M't:12:8: For the Son of man is Lord even of the sabbath day.

Friends, let us pray. Father, we ask for your guidance in prophecy—give us your word and we will carry it out for you this day. Thank you Lord for showing us what we need to know—thank you for restoring our joy, thank you for quelling our fears, and thank you for saving us and being our Lord…In Jesus’ name. Amen.

I am led to tell you this: it comes suddenly and when no one is expecting it. True, we have been given more time. Through prayer, we bound the magical powers of the covens of the United States, many of which are high up in military and political circles. We scrutinized the globelites, and called them on their plans. We reported about the nasty plans to create an attack far worse than 911, followed by escalation in WW3 toward a nuclear attack—all to bring about martial law, destroy the U.S. and set up a new world order—the Antichrist World Government.

The good news is that godly people have been standing up—have been sharing information, and have put a huge spotlight on the perpetrators…

And this will not stop them—only delay them.

We put out a warning for July 14 and 15…

Take this seriously, and take it to the Lord in prayer. Part of the strategy is to wear us down so we drop our guard, especially our prayer guard… then hit us when we are most weakened. Do not let this happen. We are to remain vigilant.


The bad news is that their Revolution will go forward, no ifs ands or buts. The next attack will come when people least expect it. The final plans are in place…

Fema has finished more facilities for the traumatized coming out of cities—read that, concentration camps.

Boxcars have been spotted along with guillotines—I have sources that confirm these guillotines are made in Japan and shipped to the U.S.

Monday is Bastille Day, in honor of the Illuminati Revolution to overthrow the French Monarchy and establish Lucifer’s Kingdom--1st plank of the New World Order…most French don’t realize that the middle classes actually did not benefit at all from the overthrow. This is also where Dr. Guillotine introduced, just a few months before the conclusion of the Revolution, the guillotine—I would not be surprised if we see something on Monday about it, or hear more reports or even get more pictures of these new guillotines.

The Revolution is going on, plagues are here and growing at an alarming rate, and WW3 is escalating. It is important for the next terror attack that the foreign troops are ready to storm all police stations and take over all major cities in the U.S. while American troops are tied up elsewhere—yes, this is very much in place, and yet delayed.


I am led to tell you that there is a window of a few months, probably—but that the president is now in grave danger, since he has failed in implementing phase 2 of the American lockdown. Too many people have woken up, so if they now want to implement martial law and induce nuclear attacks, they will have to do so under the light of scrutiny—and of course the resistance now would be astronomical—it will come down to a bloody, armed conflict in any event: those who want to keep America and America’s freedoms, versus foreign troops who have no business being on our soil.

I have received reports of Russian troops moving onto Indian Reservations in Colorado. I am in the process of verifying this. Understand that they are on the verge of having all the troops they need for martial law.


For me, it’s right on schedule—but I want all of us to take stock of what we have in the Lord, to strengthen in the Word of God, and to not forget the joy of living our eternal lifestyles. The world does not understand us, since we advocate LOSING rather than WINNING. Since we do not advocate coveting our lives…just as the apostles of old did not covet their lives.

We are to be living sacrifices for our Lord, and welcome death especially in martyred terms. We are so soft here—I pray for more persecution of American Christians so that we will come together in the Body of Christ and stand for Him against all odds. What makes our Church great is our love for one another and willingness to die joyfully knowing our reward is in Jesus, just on the other side of that veil--yes, I know, America hasn't seen that kind of walk in Christ in over a century!

By December 6 I believe we will be full swing in WW3 unless the president is assassinated before that. I am just now receiving the word from the Lord that our leader, no matter what we may think of him and his Illuminati ties, is in grave danger. I pray for God’s will in this situation, as in all situations… My desire is that our Lord will return and set things right.


The Lord is wroth—and will allow the U.S. to be taken out, especially now that worshiping God in school is illegal and yet Sodomy is pushed, and is now the law of the land.

These seeds are just now planted, and have yet to bloom--as in Sodom, as in Noah's time, as in ancient Babylon or Egypt.

When it all comes into full power there will be very few true lambs left, as most will be translated in this way—the nuclear detonation opens the window to the real world. That I will go into later—but as I said, the new radiation and magnetism is beneficial to lambs, and is part of the translation process.

The first move is already CONFIRMED: BINDING THE POWER OF WITCHES, SATANISTS, COVENS, ETC. This will remain in place until the conclusion of WW3 and the implementation of martial law, at which point their power will be restored—and this will be hard for those late to repent or convert to the walk in Christ.


You must keep your eyes on everything from here on out. From July 14 on, watch—for things can turn very quickly. You are to be ready with a testimony for the next leg. They cannot keep it going like this, as you see today, for they must fulfill their destiny, to bring in their Revolution. 14 July is very important—the Birthday of the Liberation of France, an Illuminist country.

Remain vigilant for PLAGUES.

The BLACK SEASON has not played out yet. But the reports of plagues around the world is increasing. Black Season means plagues upon the land. This will also ramp up over the next three years.


I don’t believe we have a long time—but we have a few months, MAYBE. Do not become lax now--keep watch, as a sentry looking our for his tribe.

I have seen not only the president in danger but all of Washington, DC and New York—in ten minutes these will be wiped out easily…along with the government.

This is how the next attack will look, along with selected large cities being hit simultaneously—nothing is left to chance, this revolution must go through…just as the Jesus or LAMB REVOLUTION is on now! Dividing lines are being drawn. People are choosing sides. Hallelujah.

Those of you who got the first batch of LAMB REVOLUTION T SHIRTS congratulations! A great way of evangelizing—why? Because Jesus is the Lamb Revolution, which is a counter revolution! Everyone wants to be a part of the Lamb Revolution! No one wants to conform to a hierarchical system based on depravity and phony ranking! Everyone wants to be free! All want to lose their fears and laugh in the face of the impotent enemy! Praise God. Selah.

This is the time, the winds of war and revolution are blowing…

We are in the precious few moments before a huge change occurs on the earth—those who go with the world to be totally enslaved…those in Christ break free!

Remember, it’s not about the sin—we are made sinless in Christ, and the Lord sees us as Holy in Jesus. The flesh that remains sins… but so long as our walk is firmly in our Lord, so long as you truly believe and walk with Him, he will restore you through His Holy Spirit, and many sins are about to fall off forever! Yet we are seen as sinless now!--otherwise we could have no communion with our Lord.

2Co:5:21: For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.

Translation means to be made whole and sinless in every way—but where it counts, in the spirit, we are now sinless, those in Christ.

I have mentioned the sodomy laws as a means to judgment—as God hates institutionalized sodomy. But let us not condemn the sinners--as they are only a DECISION AWAY from glory!

We must expose the sin, and welcome the sinner! As no one is righteous, no not one. Those who are satanists and pretend to be Christians or use Christ as a phony front will have their chance to decide...let us pray for them.

It’s a fine line—to reach people, they need to know that the flesh is evil and bankrupt, that glorying in it only leads to sorrow and death. That separation from the things of this world and even from our own flesh is MARVELOUS AND JOYOUS!


Stay vigilant and watchful---things will change on a dime! Overnight! When it begins, IT GOES TO THE END.

I’m just saying that I perceive a window of a few months….do not squander this time, if the Lord gives it.

In the long run—I SEE NO CHANGE. The Lord is coming, they are going to have their revolution…and no delay is indicated.

God bless you all. Shalom Shabbat, Joyous Sabbath, Peace in the Lord…the Grace and love of Jesus Christ to you all.

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