Wake up world wake up before it's to late
Thursday, July 07, 2005
by jerry golden

While watching the horrendous scenes in London it reminded me of the hundreds of similar scenes Iíve witnessed in Jerusalem and other cities here in Israel.  Spain and Britain has now discovered that when you accept these Islamic devils into your society and offer them the same protections others have you discover that their religion is rooted in the pits of hell.  They have declared Jihad on non-Moslem countries and will not stop until they are totally defeated.  The question is does the civilized western world have the guts to do what it will take to stop them?  I hope you will forgive me this but I am finding it irritating to watch CNN, BBC, Sky News, and Fox, they keep comparing this London attack to 9/11 and the Spainish Train attack but never mention that this same terrible scenario has played out hundreds of times in Jerusalem.  Is it that itís okay for the Terrorist to attack Israel but not the rest of the world?   


I hear Bush and Blair make remarks about the moderate Moslems and how they are okay and that itís the Islamic extremist that are the bad guys.  Well wake up Bush and Blair, the only real Moslems are followers of the evil book called the Koran and theyíre Terrorist.  And the so-called moderates are only pools of brainwashed people to recruit from.  The Devil has planned his last stand for many generations and he knows that now is the time he must begin his last fight to prolong his being cast into the lake of fire.   His last battle has been designed to be a religious war, and his tool is Islam. 


Allah (the Devil) is a god who demands the sacrificing of children as we now see daily here in Israel (so-called) Palestinians send their children to us with bombs wrapped around them.  This Devil called Allah loves to see innocent women and children die in these attacks, and then watch the Moslem communities dance in the streets passing out candy in celebration.  When we find out who was behind these attacks in London it will not surprise me to find out many of them were Palestinians, but the media will not say that.  We now know that the majority of the suicide bombers in Iraq killing US and British soldiers are in fact Palestinians, but the media will not say that either.  Yet Bush and Blair still are pushing the Road Map to Hell on us, and Sharon has come under their evil influence. 


It is time for Bush to accept the truth about his good family friends the Saudi Royal Family he knows they support Islamic terrorists around the world.  Today they are building up their finances with oil prices going through the ceiling.  All those trillions of dollars are being used to destroy the US, UK, Europe, and Israel, while Bush parties with the Saudis at his Texas ranch.  It is time everyone understands what Jihad means, (Holy War) or should I say unholy war. 


If the ďChristian worldĒ or the ďnon-Moslem worldĒ wonít accept the fact that the enemy is the Arab Islamic world they will lose, if itís not already to late.  Other Islamic countries are a threat but none of them rise to the level of the Islamic Arab world.  Soon Iran will have the nuclear bomb, if they donít already have several supplied by Russia, China and North Korea and Pakistan.


We will now see how the English people react to these terrorist attacks, will they begin to blame Blair and demand that the government leave Iraq like Spain did?  Possibly they should remember what happened after Spain pulled their troops out of Iraq because of terrorist threats.  They bombed cities all over Spain including their trains killing hundreds.  We see now France and the Netherlands has given into these Islamic devils and you can be certain it will only bring more terrorist acts to them as well.  As for the United States it goes with out saying that these Islamic terrorist are planning something big for the US.  But the thought of such a possibility is itself a form of terrorism.


We here in Israel have lived with this type of terrorism for over 57 years, but that is not to say we are use to it, it still causes us to take many precautions in our daily lives, but we continue, for life must go on.  In the mean time we see the US behind the scenes building the Egyptian military to an unprecedented powerful force in the Middle East, knowing that it has only one desire and that is to destroy Israel.  I received a letter from a supported in North Carolina, he worked at the shipyards where military equipment is shipped to Arab Countries, he wrote me this following letter, I will change his name to protect him.  He also took pictures of the M-109 Tank-Howitzer waiting to be shipped to Egypt, these are big guns to be used for an assault on Israel.


His letter followers.


Shalom Jerry,

    Since you have the info on weapons of mass destruction Bush and his fellow comrades have literally given to Egypt for the destruction of Israel, you might as well know the list is incomplete. You can add over 200 special Humvees, numerous half track trucks, Chevy heavy duty Dually trucks, and well over 200 M-109 assault Tanks all shipped to the Port of Alexandria, Egypt. The last of the tanks I saw went out last week. I worked at the Port in N.C. where these were brought in on flat bed trucks over the last few months. I was laid off, I believe, for sharing the Gospel and warning many fellow workers of whatís to come before the Lords return. There is more... There is more hardware on the Port destined for the Royal Jordanian Air force. Satan is building his forces and is surrounding Israel...Luke 21:20

    Jerry it is hard for me as a believer in Yeshua and for my love of Israel to watch what is going on there in the land. I am so ashamed of what this government is doing.  My only comfort is knowing this is the Fathers sovereign Word and must come to pass. He is standing over His Word to perform it. Connie and my prayers will continue for your family and all of Israel.

    Be Strong and Courageous,



Picture supplied and taken by ďGideonĒ at a NC Port.


As I have reported many times, the US has supplied Egypt with hundreds of F-15 and F-16 fighter jets, and these M-109ís have been coming in for over two years now. 


Large US Base in Israel


There has been a report of a US military base here in Israel this report supplied many pictures.  I have received over 200 emails asking me to verify this report. 


The pictures in that report speaks for themselves. But I do not see any US troops in the pictures, but that does not mean they are not there.  It is a known fact that there are not one but five bases in Israel that house US troops.  I have asked the author of this report who I know personally to go with me to this base so we can look together, I wait for his reply. 


It has been suggested that it is a concentration camp and that the Jewish residence of Gaza will be imprisoned there, I donít think so.  It has also been suggested that US troops will be used to evacuate Jewish Citizens from their homes, I donít think so. 


It is no secret that this Israeli Government is corrupt and under the influence of George W. Bush through our Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.  But to think that US troops would be used for such a task is simply insane to say the least. 


It is my belief that all hell is about to break lose here in Israel when the Sharon Disengagement begins.  With so many different things that could happen it is hard to guess which way some things will go.  Most likely it will get very ugly, God forbid that Jews will kill Jews to please the Bush Road Map, shoving a terrorist state on us to appease his Arab friends.  There are many things happening behind the scenes that are never reported such as the shipment I mentioned above. There is the possibility of an all out attack from the Arab world.  The arming of the Arab World by the Bush Administration has gone into high gear over the past 4 years and there can be no other reason than the eventual destruction of Israel.  Or at least that is what they are hoping for, but it wonít happen, Iíve read Godís Word. 


We can allow terrorism and the works of the Devil to distract us from the ministry of ministering to one another, of rescuing Jews from the coming holocaust.  Our first obligation is to be of service to others.  We hear so much about spiritual gifts, it is clear to me that all of them are meant to empower us to serve others and not ourselves.  To give us the strength to go about Godís business proclaiming the good News of the Blessed Messiah.

This Ministry has been given several task and we must not fail, not only are we to purchase the larger vessel but to help feed some of the hungry here in Jerusalem.  None of this can be done without the assistance of a Body Ministry.  Donít be distracted from the things of God, be prudent and be careful, be wise and seek Godís wisdom in all that you do, but donít be selfish, reach out to others showing Godís love for this is how the world will know us. 


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel, for all the IDF soldiers and all those who have come to fight the Islamic enemy.  Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.  Shalom, jerry golden