The Buddhization of America

Informed Christian Digest, 13 January 2004

While most Americans are focusing on terrorism and taxes and the war in Iraq, a very slick and subtle campaign is being pursued by certain Tibetan Buddhists to lay a spiritual foundation throughout America. This Buddhist Jihad (or "holy war") is in a sense the efforts of the followers of the current Dalai Lama to use a form of Eastern sorcery in an effort to possess and control the spiritual environment over our cities, states, waters, etc..

This is being done to gain control of our Nation's spiritual destiny and to advance the agenda of "the Buddhization of America" over the next generation. And much of their activity is done at Taxpayer expense in the guise of creating "art" (demonically inspired "sand mandalas"). Interestingly enough, these mandala exhibits often precede major territorial disasters, despite the so-called "blessings" they supposedly bring (eg: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc.). Does anyone wonder why?

Jesus taught us, His Church, to "first, bind the strong man" as we seek to influence our Nation's spiritual environment (Matt. 12:29). But, it looks like these Buddhists are actually doing what Jesus told US (the Church) to do -- only in reverse! I wonder if the Church will get a clue?.

"In recent years, Asian immigration to North America has risen dramatically, and with these people has come their Buddhist faith. At the same time, many non-Asian North Americans have adopted Buddhism as their religion. In order to present the gospel effectively to both of these groups it is clear that Christians need to have a fundamental understanding of Buddhism." --J. Isamu Yamamoto, Christian Research Journal.

"The Hollywood actor Richard Gere was also convinced that the transformation of the world into a Buddhocracy would occur suddenly, like an atomic explosion, and that the 'critical mass' would soon be reached" --Herald Tribune, 20 March 1997.

"In the last decade Buddhism has grown by 170% compared to Christianity's 5%." --James Stephens (former Buddhist monk), Director, Sonrise Center for Buddhist Studies,

Map of Planned Buddhist Temples In USA

What are the implications of the building of Buddhist mandalas (magic diagrams) across the country?

Informed Christian Digest, January 13, 2004

According to Victor and Victoria Trimondi, experts on Mandala Politics (see Shadow of the Dalai Lama, It is an act of sorcery -- "a magic title of possession, with which control over a particular territory can be legitimated.... One builds a magic circle (a mandala) and "anchors" it in the region to be claimed. Then one summons the gods and supplicates them [through ritual prayers and incantations] to take up residence in the 'mandala palace.' After a particular territory has been occupied by a mandala, it is automatically transformed into ta sacred center of Buddhist cosmology. Every construction of a mandala also implies the magic subjugation of the inhabitants of the region in whihc the 'magic circle' is constructed.".

They also state, "In the case of the Kalachakra sand mandala, the places in which it has been built are transformed into the domains under the control of the Tibetan time gods. Accordingly, from a tantric viewpoint, the Kalachakra mandala constructed at great expense in New York in 1991 would be a cosmological demonstration of power, which aimed to say that the city now stood under the governing authority or at least spiritual influence of Kalachakra....".

Malcom Arth, art director of an American museum in which Tibetan monks constructed a Kalachakra sand mandala said, "The aversage museum visitor spends about ten seconds before a work of art, but for this exhibit, time is measured in minutes, sometime hours. Even the youngsters, who come into the museum and run around as if it were a playground-these same youngsters walk into this space, and something happens to them. They're transformed. What appears to a western observor to be a valuable traditional work of art, is in its intentions a seal of power of the Tibetan gods and a magic foundation for the striven-for world dominion of the ADI BUDDHA (in the figure of the Kundun, the present-day Dalai Lama).".

Although Buddhism has become the trendy religion of choice and appeals to society that it is the religion of ahimsa ("no harm," ie, non-violence), quite the opposite is true as many wars have been fought in the name of Buddhism. According to the Trimondi's research and confirmed by articles in recent editions of Buddhist magazines, "The Shambhala (Buddhist kingdom) myth has rightly been described as the 'Buddhist jihad' (holy war).".

"In the opinion of the Indian military as well, the religion of Buddha appears to be not so pacifist as it is presented to us in the West. Why else would the first Indian nuclear tests (in 1974) have been referred to under the secret code of 'The Lord Buddha has smiled!'? Why were the spectacular tests in 1998 deliberately launched on the birthday of Gautama Buddha?" (Focus, 21/1998, p. 297; Spiegel, 21/1998)..

As one looks at the historical mentor of Saddam Hussein, Joseph Stalin, one should also seriously study that of the present XIV Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso, the Great Fifth who ruled with Kublai Khan, the Emperor of Mongolia and China. You are known by the company you keep. "The victory march of the Dalai Lama leaves even the Pope pale with envy. In Hollywood he is currently worshipped like a god" (Playboy, German Edition, March 1998)..

Robert Thurman, father of actress Uma Thurman (actress in the recent martial arts movie -- Kill Bill) who used to sit on the lap of the Dalai Lama, was ranked as among the 25 most influential opinion makers in America by Time magazine in 1997. Thurman, who was the first American Tibetan Buddhist monk, now teaches at Columbia University and predicts the Buddhization of America in his generation. In the last decade, Buddhism has grown by 170% compared to Christianity's 5%..

What is the significance of burying tantric vases?

It is the act of defiling the land and provoking God's judgment..

What damage does it do when they dump the mandalas off Newport Beach and Malibu?

It is the act of defiling the waters and provoking God's judgment..

When did this start, who could possibly have assisted them or allowed them access? "In the summer of 1981, the "iron bird year" of the Tibetan calendar, the god-king granted a public initiation for the first time outside of Asia. The date and the location (Wisconsin, USA) of the initiation wer drawn directly from a prophecy of the Tibetan "religious founder", padmasambhava, who introduced Vajrayana to the Land of Snows from India in the eighth century: "When the iron bird flies and horses roll on wheels...the Dharma will come to the land of the Red Man" (Bernbaum, 1982, p.33). The iron birds-the interpretation of this vision-are airplanes, the wheeled horses are automobiles, and the land of the Red Man (the American Indians) is the United States..

Senator Diane Feinstein and her husband Richard Blum spent their honeymoon visiting Mt. Everest and meeting with the Dalai Lama. She sponsored the recent bill honoring the Dalai Lama which was unanimously passed by the entire Congress when he was in Washington, DC receiving the Light of Truth award and lead worship and gave the talk at the National Cathedral on the second anniversary of 9-11. The twelve priests from Nepal were issued visas from the American Consulate in Kathmandu. They have many powerful friends in Kathmandu from Patrick Moniyihan's daughter Maura, to Tibetan Tantric Buddhists working for the National Geographic Society.

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