American Base in Israel

(Another Report)

Jerry Golden

[Permission to post granted]



Many have written asking me about the Barry Chamish Report of the American Base here in Israel.  Barry and I went there today and I can tell you that it is there.  In fact, it isnít even being hidden, but how would they hide such a thing anyway.  What they are doing is saying it is a storage facility and the US is building it for Israel.  But let me tell you that makes absolutely no since.  I donít know how many buildings are already constructed or what they are for but we can make some good guesses.  Look at these for example.



Start by looking from the left side, you will notice that there are 4 rows of buildings, the first row are buildings with only small doors, there are no large doors we can see for trucks so I donít believe they are warehouses, those doors are for people to walk through.  You will noticed the next two rows are the same and then the forth row are buildings for offices or storage they have larger doors. 


Now look at another section of buildings being built,



These buildings are warehouses, the reasons I am showing you both is so you can see that this American base being built in Israel is going to be used for both housing and mass storage of military hardware. 


Below is another shot at some more buildings, many look like they are for people and others for storage. 



I want to show you a shot that Barry showed everyone the other day because I want to point out something else in that picture, not just the US flag but there is a date mentioned as well.



You will notice a sign to the left


It says this base will be completed on August  31st 2005.  meaning to me that they are in a really big hurry.  And we saw heavy equipment working over a very large area.  And by the way we guessed this base will cover at least 25 square miles, I think possibly a lot more.  It is also prime real estate about ten minutes from the International airport.  And right along side the new interstate highway 6 Israelís new tow road running from Ashdod to Haifa.  As most of you may know Israel just built a new International Airport Terminal. Leaving a very large and very good Airport in tack.  The tried to tell the public it would be used for domestic use, which makes no since at all, for the few flights from Tel-Aviv to Eilat and to Haifa.  But it would make a really great military base for really large military planes and it is only a few minutes away from this new base. 


We could guess for ever what all these buildings could be used for, but I think it is obvious, some are barracks and others are warehouses, but letís move on to some other things to see. 


Below is a round Helicopter Pad with two underground bunkers near by.



These underground bunkers are complete with blast protection built near by.  VIPís (or top brass) will be able to come in by choppers and quickly be put underground.  But they tell us this is just a storage facility.


You will notice what looks like a water tower in the background, well I donít think so, to begin with there is plenty of water supply as the city of Petah Tikvah is within sight of this base so they have plenty of water, and there is no water lines leading to or from this large tank, Lets take a closer look at it as well.



With the high voltage-wiring going into this unit it is obviously a high power communications and radar system.  Please keep in mind none of this is Israeli, it is all being built by the US Government and the labors other than Americans are Arabic. 


This next picture when first looked at makes you think it is just a water way but look closer and you will discover it is the entrance to underground tunnels.  If we can discover so many of these tunnels in just a few minutes just imagine how many there are in this whole base. 



We traveled around the back side of the base and it was a long hot ride on some very rough roads to get these pictures.  The back of the base runs right along with the original ďGreen lineĒ being built by the US Government you wouldnít expect anything less. 



The fence or wall will be build on this foundation.


I took over 40 pictures but have tried to pick out the ones that show you what is happening.  Now I will tell you what I think this is all about, for what that is worth. 


Somewhere in the near future the US will have to go after Syria, and when they do Iran may react with nukes and Egypt could and most likely will join in the attempt to destroy Israel, again.  The US is in a hurry to build this base in order to fill it with their military supplies and to have a base of operations to settle this Islamic problem once and for all. 


But it doesnít end there, the New World Order under the name of the EU and the UN will move into the picture soon after this thing kicks off.  So even though this base is being built by the United States it is in fact a New World Order Base being put into place.  Of course it is stripping Israel of its sovereignty with the help of Ariel Sharon, who I am sure by now has convinced himself that he is doing the best thing for the Jews of Israel.  Itís also interesting that 99% of the population of Israel knows nothing about this base being built, not one story has been reported in any Israeli newspaper.  No mention of it on the TV it is just being done very quickly and very quietly.  What is so amazing is how quickly they can accomplish such a task these days. 


There is one other possibility, and that is to house the tens of thousands of protesters who will fight the Sharon Disengagements, but I donít think so, such a large base would not be needed, and certainly not all the warehouses.


It should also be noted that there are no US troops on this base at this time, but it is obvious that many soon will be.  And for those in the US they havenít heard any of this from the US Government either. 


Please keep in mind this is not a new agency, but a Ministry and we are in great need to purchasing the larger vessel, and to keep the ministry here in Israel healthy.  Please pray about your part in this Ministry.


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel, and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for those who have come to fight the Islamic enemy.  Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.  Shalom, jerry golden


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