phrase in reporting about the results of evangelistic campaigns. It is clear that the news services, and a shame that the evangelicals, who use this terminology have no cognition of itís meaning.

We hear that, so many people "prayed to become a Christian". We hear that this many people "came forward" in response to a message to "make a decision to become a Christian".

There are many believers who are not Christians, but there are no Christians who are not believers.ONE-Becoming a Believer
Frankly, to be honest, becoming a "Christian" and becoming a "believer" are really two different levels of Christianity. To become a believer one must believe the "gospel" of Christ. One is regenerated-sanctified-born again and made a new creature. One is placed "in" Christ. ALL this happens because one "simply" believed the "simple" gospel of Christ. Salvation comes "easy".

If one meets these qualifications, one does not have to "pray" to become a Christian, one is a already a "believer, but "not" in a true sense, a "Christian".

The Word of God tells how one can become a believer and thereby become one in Christ. One can find out for oneself by reading the Bible or hear the Word from a preacher, provided he preaches "all" of "Godís Word" and does not throw in personal "words of wisdom" to overly simplify things, therefore making the gospel of no effect. The gospel of Christ is simple, but not as simple as merely saying a prayer, filling out a card, or walking an isle. Becoming a believer does not cost. Salvation is a free gift. It "doesnít" depend on us.TWO-Becoming A Christian
One-let me say that I am not stuck on oneís. Two-l will get on with the subject. Folks-becoming a Christian is not as simple as getting saved/believing the gospel of Christ. Becoming a Christian means "following Christ"; to be a Christ follower. The early believers came to be called Christians because they were followers of Christ and His teachings. Becoming a believer can be hidden. Becoming a Christian cannot. Becoming a believer saves us. Becoming a Christian identifies us. It tells the world who we are and what we believe. Becoming a Christian costs. It "does" depend on us.
Becoming a Christian is the light Jesus speaks of in Matt 5:14-16. It is the salt He speaks of in Matt 5:13. The light of a Christian is a witness to the LIGHT. (John 1:7) One does not become a follower of Christ the moment one believes. Believing in faith saves. Growing in faith makes us a Christian. We grow in faith and learn to walk after the Spirit. We begin to follow Christ. We endure persecution, ridicule, and scorn. We take up our cross and follow Christ. We are believers who are Christians.Why this article? Because there are too many believers who are not Christians--and itís sad. It hurts.