Quest or Conquest –
Is There a Choice
By Jim Kirwan
The single most divisive force in the world today is the United States of America, under our current 
leadership. Since his ascension to the Oval Office in 2000, Bush and his fellow puppets have used 
the destruction of this country’s founding documents and principles, as fuel for their fires of hate 
and division around the world. Bush calls this ‘a quest for peace’, when in fact this is nothing more 
than an open-ended search for conquest in all it’s forms.
Bush has proclaimed that the Christian Bible is now the national guide, for distribution of tax dollars 
that are going to the less fortunate, all of which makes a mockery of the First Amendment—
especially when he did this as his very first act in office, by presidential edict. Now he seeks to 
enshrine his further destruction of the 5th and 6th Amendments, begun in both Patriot Acts, by 
appointing Alberto Gonzales as his advocate for torture and confinement without charges, to be the 
next Attorney General of the USA. 
Bush appears to be about to overstep his authority in many areas simultaneously, and as the 
public is beginning to awaken; perhaps there will finally be a backlash. In Social Security, Bush 
began by giving away the reserve meant to supply the needed cash to the rich, in tax cuts, yet 
now he claims there is not enough money to fund the promised payments from Social Security 
for the near future.  As the one man who has single-handedly undercut that program, he cannot 
now claim that “we” must change this program that he has begun to murder. Similar results are 
hemorrhaging from Medicare, from Education, and indeed almost every social service that this 
government has obligated itself to furnish for the public. Bush is not simply trashing the 
Constitution; he is being criminally negligent when it comes to providing the services that the 
administration holds office to supply.  Bush is claiming that he is on a mission, and that he has 
been charged “by God” to undertake it.  Part of this “mission” he sees as bringing “Freedom 
and Democracy” to the rest of the planet, by way of bringing “peace” to a troubled world. Yet, as 
he is promising these freedoms to other nations, he is deliberately stripping this country of those 
same freedoms and the democratic principles that we had: these losses accelerate daily. 
In his War on Freedom, Bush has attempted to reduce reality, to black & white terms that are much 
more familiar to the 12th Century than to the 21st. He and his sponsors have restarted the Crusades, 
not for moral or religious reasons but purely for the profit of the very few. The non-sectarian nature 
of this nation is being vaporized for the petty profits of Bush and his friends and sponsors. Once 
introduced and established within the framework of US law, these nightmares will take decades to 
undo, if such a Herculean task is even possible.  Those he is appeasing with his tirades, seek to 
place their religious tenets at the heart of all American life, while nullifying the values and laws which 
this nation has been living under for over 200 years—this is not leadership in a democratic Republic, 
this is the tyranny of a feudal society: one that seemingly now hungers to embrace an evangelista 
inspired fascism. This amounts to an obscene invasion into the life of this nation, an obscenity, that 
has no place this government and is something far better suited to a backward and primitive society 
where all must” follow the teachings of a single religious belief, marginalizing all other belief systems: 
and that idea has never been what this nation was about. 
The current resident of the White House has said: “we will wipe out evil in the world”: that would be 
laughable, if so many hundreds of thousands of people weren’t dying to appease the folly of this 
man who is seriously unbalanced. Bullets and bombs have never been able to kill ideas – as he is 
proving in Iraq – each and every day. The longer we attack the people there, the greater is their 
resistance to our occupation and their determination only grows with every new death we inflict upon 
them. This entire war is as bogus as Al Qaeda is: 
But Iraq is only the second nation on this long list of nations that we are planning to attack. Under 
Bush, we will attack all those who refuse to bow before our commercial juggernaught, who refuse to 
throw away their way of life, their religious beliefs and their customs. In that process, those we have 
invaded have decided to fight us for their right to live and dream as they choose. We can never win 
this war, and we will be defeated in Iraq, just as we were in Viet Nam.
It is too bad that the media has chosen not to show the world the before and after satellite images 
from Iraq, as was done for the victims of the Tsunami.  Had the whole world been able to see the 
horror of the destruction in Iraq as we were able to assess the results in the Far East, perhaps the 
public here might have become as disillusioned with the invasion as the rest of the planet already is.  
On the one hand there has been a tremendous outpouring of compassion and help for the victims 
of the Tsunami: while the plight of the people of Iraq continues unabated. Where is the outcry, where 
are the demands for cessation?  The Tsunami was caused by nature (maybe), while the War in Iraq 
was created by greed and by power-hungry individuals protected by a cloak of stealth and artificial 
secrecy, they are a cabal that chose to steal rather than buy, the national resources of another nation. 
And they did this under color of US national patriotism, which was a lie!
Finally when one looks at the pathetic individuals that the current resident wants to put into offices 
throughout the government – there can be no doubt that Bush seeks a crown and not the dually 
elected office of a legitimate president of this Republic. Bush scorns any and all who might bring him 
bad news, or who disagree with his twisted policies. Look at the preparations for his coronation, $50 
million to anoint him King, and the public will be prevented from any natural participation.  
The rest of the world is looking on in horror. One-20-05 will indeed be a black day for free speech, and 
for the death of this nation, as a concept that once stood for the exact opposite of George W. Bush and 
all his cronies! The world waited to see if our boy-king would steal the elections here, again—and of 
course they did. This “inauguration” will attempt to legitimize that theft, and soon we will all begin to see 
the plans that have been made for us around the world, because now these plans will finally begin to take 
effect. Our money, our credibility, and our way of life will soon begin to reflect the real price that must be 
paid, for these unilateral and illegal acts by this man and his minions, as they attempted to force these 
concepts on the world. The only future that waits for any empire is complete and total destruction – and 
this nation is not exempt from those responsibilities that such behaviors always incur. 2005 promises to 
be the year of real change!

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