Is Yellowstone Worse Than They Say?
The U.S. Geological Service and the media have been super- conservative with their warnings about the Yellowstone supervolcano. But evidence is accumulating that the park is in big trouble because the vast volcanic region beneath its surface could be on a fast track to eruption. One source says, "The American people are not being told that the explosion of this 'super volcano' could happen at any moment. When Yellowstone does blow, some geologists predict that every living thing within six hundred miles is likely to die." The Idaho Observer reports that recent eruptions, 200 degree ground temperatures, bulging magma and 84 degree water temperatures are worrying scientists who are studying the area. Yellowstone National Park is on top of one of the largest "super volcanoes" in the world, with a regular eruption cycle of 600,000 years. The last eruption was 640,000 years agoŚmeaning the next one is long overdue, and it could be 2,500 times the size of the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption.

Rangers have closed part of the park because of land deformation and high ground temperatures. Visitors are complaining about the stench of sulfur. Everything in the area of the bulge is dying, including trees, flowers, grass and shrubs. Even animals are leaving. Dead fish are floating in Yellowstone Lake.

The Observer reports that "The irony of all this is the silence by the news media and our government. Very little information is available from Yellowstone personnel or publications. What mainstream news stories do appear underscore the likelihood of a massive volcanic eruption."

So when's Yellowstone going to blow? Do the numbers.

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