Preparing For War
The devil has formed a weapon of mass destruction and its name is Islam


As we begin the new year of 2005 we need to take a moment or two and put our priorities in order for one thing is certain this is going to be a bumpy ride and with the onslaught of Islam and their declared Islamic Jihad (Holy War) on the rest of the world we need to understand a few things.  It would be wise for all of us to spend more time in the Word for it is there we will be able to understand what has happened and what is about to happen, and the peace we can gain from staying in Godís Word as well. 


No one living today has ever seen anything like the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean, yet Godís Word warns us of such events in Luke 21:25 and Matt 24 tell us of even more terrible events to come before the coming of the Messiah.  One thing is certain Godís Word is true and it will come to pass.  There is another truth we all need to come to grips with, the Devil has two main enemies, the Jew and the Christian, or you might say Judah and Ephraim, and itís that last part that is causing so much controversy these days.  But there is one thing that is happening in Israel these days, and that is a deeper understanding by the Israeli Government of their need for the Christians.  Those who have been grafted into the Jewish root are slowly being acknowledged as important to Israel, and that is a beginning to the fulfillment of Godís Prophetic Word.


The devil has formed a weapon of mass destruction and its name is Islam.  For decades they have been about killing Christians and Jews, and will continue for they are the enemy of the Devil and Islam.  And the forces that will come against Israel are sharpening their weapons for war as we speak.


For the past few years I have been saying and still say that the biggest danger to Israel is not Iran, Syria or Saudi Arabia but Egypt.  Now the former chief of the Mossad is coming out with his evaluation that Egypt has acquired nuclear capabilities from Pakistan.  And could even have a bomb ready to use.


In the past 6 months there has been over 25 violations of Israeli airspace by Egyptian passenger jets.  It has caused Israel to beef up their air defense along the Egypt/Israel border in the area of Eilat.  It is believed that Egypt is testing to see how close they can get to the large tourist hotels in Eilat. 


Saudi Arabia has built an air force base in Tobug just 200 kilometers from the Israel border.  Israel has complained to the UN many times about this Egyptian base but to no avail. The Israeli intelligence has also discovered that al-Qaida has recruited Saudi fighter pilots for suicide attacks in Israel.  For the above reasons the IAF has begun renovating the Uvda air base in the Negev about 45 kilometers north of Eilat. 


Egypt has a long memory and Mubarak wants revenge for 1967 and 1973 where they attacked Israel and both times were miserably defeated by the Israel forces.  In the 80ís I made several trips to Cairo by bus, and as we drove along the desert road near the Mediterranean Sea you could see dozens of destroyed Egyptian tanks in the desert.  But Egypt has been playing a different kind of game since the1973 Yom Kippur War.  It has been one of building up his military might with the help of the US.  And America has armed Egypt with F-15 and F-16 jets with the latest high tech aboard them.  They have been supplied with some the largest big guns America has to offer.  And on top of that the Egyptian Officers have been training in US military bases throughout the US for years now.  The question has been asked by many, what enemy does Egypt have to need such a large military?  There is no nation in the Middle East who considers themselves their enemy.  But what is known Egypt like all the other Arab countries want to destroy Israel.  So the next question is why does the US keep arming them to fight a large-scale war, if not to destroy Israel?  


What makes it all the more suspicious is the northern border has become very quiet over the past couple months, with the Hizbullah concentrating on obtaining more missiles with longer range missiles in from Iran through Syria.  And what everyone in the world knows is Iran is busy producing nuclear bombs and longer-range missiles to deliver them. They can already reach most of Europe and working on a missile that can reach parts of the US. 


What ads more to the mix now are the discovery of Syriaís negotiations with the nuclear scientist from Pakistan and could have acquired ready to go nukes themselves. 

So while the Islamic insane world prepares for all out war and the total destruction of Israel the smoke screens go up, with the PA election, and the Sharon Disengagement Plan.  That is not to say that neither of the above isnít of great importance to what is happening in the Middle East.  The PA election is a joke to say the least and a bad joke.  With the US backing Abbas the head of the PLO, itís as if the politicians of the US and Israel donít believe that people have a memory, that they canít remember that the PLO is a terrorist organization.  


What I find even more amazing is the amount of people who believe that the Road Map and the Disengagement Plan are good things.  But it must be understood that those who believe such a lie are not true Believers in Yeshua, and certainly not Jews who understand what it means to have a Jewish State on this Land given us by God Himself. 


What we are about to witness in the Disengagement Plan of ripping Jews from their homes will be the ugliest event that has ever happened in Israel, and there is only one man to be blamed, Ariel Sharon, for no matter how much power George Bush has over his head he was elected to be our Prime Minister, not a Bush puppet.  Many IDF Officers have signed a petition stating they will not obey an order to force Jews out of their home in Israel, and other segments of the Israeli society are preparing for what may be a civil war.  All of this to be blamed on one man Ariel Sharon, who for reasons few understand is intent on destroying the Jewishness of the State of Israel in favor of a secular state. But even as this plays out here in Israel, what is happening throughout Europe is about to bring Jews to Israel by the tens of thousands.  I pray that this ministry and others will be prepared to reach out and help those who will need our help.  God has prepared this ministry and others to rise to the task and I pray we will not fail.  I am asking you to pray about the larger boat, we need your help now.

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