Geological Events In Western US Alarm Quake & Volcano Experts A Part of Yellowstone National Park Suddenly Closed

Experts Sounding Potential Alarm as Concerns Mount For a Catastrophic Geological Event or Events in Near Future of Western USA.

Could Mystery Babylon's Destruction Come By Divine Hand of Geological Activity, similar to Sodom & Gomorrah? Or from Outer Space or Both? Current quiet science findings seems to point to a combination of sources or events to destroy Babylon in 1 hour.

This story caught our attention about a week ago and has mushroomed since. It started with an article by one geologist who has been studying geology combined with the new science of "scalar phsyics" first understood by Nikolai Tesla. Larry Parks has been using the knowledge of scalar physics along with current geologic theory to monitor geological activity in the Northwestern USA. He began to notice some developing trends that seem to have begun to accelerate in the last couple of years and even more so in the past several weeks. He wrote his first article for publication on the internet on June 11, 2003. He updated that article a little over a week ago on July 23rd, 2003 due to trends that he felt were accelerating at an alarming rate.

We stumbled across Larry's work a couple of days later and have been doing a bit of our own research before we decided to post his material over the weekend. However, complicating our efforts to resolve this issue one way or another, we found new material rolling in from other sources, indicating that Larry was not merely blowing smoke at us. Instead we found local sources at Yellowstone National Park indicating things were indeed growing to alarming levels. So have proceeded to post all relevant material that we are able to this page and let you the reader sort it all out.

We will post a couple of short excerpts from Larry's article found at We also then will post information from the Park itself and a nearby community newspaper plus related article links to another scientific article confirming not only concern about the Northwestern USA but also another super-volcano possibility forming in Indonesia.

These developments not only point to a possible connection with the judgment upon Mystery Babylon but also of the prophecies found in Revelation 16:17-21 also in which such geological activity developes that all the mountain ranges of the world are flattened and all the islands in the world disappear underneath the oceans. In light of such written predictions in the Bible, it behooves us to consider then the latest information from the geological community as to changes in Volcanic and Earthquake activity.

First Article:

Volcanoes In California, Idaho, and Pacific Northwest Building Towards Catastrophic Eruption -- Part 1

As you read this, know that massive forces tens of miles beneath your feet are building towards what could be another catastrophic series of volcanic eruptions if present trends in the monitoring data remain. The consequence of a complacent attitude towards living within the destructive reach of an active volcano such as Mount Rainier outside of Seattle, Washington may soon come to haunt the millions of Americans living within a day’s drive of the Ring of Fire. Up until now, the excuse has been that we simply cannot predict when these events will happen. Yet, the technology to accurately predict such events days, months and even years in advance exists today even as we wait in the dark for another mysterious act of God. And why? The answer lies more with how science is funded than anything else

A little over 150 years ago, in 1851, twenty-one eruptive events from ash or lava eruption to steam bursts occurred in the western United States from Northern California to Oregon and the state of Washington. Volcanoes involved Mt. Baker (WA), Mt. Rainier (WA), Mt. St. Helens (WA), Mt. Hood (OR), Three Sisters (OR), Mt. Shasta (CA), Cinder Cone (CA), and Chaos Crags (CA). Are events quickly shaping up to a much larger repeat to recent history? New research data indicates a definite – yes. Read the entire article here.

Volcanoes In California, Idaho, and Pacific Northwest Building Towards Catastrophic Eruption -- Part 2

One June 11, 2003 we published Larry Park’s first volcanism article, Volcanoes In California, Idaho, and Pacific Northwest Building Towards Catastrophic Eruptions. When we published that article, I was hoping for abatement in this trend as natural processes would kick in and nip this ominous trend in the bud. This was not to be, and Larry's urgent call last Sunday dashed these hopes. Not only is the trend continuing, but it also has escalated to an entirely new and disturbing level. Larry’s equip- ment is now detecting a new, more alarming phenomenon -- harmonic resonance. What does this mean? Click here and read the latest update

Another Scientist Confirms the Stakes at Yellowstone then offers another scary scenario



Yellowstone Park Is Becoming Dangerous?

Two breaking news stories from Yellowstone National Park...underscores the reports and analysis this sum- mer of geologist Larry Parks. Larry has been conducting uniquely different approaches to geological fore- casting of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions by watching elements of a new kind of physics calle "scalar" physics. Larry's monitoring efforts are noticing an alarming series of rising precursor indicators sug- gestive of something VERY massive possibly brewing in the Western USA. He's not certain himself but has noticed that precursor evidence is growing and quickly perhaps that underground events are building to a climaxing series of events that could totally reshape the western part of the continental United States.

Now the first news report we've noticed to corroborates Larry's observations from early June and again just 8 days ago comes from Yellowstone National Park. There, we find a news story about a huge bulge in the earth that is growing but oddly enough it is part of the lakebed of Yellowstone Lake. Click here for the story

The second report occurs nearly simultaneously directly from the office of the Yellowstone National Park service and we include it in full below:

Yellowstone National Park Gets Hotter Part of Park Closes to Public for Safety

"Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Suzanne Lewis announced that due to high ground temperatures and increased thermal activity that could affect visitor and employee safety, a portion of the Back Basin at Norris Geyser Basin on the west side of the park has been temporarily closed. Yellowstone's more popular features within the Norris Geyser Basin, including Steamboat and Echinus Geysers and all of Porcelain Basin, remain open to the public."

"The temporary closure is clearly marked and covers most of the western portion of the Back Basin trail starting at the Norris Museum. There are approximately 12,500 feet of trails in the Norris Geyser Basin-with approximately 5,800 feet affected by the temporary closure."

"Norris is the hottest and most seismically active geyser basin in Yellowstone. Recent activity in the Norris Geyser Basin has included formation of new mud pots, an eruption of Porkchop Geyser (dormant since 1989), the draining of several geysers, creating steam vents and significantly increased measured ground temperatures (up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit). Additional observations include vegetation dying due to thermal activity and the changing of several geysers' eruption intervals. Vixen Geyser has become more frequent and Echinus Geyser has become more regular."

"Park staff continue to monitor temperatures and thermal features in the area. When conditions have returned to acceptable ground temperatures and stable surface conditions have improved, the trail will be reopened. Norris is another example of Yellowstone's thermal features that are constantly evolving and changing."

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