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Annals of the Antichrist


by Michael A. Hoffman II

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Ding dong the Antichrist is dead; Mr. 666 himself (R-o-n-a-l-d W-i-l-s-o-n R-e-a-g-a-n), whose California retirement residence was numbered 666 before Nancy, the Hollywood floozie he chose over his lawful first wife Jane Wyman, had the number changed.

Hoffman, how dare you impugn the reputation of the statesman Peggy Noonan has rightfully dubbed, "the King of Character"! Ronald Reagan was a hero of our Western Civilization!

Well, what passes for "our" Western Civilization these days is a vertiginous carnival funhouse, and the panegyric for Bonzo, from looney "conservatives," is a symptom of the Double Mind mentality that is epidemic in this, the terminal phase of "our" Western Syphilization. Let the record speak for itself:


1. Reagan was named "the greatest friend in the White House that Israel ever had" by the arch Stern gang terrorist, Yitzhak Shamir. The memorandum of understanding which he reached with Shamir is cited in our time as a basis for George W. Bush's "more Likudnik than thou" foreign policy disasters in the Middle East, which have generated, not stemmed, terrorism and untold suffering.


2. The schedule of the "pro-Christian" Reagan White House was set by a San Francisco witch, Joan Quigley, whose "psychic powers" were obsessively consulted by both the President and the First Lady. For instance, "Reagan wished in early December 1983 to announce that he would be seeking reelection, but Quigley judged the timing to be terrible. She forced the announcement to wait until January 29, a move that frustrated Reagan. What's more, she had him deliver the speech at
10:55 p.m., a late hour that had political commentators scratching their heads."

In another case, Reagan met with Mikhail Gorbachev for a document signing in Helsinki just after dawn, leaving everyone but soothsayer Joan and her familiar Nancy, shaking their heads in befuddlement, (the weird timing had been set by Quigley).

It has even been said that in times of national crisis, Reagan would frantically ask Nancy, "What does Joan say?" (The full impact of Quigley's counsel on Reagan's foreign and domestic policies has yet to be revealed).

Sources: Former White House Chief of Staff Donald Regan's 1988 book, "For the Record;" see also


3. Reagan's closest religious crony was not a priest or pastor, but Menachem Mendel Schneerson, Grand Rabbi of the Chabad-Lubavitch wing of Orthodox Judaism: "Chabad's closest presidential relationship, (Avraham) Shemtov says, was with Ronald Reagan, who corresponded personally with Schneerson...Chabad delegations were both the first visitors to the White House when Reagan was elected and his last vistors on his final day in office."

The founder of Chabad-Lubavitch was Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Lyady, whose somewhat uncharitable doctrine that all gentiles are "completely evil," sub-human garbage ("supernal refuse"), who possess "no redeeming characteristics," is still imparted to students in Chabad-Lubavitch
schools (many of these children are named "Zalman" in his honor).

In his old age, Rabbi Schneerson, did nothing to discourage the delusion that he was the Messiah. Even after Schneerson's death in 1994, many of his followers continue to claim that either he will rise from the dead or that he is in fact, still alive: "We believe that he is alive and well, and has only `disappeared' temporarily, and that he will reveal himself at any moment." --Rabbi Zimroni Tzik.

According to Prof. David Berger, a lecturer in Jewish studies at Brooklyn College and at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, "the messianists are no longer satisfied with identifying the rebbe (Schneerson) as the Messiah, but identify him as God himself."

By proclamation, in 1983, President Reagan established the birthday of this false messiah and "god", Schneerson, (March 28), as "Education Day USA" (it has been observed on various days in the spring, including March 26, April 2 and once on Hitler's birthday, April 20; see

The ominous law which grew out of Reagan's repeated proclamations in Schneerson's name, Public Law 102-14, establishes a statutory obligation on Americans to obey the Talmudic interpretation of the "Noahide Laws" (a counterfeit name, since rabbinic tradition disparages Noah), which
stipulate the death penalty for "avoda zara" (idol worship), of which, according to the halachic authority Maimonides, all who worship Jesus Christ, are guilty. So we have, thanks to Mr. Reagan, a law on the Federal statute books, which can be invoked at any time to establish legal grounds for executing those who worship Jesus as the second person of the Holy Trinity.

While Jimmy Carter was the first American president to officially flirt with Chabad-Lubavitch Judaism, it was Reagan who massively collaborated with them, formally creating the legal grounds for the subsequent 1991 Public Law 102-14, with his Proclamations 5317 and 5463. All subsequent
presidents have reconfirmed Reagan's proclamations, and the former Press Secretary who gave George W. Bush his hypnotic cues from the audience (watch the videotape), during Bush's Purim 2003 "we're going to war in Iraq" news conference, was the Chabad-Lubavitch agent, Ari Fleischer.

Messiah Schneerson's cult continues to command influence and remains incumbent on all top government officials, whether of the Right or the Left. For instance, Rabbi Schneerson is slated to be adored next week (June 17, 2004) in a civic ceremony at the prestigious John F. Kennedy
Library in Massachusetts. Hundreds are expected to gather for this Judaic seance, billed as "One People, One Soul." Co-sponsored by 22 Chabad Centers from greater Boston, it will feature a keynote address by Talmud expert Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz of Jerusalem, and will be graced by
top US lawmakers and federal officials and who knows -- perhaps even an appearance by the late rabbi himself!

Sources: Sue Fishkoff, "The Rebbe's Army" (NY: Schocken Books, 2003), pp. 192-193; Yair Sheleg, "Waiting for a Revelation," Haaretz (Israeli newspaper), May 26, 2004; and


4. On November 3, 1983, Reagan signed the law establishing the third Monday of every January as the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Holiday. This law has nothing to do with the advancement of the civil rights of black people, who were saddled with a paralyzing welfare entitlement mentality commensurate with the rise of King, and who had been far better served by the empowering self-reliance creed of the now largely forgotten black educator, Booker T. Washington.

Reagan knew fully well, as he affirmed to New Hampshire Governor Meldrim Thompson, that Martin Luther King was a serial adulterer, plagiarist (having cheated on his PhD. dissertation at Boston College) and Communist party affiliate. "I have the reservations you have," Reagan
wrote Thompson, "but here the perception of too many people is based on an image, not reality."

With a monumental shrug of his broad shoulders, Reagan consciously and knowingly committed one of the most treacherous acts of compromise of any president in our nation's history, signing into law the King holiday. By so doing, Mr. Reagan sentenced American children in public schools across the land to an immersion every January in King's crippling philosophy of entitlement, with its undercurrent of contempt for poor whites, whose ancestors were themselves slaves in 17th and 18th
century America (not just "indentured servants").

With the exception of Abraham Lincoln, no American is studied in our public schools with the fervor and to the extent accorded Martin Luther King, not even our nation's founder, George Washington, who has been reduced mostly to serving as an icon of February clearance sales in
advertisements for used cars and furniture.

King dedicated himself to overthrowing our immemorial rights to free association (i.e. the right to choose your employees and the customers you will serve in your business), and the right of private property (the right to decide to whom you will sell or rent your property). He  succeeded when these rights were derogated by the misnamed Civil Rights Act of 1964. Imposing, by Federal fiat, a national holiday honoring King, serves to institutionalize the moral, ethical and legal rectitude
of the assault on these rights. 

Due to King and his enabler Reagan, we have raised a generation of American judges, legislators and students with no grasp of the necessity of these vital rights, and no memory of their hallowed, thousand year legacy. Instead, we now have millions of Americans too terrified of Federal enforcement agents to dare to hire or rent to those whom they most desire to employ or house. This represents a grievous abridgment of the civil rights of all Americans.


5. After his reelection in 1984, Reagan began to press for the acquisition of a vast pool of coolie labor on behalf of his corporate patrons, due to the fact that most native-born Americans in that era
insisted on a living wage, according to the ancient standard of the Church (I Timothy 5:18).

In order to lay the groundwork for the transformation of yeoman America into a cheap labor colony, Reagan championed a controversial amnesty scheme for millions of illegal aliens, most of whom were Mexican nationals. In 1986, Reagan triumphed, signing into law the Simpson-Mazzoli Act, granting the amnesty which almost immediately led to an unprecedented immigration invasion which has not abated to this day, and which in turn created vast financial burdens on California's
medical insurance program; and the inflation of housing costs to unbearable levels, (causing many native-born Americans to be unable to afford a home in California). The American southwest has subsequently been transformed into a crime-ridden outpost of a resurgent "Aztlan."

President George W. Bush has proposed another calamitous, Reagan-style amnesty for illegal aliens on the same grounds and for the benefit of the same Antichrist, predatory capitalist interests.


6. Ronald Reagan's foreign policy supported and maintained in power many of the protagonists in the Muslim and Arab world who have lately been branded as planetary threats to world peace, including Saddam Hussein, Reagan's ally in the Iraqi-precipitated Iran-Iraq war, and Usama bin
Laden, who was armed and funded by Reagan's CIA in Afghanistan.

Reagan is alleged to be a redoubtable "Commie fighter." This risible PR spin overlooks the historic role the US government has played in ensuring the survival and expansion of the Communist slave system (in Russia by Henry Ford and Franklin D. Roosevelt; in Eastern Europe by Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman, and in China by George C. Marshall and Richard M. Nixon).

Communism only becomes vulnerable to destabilization by the US when it exhibits two defects: falling out of favor with the International Trade Cartel (Cuba) or falling out of favor with International Zionism (the USSR). Both Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson in the late 1960s and Republican
Nixon in the early 1970s did ample business with the Soviet Union in ways that significantly bolstered the Soviet system.

It was only after a clear consensus emerged in New York, London and Jerusalem that the Judaics were scheduled to at long last terminate their world-historic Communist operations in Russia, and transform themselves into "victims of Communism," that Reagan was given the green
light to play liberator.

Yet at the same time our hero was acting this part, his Office of Special Investigations (OSI), a Federal agency which functions as an enforcement arm of international Zionism, was kidnapping elderly anti-Communist Christians and shamefully and disgracefully handing them over to the Communist butchers they had once fought.

Most notorious in this regard was the Reagan administration's monstrous betrayal of the Catholic Croatian statesman Andrija Artukovic, an octogenarian who was keelhauled on a hospital gurney back to Communist Yugolslavia in 1986, to the hideous glee of vengeful Judeo-Communists.

It is patent that on those occasions when his Judaic handlers sought to have him assist vicious Communist persecution, Reagan timidly obeyed his orders and collaborated; and in those geo-political situations, such as in Russia, where, after 70 years on the road to nowhere, the Russian
nation had been raped and drained to the point of collapse, and it was time for the Holy People to head for greener pastures in Brooklyn, Beverly Hills and Tel Aviv, that Reagan was allowed to step in, on cue, and assume the mantle of "Liberator of The Evil Empire."


Amid the sawdust of the American funhouse carnival, in the double-mind of the split-personalities who people that funhouse, Ronald Wilson Reagan is a paradigm of "the good and the true" in a "world of venal compromise."

This hypnotic belief is similar to the mesmeric conviction that our current President can be a Skull and Bones secret society member and a good Christian; a papally-certified Right-to-Life campaigner and the man who was instrumental in helping abortionist Alan Specter defeat the staunch anti-abortionist, Congressman Patrick Toomey, in the Republican primary battle for the US Senate in Pennsylvania.

It all makes sense, under the ensign of the grinning clown, in the funhouse chamber of thrills, chills and spills; in the words of the barker's spiel, "A hero, a giant, a knight, a prince, the king of

But when the klieg lights have all gone dark and the sawdust has been scattered on the wind, it is the rabbis and the witches who will write the final epitaph of the Reagan legacy, "Solve et coagula."


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