Smallpox Vaccine and the Microchip

HHS and its head hancho, Tommy Thompson, are feverishly attempting to negotiate a Pharmaceutical deal to produce 300,000,000 doses of smallpox vaccine. (enough for the illegals?)

When asked about those individuals vaccinated in the '50, '60, and '70s - the last time the vaccine was used - he stated they (HHS) were not sure that those individuals would still have immunity. By implication he means that everyone in the U.S. should be vaccinated.

Yes, it has been a while since I took medical microbiology and immunology, but if my memory serves me correctly, the vaccine confers lifelong immunity.

"Every American will have his or her name on their dose." Interesting phraseology, Tommy.

As reported about 6 months ago in Industry Standard magazine, Hitachi has developed a microchip, known as the MU chip, that is only .04mm square with 128K of memory and can emit a RF (radio frequency) signal up to two feet. "It can be woven into currency or used in biological tissue - it is completely transparent." Also, don't forget L.U.C.I.D. and our friends at Digital Demon - ahm, I mean Angel. Their stock went up subsequent to 911.

Several months ago I met a former Marine recon specialist ('86-'92) who swore to me and another on this forum that selected individuals in the corps, including himself, had been implanted with an ID chip. Guess where? On the site of their smallpox vaccination scar. These were the rather outdated versions of microchips, not like the MU. The scanner had to be held right over the smallpox scar and your SSN was displayed.

Most of these chips are powered by what is called thermal gradient. The areas of the body with the highest gradients are the head, hands, and arms.

Do you see where I am going with this?

Let's use a hypothetical example.

The government or one its rogue elements lets smallpox loose in Smalltown, USA - sure they can sacrifice a few thousand more Americans to make the empire more secure.

The whole country panics and lines up for their vaccine. They go to pre-designated public health service offices and fill out forms with all kinds of ID questions.

In addition there is the new OHS database that has information on your political bent using the friend, foe, or neutral scheme. (see "The Revolution in Military Affairs and Conflict Short of War" - Army War College, 1996)

The information in put into a computer and the computer programs the little MU which is dropped into the vaccine bottle with your name on it. You step up for the pneumatic injection and viola, you are a walking database and transmitter.

Lets imagine the U.S. slides into the worst depression since the '30s. There are riots and political dissension. The 'system' is activated.

You go to the grocery store and for some reason you cannot check-out. Could it have anything to do with that 'foe' signal you are emitting?

This is only one scenario. You can just imagine the possibilities.




Hitachi Announces world's smallest RFID IC, the "mu-chip"

Jul 5, 2001 08:13 AM

- Establishment of in-house venture company to promote RFID solutions -

TOKYO, July 3, 2001, -- Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE:6501/NYSE: HIT) today announced that it has developed the world's smallest RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification ) integrated circuit chip called the "mu-chip", which is thin enough to be embedded in paper. An in-house venture company, "Mu-Solutions", will be formed on July 1, as a catalyst to form the value chains around this emerging technology. It will collaborate with both in-house business groups and outside companies to help expedite proliferation of the mu-chip. FROM ECONOMIST
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Embedded in bank notes or designer labels, the "mu-chip" can beep out the owner's location and details to marketers and ...

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